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Comment Re:Another kook (Score 0) 483 483

When you have children, then you will understand. When you have property, you will understand. I'm just amazed the drone ower wasn't looking down the business end of gun when, uninvited, he came on to the propery he had been spying on. The drone owner is lucky to be alive.

One interesting issue that maybe the property owner might want discussed in court is, "Are Kentucky Law Enforcers required to be incarcerated when they have discharged their weapon? And why not?"

Comment Pet Hate: What makes this a "Robot"? (Score 1) 39 39

Dunno about you - but isn't a "robot" a "a machine that has an onboard computer and moves autonomously"? This doesn't look like it has any onboard compute or battery - so it's more like a remote-controlled vehicle or something,

This has annoyed me about a bunch of other so-called "robots" too - the RoboWars competition is mostly just a bunch of radio-controlled vehicles.

The whole idea of autonomous control, sensors and self-containment seems important in the definition of the term.

I'm sure this machine could eventually become a component of an actual robot - but it's not one yet.

    -- Steve

Comment Re:Electric is Evolution. Driverless is Revolution (Score 1) 879 879

I was thinking of something that doesn't perpetuate the status quo. Consider sea water, wind mills, solar, wave energy. I think most H1B-Heads would be confussingly voiding themselves at this point. The real engineer would have more than enough to connect the dots.

Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 1) 294 294

You get just under 3kbytes on a QRCode - so there would still be sharp limits on what could be stored there - but certainly it could contain a tiny URL *and* a bunch of other data. Also, there is an issue with very small items in that a max-resolution QRcode would be too small to print cheaply. a QR code that only has to contain a URL could be smaller than the current bar code (because it's 2D).

Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 1) 294 294

What it would take is for government to step in and require it. That's how come we have food labeling at all. They could specify the rules for what has to be recorded and how - just like they do now.

All I'm proposing is that the argument that there isn't enough room on the label for any more information is kinda silly. You only need a pointer to the information to be printed onto the label - not the information itself.

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