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Comment: Re:BS on the Obama comment (Score 1) 132 132

I didn't go to college to gain knowledge, I went to get educated. As a teacher so eloquently put it, anyone with internet access has access to more knowledge than they know what to do with.

I agree. However, the knowledge you gained from the Internet may or may not be correct though...

Comment: Re: fewer and fewer... (Score 1) 136 136

It's the same end result. I used to work for a game distributor, and just like every other distributor in every other industry, there are channel managers who decide what products they think are worth trying to distribute. If your product comes across as unmarketable, then your game was effectively "un-buyable". Obviously this is no longer true in the age of the Internet, but the same goes for government censorship attempts.

Even though the results look similar, you can't still say censorship is the same and no one wants. One is to intentionally block (force) and the other is demand & supply (willingness). If you said the result is the same anyway regardless the path to get there, then there is a huge problem with your thought.

What if your family is starving to death. You attempt to get food to feed them by either stealing from others or working hard to earn food for your family. Yes, the result is the same -- your family get fed -- but the approach to get there are 2 completely different paths. Please don't over simplify by looking only at the results.

Comment: Re:Maybe, but you won't make it past HR (Score 1) 255 255

If I have to put all unnecessary keywords in my resume just to get through the company's screening process, I would not want to work for the company. The reason is that if that company hires inefficient people and/or uses inefficient hiring process, I can't imagine how bad situation would I be to deal with their HR in the future...

Comment: Re:That's stupid (Score 1) 104 104

I never allow my phone to connect to any WiFi network I don't trust, that's just stupid. And it never downloads updates unless it's on WiFi. So that pretty much leaves only updating my phone at work or at home.

Even though users must be cautious on security, not EVERYONE has that understanding! You could do it yourself, great and good for you. How about other laymen? How about you bought and gave an Android phone to your kids? Do you think they won't try to connect to any WiFi whenever they can in order to play/update apps/games?

Using yourself as standard usually doesn't work. It is simply your expectation that others know and will do the right thing. Good luck to you to be able to succeed this, but sadly not everyone is [sarcastic] as smart as [/sarcastic] you are.

Comment: Re:Defensive (Score 1) 97 97

That's the abstract of the patent. It has no legal weight and is only there to aid in searching through patents.

Then tell me how different from the patent's independent claim (1) below?

1. A computer-implemented method for providing output(s) of machine readable instructions, comprising: (a) providing software comprising one or more lines of machine-readable instructions, wherein said one or more lines are associated with an output upon execution by a computer processor, wherein said output comprises at least one visual and/or audible component; (b) executing said software using said computer processor to generate said output; (c) simultaneously displaying said one or more lines of machine-readable instructions and said output on an electronic display of a user; (d) receiving from said user one or more edits to said one or more lines of machine-readable instructions; and (e) updating said one or more lines of machine-readable instructions and said output based on said one or more edits, wherein said output is updated without re-executing said software.

Comment: Re:Cherry picking salary data (Score 1) 124 124

How come the parent post is rated as informative/interesting? It has NOTHING to do with the point of TFA but to arouse those who are anti H1B. Of course, TFA highlighted only high number. If you really dig into the data given as a link by TFA, you should at least see what TFA is directed to.

TFA gave a link -- http://www.flcdatacenter.com/d... -- to FLC site which is the list of prevailing wage for all job codes related to areas in the US. The only missing link for comparison in TFA, for me, is the hiring salary from all companies. As a result, it looks to me that TFA assumes/uses those high salaries as a standard paid by most companies (look at the number of applicants given in TFA example) which is unlikely true.

I understand that FLC listed the minimum salary based on job title that a company must pay (if you download and look in the readme.txt). The only problem is that it is just data in the book, but not the data in practice. Think of it as book keeping in accounting, a business owner may keep 2 books - one for submitting taxes and the other for real revenues/losses. Thus, the real salary may not reflect the one used in the application, and it is usually lower for those companies that know the work around.

Comment: Re:Obsessed with keeping government out of busines (Score 2) 289 289

You people don't understand because you seem to be working under the assumption that politicians are out to serve the public, and that this is somehow an ideological issue. If you look at it instead as "scumbag politicians, acting purely in their own self-interest, soliciting big campaign donations from cablecos/telcos" it makes a lot more sense, doesn't it?

Your idea is also an opposite extreme assumption. In other words, one should keep BOTH assumptions in mind and do not whole heartedly believe in only one extreme assumption, then it would make a lot more sense.

Comment: Re:Not sure if smart or retarded (Score 1) 204 204

The smart thing would be to sort the players. But the bot-users and hackers on one set of servers, and the genuine players on another set. Get money from both camps, without them disturbing each other.

Not sure if this idea would really work. If cheaters have been using bot/hack, why would they be spending more money into the game? Thus, is it really worth keeping them on a separated server that the company has to maintain (spend money)? Got rid of them would be a better choice, I think.

Comment: Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 263 263

But there are millions of flights every years. So are you saying that they saved $1 per flight? Wouldn't it make sense to keep copies of the manual around at the airport so that they could use them if necessary? It wouldn't have any fuel costs to keep them on the ground.

So what you mean is that pilots must read and memorize the document at the airport before they take off? Your suggested solution does not solve anything and is irrelevant. The issue is that they need the document on board, not leaving behind at the airport. The weight of document implies that there are a lot of information you have with on board (35 lbs). Saving fuel cost is what airlines try to do in order to profit more...

Comment: Re:jQuery is for lazy, fat, "developers" (Score 1) 218 218

Im not being lazy, im being productive. jQuery helps you get things done quickly. Could I get everything I needed done without it? Of course, but when I can get things done much faster with it, I will use it.

You could get things done faster with jQuery so you have more time to be on /.? :-D

Comment: Re: wait, what? (Score 1) 89 89

And all this can be prevented if administrators simply adding one line to their wp-config.php

If you read TFA, you would know that your comment tends to illustrate that you are on the high horse. Your statement is similar to "what should have been done," but that is not the point. The point is that the exploitation is still alive and people should be aware of. If they need to prevent the exploitation, then they could do it in many ways which may include what you said.

“An unauthenticated attacker can store JavaScript on WordPress pages and blog posts. If triggered by an administrator, this leads to server-side code execution under default settings,”

Pynnonen said the best solution until a patch is made available is to disable comments and not approve any.

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