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Comment: Re:No mention of iPad in the summary? (Score 1) 149

by LifesABeach (#49560583) Attached to: Google Officially Discontinues Nexus 7 Tablet
Same here, working with the OpenGL 3.1. Using it to do social networking, and staying up with global ego events. There's nobody that I couldn't talk to or write to using my 2013 Nexus N7. I just can't figure out why the grinning smart asses at Google backed off? Did their H1B's flinch? Is hard work something new at Google?
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Journal: Chronicle: New glasses and contacts (2)

Journal by Chacham

I have tried two more brands of contacts, both hydrogel and toric, with little success. The first pair had the right eye not so bad, but the left was blurry. Ultimately, my appointment was for Sunday, and when i was late i received a phone call. Oops! I guess i've been relying on those reminder calls a bit too much.

Comment: Information overload (Score 4, Insightful) 54

There is simply no way human beings can sort through that much data. That means relying on gadgets and software to do the sorting for the humans. Anyone who manages big data can tell you how corrupt most data sets really are. Names spelled different ways, bits of information incorrectly transcribed, copy errors, format errors, import errors are all low probability events but, when you're dealing with billions of records, there are a lot of them. Just in general, gadget security doesn't work.

In nearly every terrorist event that's happened in the U.S., the FBI had tips from alert citizens. That was true for 9/11 and almost all of them in between. The FBI even interviewed the Boston Marathon bombers. HUMINT works.

Funny that the FBI screw ups don't get more media attention. In nearly every case they didn't effectively use the information they had, so how is more information going to make things better?

Comment: Prime example (Score 4, Insightful) 101

by HangingChad (#49550691) Attached to: Microsoft Increases Android Patent Licensing Reach

If anything points out that software patents should be completely thrown out it's this kind of nonsense. The computer world used to joke about the "Microsoft tax" on new computers due to the cost of Windows. This is, literally, a Microsoft tax on Android devices. At least with Windows you got something, this is money for nothing. This is not what the patent system was designed to do.

Comment: Always felt silly for doing that (Score 1) 224

That sounds like a good time for a duress password.

I always took the time to make two containers with one accessed through a duress password. I felt silly for doing it...less so now. It was something I did because I used to travel a lot internationally. That was before Customs started cloning people's device drives.

Comment: Re:"Full responsibilty?" (Score 0) 333

by HangingChad (#49539137) Attached to: Drone Killed Hostages From U.S. and Italy, Drawing Obama Apology

he'll be prosecuted for manslaughter, right?

Sure, we should stop fighting terrorists because they hide behind hostages. That's a brilliant strategy. And then prosecute the people launching attacks against terrorist bases overseas. Another brilliant plan! Pure genius.

Maybe a better plan is for civilians to stay the fuck out of conflict zones or face the fact there's a risk of getting killed.

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