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Comment Flash cards (Score 1) 217

http://mnemosyne-proj.org/ This is an excellent program flash card program. You rate flash cards by how well you know them and it does automatic scheduling. Cards you know well show up less often than cards you don't know. You can include images and sounds. It has a good tagging system so you can mark a card for multiple areas. You choose which subjects you want the cards to cover. For example, you could look at all your cards on coronary arteries regardless of subject, or you could look specifically at coronary arteries for one particular class. The key to getting the most out of this program is to include questions that cannot be answered with memorization. Include flash cards that force you to explain the why and the what.

Comment Monitoring employees off hour (Score 1) 274

In response -- spurred in part by stricter regulatory, legal and compliance requirements -- organizations are not only filtering and blocking Web sites and scanning e-mail. Many are also watching what employees post on social networks and blogs, even if it's done from home using noncompany equipment.

How does this work? I don't get how companies would 1) know what your blog or social network ID is, and 2) how would they have access to it?

Comment Re:It's about goddamn time (Score 1) 640

So the drugs that you would live from consuming would be weed, lsd, shrooms, and other misc. pscyhedelics? There's no pratical way to consume pounds of pot, they'd pass out before they could smoke it all. I guess you could bake it into a huge cake and have them eat it, but not many people can eat an entire cake.

Comment Re:Decriminalization in Light of the Drug War (Score 1) 640

The worst thing about the pseudofed sold behind the counter is that if you are sick late and night and run out, you can't get it. I don't know of any 24hr pharmicies where I live. The only 24/7 stores near me are Walmart, and Jack in the Box. Walmart's pharmacy closes at 9pm. This did me no good when I woke up sick at 2am. This also affects people with bad congestion as the decongestents that actually work have pseudofed in them.

Comment Re:Why online "dating" is useful (Score 1) 311

Maybe I have low standards, or I'm in a lucky area, but I'll date any woman once provided I don't think she's crazy, she's not fat, she doesn't annoy me, she's of at least average intelligence, and of at least average looks. I don't have trouble finding women like this. Politics and religion are not an issue for me, as long as they aren't pushy. I find it a lot more important that we get along well than if she's a liberal or a conservative.

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