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Comment Re:Markets, not people (Score 1) 615

$40k to outfit a truck for self driving would be really cheap. The safety requirements for a computer really handle a vehicle like that will probably require a much greater investment. Drivers need to be able to do things like hear breaks screeching, feel the thump when they lose a retread from their tire, feel a flat tire pulling them, etc. To do away with the driver sensors need to be integrated into almost every point of failure. This would suggest that a retrofit is far less likely then simply building new trucks, which I'd guess to be more in the range of $400k.

I'm guessing we'll see self driving trucks phase out human drivers gradually by replacing trucks which are due to be replaced anyway. Even if self driving trucks save you the cost of a salary it's still profitable to drive your existing trucks into the ground with human drivers.

Comment Re:Won't save most of the 4000 lives (Score 2) 615

There are many accidents that would be prevented if truck drivers did what they were supposed to. A friend of mine died when a traffic jam on the freeway backed up almost to the top of a hill. She was stopped in traffic and then a semi behind her crests the hill at 70mph with maybe 100ft to stop.

When I got my CDL I remember being told you should always have your foot on the break when you go over a hill, but I never remember doing it. There are so many situations where caution is ignored, such as stopping at every railroad crossing, because drivers weigh the risk vs the time investment and decide it's not worth it. An autonomous driving computer however would not value it's time in the same way and should always slow down when extra caution is needed. There is a huge potential to prevent accidents.

Comment Re:If it were me... (Score 3, Interesting) 237

This sort of happened a few years ago with a tournament in Croatia with Borislav Ivanov ( The cheating player had his friends analyzing the games that were broadcast live. They suspected him of cheating and disabled the broadcast, and he promptly fell apart. Interestingly, his wiki page makes it look like he may be innocent but statistical analysis is very clear (

Comment Re:Competition rules (or lack thereof) (Score 1) 237

Normal time control for tournament games in the US can be as much as 3 hours per side, and it's not uncommon for games to go the full 6 hours. Furthermore, there are typically two games per day. Not allowing people to get up and leave the playing area would just not be practical.

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