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Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 550

Again, you are playing "what if" game. Well, no one will ever know what it would be now if the US still have troops in Iraq. There is NO WAY TO KNOW because IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN (unless you have a working time machine). Pushing the current situation to side with your own political point of view does NOT make it a fact or real result. I am really fed up with those who like to play "what if" game all the time. The world would be A LOT BETTER if they just look at what it is now and try to find a solution instead of keep playing "what if" game. Politic...

Comment Re:Not a scam. (Score 1) 75

Why would they? What would they have to gain from doing that, compared to what they lose (ie the entire racket, considering they just killed any reason at all for anyone to give them any money)

Are you serious? What would they gain? That's not a question to ask. "What would they lose" is more appropriate. They lose nothing, NOTHING. Blackmailers don't lose anything. It is a bonus if they gain some things. In the end, it is still a scam.

Comment Re:The lack of will to think (Score 1) 393

Compare to them, the college graduates from 3rd world countries, particularly from those we used to call 'banana republics', while they are lacking in ttraining (their colleges are simply not as good as the one in developed nations) they made up with their eagerness to try out new stuffs, to explore and to think

Do you really believe that college kids from 3rd world countries and getting education in their countries are really that eagerness to try out new stuff? I don't see it in the country I am from and those that are from countries around mine. If they can afford to go to a college especially nowadays, it is because most of them or their parents have got enough wealth to keep them in school. Only a few percentage would be able to attend with scholarship. There is NO real financial aid system that is similar to the US, and there is no grant. Scholarships are a few for only those in the really top.

I am still not sure what you mean by "try out new stuff" because what I have been seen (and now it is worse) is that they simply buy/try new stuff that they can't really afford but rather to show off that they have new stuff...

Comment Re:Virtulize? (Score 1) 406

SpaceX years ago ...

And they are still trying to complete their project, aren't they? Also, there is NO human involve yet which would make the task way lots more critical.

There is a rule of thumb with this type of software, if it works, don't touch it. The software had been running fine for decades. It is critical if it all of the sudden breaks (as it did just now). Doing anything with the working version would easily introduce other kind of bugs and would become a much bigger mess trying to find/fix them. It would be OK to port/update a software to match newer technologies if the software is not this critical. It is obvious that you have never dealt this critical type of software...

Comment Re:Probably not a coincidence (Score 1) 214

Born in same area, same date, same first three letters of last name-- expect collisions. That is how the formula works for allocation, and I am sure real-time checking wasn't done due to "low probability."

Did you mean that around 1990 (25 years ago), SS agency already had computers with hashing formula to do the allocation for them?

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 125

How is it that Wall Street gets to operate? If we can't call it gambling, it's because it's rigged.

I can't believe that the parent post is marked as Insightful. Wall Street is a type of gambling which can be seen as gaming -- .

"Gambling thus requires three elements be present: consideration, chance and prize." Being said that, Wall Street is a type of gambling; however, it is more on gaming -- "a 'gaming' company offers (legal) 'gambling' activities to the public." What make it legal is that there are rules and regulations being imposed to their betting system in attempt to prevent foul play. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all rules and regulations would 100% protect players (those who buy/sell) because a hole may be discover as time goes by (i.e. high frequency trading). Lottery is also a gambling, but it is similar to Wall Street in the sense that it is under rules/regulations. Draft King & Fan Duel both have no regulations imposed on. It is just a simple gambling and not gaming (because the company does not offer gambling under the laws/regulations) but a plain betting system. Whatever talk about using skill is a fluff to make it looks legal.

Gamble, by nature, is not rigged. It is common that the hosts would want to maximize the profit from gamblers and want to have upper hand. As a result, it becomes high risk high reward. That is not a rig. However, some times, the hosts may know or want to change the outcome to be on their side, then the gambling is rigged.

PS: What does this issue have to do with Republicants or Democrates anyway? Why do certain group of people always attempt to relate an issue with politic? Troll?

Comment Re:A better idea (Score 1) 284

I already answered to someone's post already. What you said is actually a misconception of H1-B visa that is very common for those who do not really know much about the visa. A H1-B holder CAN change his/her employer at any time while holding a visa without the need to let the current employer know. The only requirement is the new employer must file for a petition as if it is a new application but with certain exceptions --

Also, auctioning the visa will create another issue later on. If you think that big companies/corporations will not find a way to work around the system, you have too much trust on them. Besides, how would small companies (which is the main idea in TFA) compete with bigger companies/corporations for the visa price anyway?

