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Comment Re:Can't have a opinion anymore (Score 1) 162

Its sad that you can't have a opinion any more if it hurts someone's feelings. I see nothing wrong with Bleeping computer endorsing one anti virus over another.

I agree that dealing with any event that could hurt other's feeling situation seems to be out of hand. However, I don't see the cause of this situation as feeling hurt by others. I am seeing that the company is abusing the laws, and this kind of law suite is very popular right now.

The reason this type of company suing small companies or individuals is a win-win situation for the company in a sense of short-sight solution. A law suit is not cheap, so small companies or individuals would likely to take the review down, or they would have to spend money on a legal that gives them nothing but pride.

I hope the defendant win this case. Also, I hope that any judge seeing this type of law suite would immediately throw the case away real quick.

Comment Re:What are the babies going to do in the real wor (Score 1) 667

What the hell do you think Comrade Bernie Sanders is all about? To listen to him, his platform is freebies for everybody (err.. everybody *he* likes).. If he gets "elected", we are sooooooo screwed, ...

I can see that you pick a part of what GP said and spin it out to a different topic. Anyway, I will take on this.

I don't see that Sanders idea is wrong. I'm seeing it as idealistic. The problem with it is that it is impractical in the real world or at least with the current condition. So is it nice to hear about the idea? Yes. Would I want it to be implemented at the current time? No, because I don't see the idea is reasonable.

Comment Re:I'm a republican ... (Score 2) 182

Here is my simple answer... If you expect things to happen the way you want AFTER a bad consequence occurs, then you will ALWAYS see it over and over again. Besides, not everyone who has authority could always make the right decision at the time given. However, the CURRENT one is usually being blamed on...

Comment Re:Azure (Score 1) 104

Soo.....what's the benefit of having it below water, offshore?

If you think a little bit, you would know the answer right away. If not, read TFA or the quote below from TFA.

The sea provided passive cooling, but further tests this year might place a vessel neare [sic] hydroelectric power sources off the coast of Florida or Europe.

However, my concern is that they are short-sighted in their research (quoted below from TFA).

The group put one server rack inside a cylindrical vessel, named Leona Philpot after a character in the Halo Xbox game. The eight-foot (2.4m) diameter cylinder was filled with unreactive nitrogen gas, and sat on the sea bed 30 ft (9m) down, connected to land by a fiber optic cable.

According to a report in the New York Times, the vessel was loaded with sensors to prove that servers would continue working the vessel wouldn’t leak, and would not affect local marine life.

What they did was deploying only ONE vessel, and then claimed that there is NO EFFECT on marine life. But then they are talking about MASS PRODUCTION. I understand that in a very small scale, there may not be any effect, which is similar to geothermal. However, what would be the effect for having plenty in one area (which seems to be common sense when deploy)? Increasing only a couple degree Celsius of sea temperature in one small area could effect marine lives living in that area, e.g. Shark ( ). They have not experimented this but rather claim that it is OK to do so already...

Comment Re:This raises some very interesting questions. (Score 1) 51

Not really. I should think of using set. Malware is a subset of unwanted software. An unwanted software may or may not have any effect on your computer and/or your info entered or stored via/in the computer but rather occupies spaces in storage. A malware is both unwanted and intend to do something that in turn harm the user and/or computer. However, some malware may have a side effect but its creator doesn't intend to have (e.g. leaves a computer vulnerable and that allows other malwares in).

Comment Re:Not the Calories fault? (Score 1) 425

And if you really think of what TFA is saying, you would see that TFA is missing the point completely.

The TFA actually explained itself as misinterpreting. The first 2 examples from 2 people (Nash & Tara) in TFA already demonstrate the misunderstanding/mistake. Nash is using "Fitbit", which is NOT an accurate device or software, to determine intake and outtake of calories, and he assumes that the device/software is correct. Tara, has the right idea that intake and outtake could be used to determine the gain or loss, but she over simplifies the situation. The intake should be from eating subtract waste. Outtake could be varied from one to others. She has no way to accurately measure intake/outtake calories. I bet she use intake calories by a standard table or on product labels, and outtake from another standard exercise/activity table. Standard tables are correct in their own way, but not a one-side-fit-all solution. Product labels are questionable accurate. Therefore, both of them are misinterpreting how to control calories.

Think of calorie system as a tool. It is for you to apply how you use it. There is no FIXed way of application for everybody. TFA, however, takes unqualified examples (misuse of the tool) and uses them to support its hypothesis that calorie system is broken. Actually, the intention of what TFA said has nothing to do with those unqualified examples. This is misleading and an attempt to make news in public. People should move on...

Comment Re:Trump would 'convince' not 'force' Apple (Score 1) 875

That should be the citation you want. Cooke said "The current tax code was made for the industrial age, and not the "digital age," Cook said." He also said "Cook said bringing profits back to the United States would cost him 40 percent. "I don't think that's a reasonable thing to do," he said."

Comment Re:Not that I like Trump, but... (Score 1) 875

What do you think when corporations are forced to pay more in taxes? Do you think they would move their services/manufacturing back to the US or they just increase their product prices? I bet they would just increase the price of products because people who like the brand would still follow regardless. That is the very likely side effect and the Republican party do not want to mention. They knew all along that corporations tend to pass the cost down to consumers instead of do the right thing (move back to the country).

Comment Re:Politician-Speak (Score 1) 875

On security grounds, the government can and should refuse to purchase computer equipment from outside the US.

And then you again come out and said "government is too big and has too much authority"??? So what do you really want? Please think before you talk. Step back even further if needed to look at an issue. Do not look at an issue from the inside only.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 232

Maybe. Usually, they just added this in their "side effect" clause in their advertisement. Have you ever listened to any drug advertising on TV in the US? Most of them would try to go through their side effect by talking real quick when the advertising is ending (e.g. the side effect may cause brain dead, suicidal, etc...).

Comment Re:Brutus (Score 1) 353

I don't like Trump. I don't like Sanders. I'd take either of them in a heartbeat over "more of the same"! (Cruz looks less crazy than I'd figured - maybe it's just the contrast with Trump but I'm re-considering him).

I would not vote any at all. If I am asked to choose to eat one of different kind of poo, why should I pick one to eat if I am also allowed to pick none of them? It is stupid to "must pick" one if you can simply "not do it" instead.

Comment Re:Normally I side with the EFF, BUT (Score 1) 143

You don't get it... This is not about whether or not China is going to stop torturing their people, but it is about who assists them to do so. If the person who assists them is not from the US, then the US wouldn't have this legal issue with because it will be up to the person's nation to do so.

Cisco is an American company ( ). Because US laws are against torturing, the citizen of the country should NOT assist others, regardless from where on the earth, to do so. Even worse, in this case, Cisco have the knowledge of what the system is going to be used for...

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