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Comment: Re:Firefox 24 (Score 2) 247

by starakurva (#37077136) Attached to: Firefox 6 Ships Next Week, 8 Blocks Sneaky Add-Ons

And am I the only one who has had issues with FF5 hanging CONSTANTLY?

I used to have 2 instances of FF3 and 4 open, one instance was 5 tabs of normal stuff, and the other instance was 12-15 tabs of flash pr0n (yeah, my dick has A.D.D. too) and it NEVER crashed....

Now with FF5, I open Facebarf, Gmail, and Stumbleupon, and it crashes like a college kid after a coke binge....

Comment: Re:Firefox 24 (Score 1) 247

by starakurva (#37077122) Attached to: Firefox 6 Ships Next Week, 8 Blocks Sneaky Add-Ons

This makes me think of how back in the old days, if you got 10 or 15 thousand at a video game, you were a g0d....

Nowadays, everyone scores in the octillions. Ooh! I shot another thingy! 4 trillion points! w00t!

Firefox tweaks some bullshit, half of which does something slightly cool, the other half does something slightly MORE uncool, and they give it another full version number?

By 2014, if we're still in the triple-digit version numbers, I'll be surprised...

I expect FF V350.0 to be out sometime next year, and it will be the software equivalent of combing your hair a different way..

Hey! I just put on a hat! I'm starakurva v2.0 !

Classic Games (Games)

Fan-Developed Ultima VI Remake Released 161

Posted by Soulskill
from the serious-dedication dept.
An anonymous reader writes "20 years after the original game launched, a fan-developed Ultima 6 remake has finally been released! The Ultima 6 Project was formed in 2001 by Sliding Dragon to develop a remake of Origin's Ultima VI: The False Prophet with newer graphics and a more immersive engine. Soon assembled under the banner Archon, the team members, who hail from all over the globe, have set about recreating the world of Britannia, adding an enhanced storyline to bolster intraseries continuity and building on the Ultima legacy in a way that will please fans new and old."

Comment: Re:Trojans=Tight (Score 1) 844

by starakurva (#28506991) Attached to: NIH Spends $400K To Figure Out Why Men Don't Like Condoms

Close, Immcintosh.....The best condom name has got to be this one, I'm not kidding here, "Family Plus Retard", as seen in a grocery store in Spain...They're made in France, and in French, the name makes a lot more sense than the Anglicized interpretation....But the Anglicized interpretation is MUCH more fun :)

Great...Just what I'm looking for in a condom :)

Counting in octal is just like counting in decimal--if you don't use your thumbs. -- Tom Lehrer