Another issue with your idea is that it would result in most if not all of the H1-B holders would be in technology. Currently, the visa is for many different fields (if you want to check all of these fields, go to ); however, the prevailing wages for technology field are at the top. In other words, there is no point having other job fields for other smaller companies to get a visa for their employees then.

TFA is actually talking about how big companies/corporations abuse the visa, NOT about what's wrong with the visa. Your trend of solution is trying to change the current visa method, but it is just a matter of time for big companies/corporations to find another way to abuse it again.

I am not suggesting any solution because I don't have time to think about it. The issue is not as simple as it seems to be, and any change will have more impact to smaller companies whose the visa is supposed to be for rather than for big companies/corporations.

Comment Re:A better idea (Score 3, Insightful) 284

... to work in the U.S. that isn't dependent on staying with a single employer. If someone else hires away your H1-B employee, that's your company's problem.

This part is a misinformation. Currently, this is already included in H1-B visa deal. A person who is holding H1-B visa CAN change employer; however, the new employer must file for another H1-B petition (or transfer) as if it is a new petition except the remaining visa time may stay the same or get extended --

Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

He uses credit cards to pay for things, because it's convenient and safer than carrying lots of cash. But by the nature of the credit card, this can only be done up to the credit limit. Even if he has the money to buy all he wants, the credit card limits the amount he can conveniently spend until he repays the balance the next month.

Even though your statement is true, it is still doubtful. The reason is that a person with good credit rating normally has $10k or $15k credit limit on a credit card (2 of mine are at $15k). Increasing credit limit in a credit card is usually a long term. Isn't it suspicious when someone needs to have a limit to spend over $10k or even $15k a month if the one is not a known millionaire or billionaire? And if the person is a known millionaire/billionaire, the person would have an unlimited credit limit already. Also, what good would it be for an investor/bank to loan you money and you pay the money back in full every time without interests? That's why there is no reason for an investor/bank to increase the credit limit.

If the person really needs that convenient amount of credit to spend and has good credit, getting another card should not be an issue for the person. The argument about getting another card would lose the benefit of using the current card is arguably a reason. If the person wants to have an extra credit limit for a peace of mine or a bit more lee way for spending, then it indicates that the person may go above the limit once in a long while; thus, no substantial gain in benefits compared to using another card for it.

Comment Re:If... (Score 1) 363

Just a little off topic but very interesting from the link you cited. Just to show that certain idea could become obsolete when time goes by. :)

I'll give you an example: They would talk about different bases of numbers -- five, six, and so on -- to show the possibilities. That would be interesting for a kid who could understand base ten -- something to entertain his mind. But what they turned it into, in these books, was that every child had to learn another base! And then the usual horror would come: "Translate these numbers, which are written in base seven, to base five." Translating from one base to another is an utterly useless thing. If you can do it, maybe it's entertaining; if you can't do it, forget it. There's no point to it.

As you know, we would need to understand the covert base number concept nowadays in order to understand computer architecture better (especially with fraction approximation). In 1999, it might not be that important yet.

Comment Re:Logic (Score 1) 279

Oops, clicked too fast. Anyway, you also assume that when a child is borned, 2 adults would die soon. In human population, this is NOT the case because the increment of population could be from adults live longer.

Comment Re:Logic (Score 1) 279

If China has had 1-child policy since '79, why has their population increased so much? Shouldn't it have halved by now (2 parents replaced by 1 child)?

Well, if you check an AC post about exceptions, you would have an idea (there are many work around). Also, if they have not had the policy, I am sure that population number of India -- -- wouldn't be able to catch up with China -- . If you look at the trend for 1950s~1980s for both countries, it is very similar (double in population). Then look at 1980s~2010s again, you would see the difference -- India still has similar trend (2x), but China does not (1.3x).

Comment Re:Not a tractor beam (Score 1) 88

and the video was too short. I wonder the size of the little pebble size balls were as in weight? Looks like they didn't even match the weight of a ping pong ball. Then I have to wonder what size their new gadget needs to be if they had a truck instead of that little pebble?

I think you are missing the point. The size or weight does not matter. It just demonstrates that tractor beam can be used in such the way. In the future, they may be able to use it to move bigger/heavier objects. Trying to imagine the size of gadget now has nothing to do with the demonstration because it will go under a lot more research in order to achieve something more useful.

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