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Comment Just use another search engine (Score 1) 208

If ISIS or anyone/anything else is "removed" from the "Open Web" (i.e.no longer indexed by Google), then word would get out to use another search engine (easily found via Google) or the word will get out to go to a specific ISIS URL or to use a specific messaging app,etc. It might temporarily slow down access to their sites and they might reach a smaller number of potential recruits but a senior Google's excec to make this suggestion displays a staggering of stupidity.

Comment The data caps are NOT about network congestion! (Score 1) 622

Read the leaked the Comcast memo.

They state quite plainly that data caps are *not* about network congestion. Their network is running just fine, even with the so-called "data hogs". The ONLY reason they are instituting data caps is that the average use is rising has risen to the point where instituting a tiered data usage system will make them a lot more money.

Ex. Many more households have *multiple* users streaming Netflix or similar services and they are exceeding 250gb / month. Charge them $10 per extra 50 gb. $10 X a few million users = a LOT of money for almost no expense on Comcast's part.

Comment Friends of friends do *not* get automatic access (Score 1) 487

From the MS Windows Phone Wi-Fi Sense FAQ:

"You share with your contacts, but not their contacts. The networks you share aren't shared with your contacts' contacts. If your contacts want to share one of your networks with their contacts, they'd need to know your actual password and type it in to share the network."

Comment Re:Bayes prior (Score 1) 409

There was a breakthrough re: civil asset forfeiture in January: Eric Holder announced that of the Federal Equitable Sharing Program. Local police agencies are no longer allowed to circumvent state restrictions on civil asset forfeiture by procuring nominal federal involvement in their investigations, thereby making those investigations governed by more forfeiture-friendly federal law. Many states have changed or are in the process of changing civil asset forfeiture laws to now require arrests or convictions before assets can be seized, rather than just suspicion. Police were using the Equitable Sharing program, which has a very low bar for seizing asset (the Fed keep 20% and gave the rest back to the police).

Local and state police have abused the Equitable Sharing Program to seize billions in cash from motorists without arresting them or even charging them with a crime. This has been so profitable for the police that an entire industry devoted to training cops on how to maximize their cash seizures from motorists has appeared. A lot of this money has gone to fund the so called militarization of the police. One of the most successful techniques in these seizures is delay minor traffic stops and pressure motorists to consent to vehicle searches or to allow for the arrival of drug/cash sniffing dogs.

After this change to the federal program the cops will be forced to follow more restrictive state laws. Hopefully this will provide less incentive for the cops to abuse the asset forfeiture laws.

Comment It changes the choice stats (Score 1) 430

The change in definition means that the percentages of households that have more than one option for broadband has plummeted. Before this, asshat providers like Comcast could claim that there was ample competition and choice for consumers but now it will be undeniable that they have effective monopolies for true broadband in many markets. Props to FCC for making the move. Undoubtedly, it will be appealed as a delaying tactic, even though the FCC is fully within their purview to make the decision.

Comment Re:The Constitution is not toilet paper. (Score 1) 562

The problem is that if there's another terrorist attack is the U.S. then the panic will create a climate of fear and a strengthened Patriot Act., including an "emergency" on the unreadable encryption is almost a certainty. Additional attacks and we're probably looking at Constitutional Amendments that we would have considered unthinkable a few years ago.

Comment Re:So how quick is it? (Score 1) 181

In the system that I saw infected with CW 2.0, the encryption process seemed to have been relatively slow. The user noticed that something was weird was going on, put in a USB flash drive and copied their Documents folder to it. They saved approx half of the 200 or files before they were encrypted. I think the encryption pricess on CW 2.0 is just slow, rather than intentionally delayed but that's just my guess.

A couple of things to bear in mind: CW 2.0 basically leaves Windows in a normal bootable state. CW 2.0 launches it's ransom and warning msgs when you first boot but applications all run as expected. E.G. Word ran fine but of course you get an error message when you try to open a doc. Also, CW 2.0 doesn't need any special permissions or to run as Administrator: it's only accessing the data files available in the context of the user.

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