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Comment Re:Tmobile has hit it's mark now (Score 1) 83

I've tried Sprint twice in my life separated by at least a decade. Both times, service was terrible. The most recent time, Sprint was literally an order of magnitude slower than Verizon at downloading while standing on Market Street in the middle of downtown San Francisco. (No, I don't work for Verizon.)

Comment Re:2015 (Score 2) 225

Yes, a matte screen used to be a BTO option, but said option hasn't been available for at least couple of years. Jobs was enamored with glossy screens. I was hoping, with Tim Cook taking over Apple and giving users what they want (e.g., larger iPhones that also reversed a Jobs' decree of smaller iPhones), that the matte option would come back, but so far it hasn't.

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 393

People finishing school might have fairly poor communication and maths skills, to the point where employers have to give them a lot of extra training.

Sounds like we should fix current high school then. High school's point is supposed to be making people ready for the world.

Comment Re:Is it really a waste of time? (Score 2) 304

It's the same reason && is better than "AND" in C syntax derivatives.

Given that C has shorthands like ++, I've always wondered why K&R chose && for logical-and and & for bitwise-and. If it were the other way around, you'd save having to write the second & most of the time since one tends to write far more logical-and expressions than bitwise-and expressions.

Comment Re:It's all a matter of perspective (Score 1) 212

If Apple really wants to shake things up, they need to build their own cellular network with 100 GB or 200 GB data caps. Sprint looks like a good candidate to buy in the U.S. given its current financial situation.

Please, not Sprint. I tried them briefly in San Francisco. Standing on Market Street, I barely got 1 Mbps. I went back to Verizon and got an order of magnitude better.

Comment Re:Was any other decision even possible? (Score 1) 110

But what incentive does everyone have to use that fork?

Remaining un-fined and/or un-imprisoned is a pretty good incentive. If you're a tech company and you continue to use the now-illegal encryption without the back-door in your products, you will be fined, daily, until you comply and/or your CEO will be thrown in jail.

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