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Comment Re: buh, bye (Score 1) 494

So riddle me this: How are these two still going as strong as they are without the support of the people? How can that even happen?

Here is my simple answer. If you are against them, you will never find out the reason. It is obvious that you aren't looking for the answer from the right place, but rather look from obvious places where you are usually attracted to. ;-)

Comment Re:Translations (Score 2) 394

Of course I'm taking the complaint at face value here, and the complaint is that standard productivity software has not been pre-installed.

From googling, is about the software they have. Down around Linux-Client section, it said that the OS is actually Ubuntu 12.04 which has OpenOffice, gedit (text editor with GUI), Firefox (Internet Browser), etc., installed by DEFAULT (these software come with the OS). However Skype must be installed manually.

To ease transition, they may even consider using the default Windows icon for Word on the OpenOffice/LibreOffice launcher and so. ...

Are you kidding me? Anyway, I am not sure if they (OpenOffice) could actual use MS Office icon in their software. It could easily be an IP issue. Besides would you want to make other people think that your software is someone else software? You implement your own software, remember?

I have been using Ubuntu since ver. 7.04 and now is 14.04 (there is 15.04 but I don't upgrade my OS). At the same time, I still have to work with Window boxes. I can somewhat see why these people think that Linux is more difficult to use. The GUI is a bit different, how to get to/search for certain software is also different. There is no "Start" button in Linux. There is no drive C:, D:, etc, in Linux, but it is all directory (and could be from a mounted storage). CD-Rom is auto-mounted and would appear when a disc is inserted in Linux (no permanent icon needed as in Windows). Some software even have options in different places in Linux (i.e. Firefox in Windows has 'Options' under 'Tool' menu, but in Linux the option becomes 'Preferences' and is under 'Edit').

For some people, it is not easy to switch from one GUI platform (including many other minor changes) to another. These people may either not be trained enough or not want to move out of their comfort zone and learn new GUI.

Comment Re: Amazing (Score 1) 492

Hmm. I was an entry level C++ programmer just a couple years before that... I made like 35k..

Depends on where you are living. Also, if you are a H1B worker, what kind of company you are working for because that rate is way below what prevailing wage should be. If you are a U.S. citizen, then your answer has nothing to do with the GP I mentioned.

Comment Re: Amazing (Score 1) 492

Where do you get that the 2001 job was entry level? It seems you are just pulling that out of your, well you know. Also how do you figure that an entry level of h1-b is an entry level programmer? He could be a programmer with 10 years of experience, coming to the US to take the job of a 10 years of experience citizen, because he is willing to take less money.
I guess the lazy people is out again (or don't know how to google). The link is for prevailing wage database. Download the zip file and search for "Computer Programmer" as job title and you will see how much they are getting paid as prevailing wage -- 65k. I hope the person should put his head in well you know.

Comment Re:Scott Adams said it best... (Score 1) 492

This is a really nice post especially the link. However, something below I disagree from the blog.

Trump also said he thinks Mexico should pay for the fence, which made most people scoff. But if your neighbor’s pit bull keeps escaping and eating your rosebushes, you tell the neighbor to pay for his own fence or you will shoot his dog next time you see it. Telling a neighbor to build his own wall for your benefit is not crazy talk. And I actually think Trump could pull it off.

Why I disagree? One have to understand the relationship between the owner and his pet, and then compare it to Mexican citizen and the country. Remember, Mexico is NOT the U.S. (hint hint). If he replaces the "pit bull" with "an animal living inside the neigher's property," then it would be much more appropriate.

Comment Re:End the H1b program (Score 1) 492

It was there to fill a claimed temporary shortage, but it had the inevitable result of driving down wages and thus reducing people training to enter the field. It should have been killed a long time ago, there are other visa categories that can be matched for skilled labour.

The H1b has some benefits for US employers, particularly it locks the employee in, they can't switch to a better job, Zuckerberg loves them, his slave army, but it gives H1Bs an advantage even for the same pay grade.

Plus at the end, they leave, fully trained, and ready to work at your offshore division for a wage lower than the US and above the local wage, thus exporting the job and the skills.

You are correct, but you are pointing out ONLY the obvious or the bad part of the program. The program itself benefit employment market. However, the major reason why this program becomes bad (in many tech people) is because corporations have found a way to abuse the program and have been doing it.

One of the program intention is to lower the wages to where it should be, and it works as intended. The program drives down wages because many younger Americans nowadays believe that they are worth a lot more than they are, which becomes more and more unrealistic. Thus, the wages are forced to be down to where it should be. Besides, the program is NOT supposed to be mainly used by corporations but rather by any companies that can't find suitable employees. However, corporations are using this as the way to cut their budget. As a results, they no longer need "expert" in the field, who can be up and running from the beginning, but rather want only "good enough" employees that accept lower level wages and can marginally work at the work level (which soon either develop skills or being fired from failing to develop skills). Therefore, those who are experienced in the field feel that the wages are lower than it should because these people aren't hired by big companies (for better paid).

Another type of abusing the program is from "head hunter" companies. There are companies that offer to find people as consultants to their client, but those who are being sent to work are actually NOT qualified for the job. These people are trained just for the job interview, so they look like they are qualified. The head hunter companies act as the middle man. In other words, the clients pay big money (as experienced consultants) to the head hunter companies. The head hunter companies, in turn, pay "entry level" wages to their people. This abuse hurts people who are expert in the field because they can't compete with head hunter companies' offering wages.

There ARE people who legitimately use the program as well. Looking at statistic -- -- which is from last year, should give some senses of what is going on. From what I am seeing, the 1st one (InfoSys) has a mixed bag of abuse and legitimate employees. The 2nd & 3rd (Tata and Wipro) seem to be abusing the program (a legitimate consulting company should be paying consultants much higher than the entry level wages). The 4th place (IBM) pays "about right" wage but they nowadays do not sponsor green card program (as far as I know).

Overall, the program has its purposes and benefits, and it is working as intended. The problem is how companies/corporations abuse the program. Please stop bashing that the program is bad. Go after those abusers and restricted the program instead of take it an easy way out -- shut it down. Remember that everything could affect both legitimate people and abusers. Pull yourself out of a side and look at the issue before saying.

PS: H1B DO NOT lock an employee in with the current employer. The H1B holders can switch job to another employer as long as the new employer is willing to sponsor their H1B. The word "better" is subjective and irrelevant. How could one say that I am an expert if the one has been working for a couple years? Sadly, this is a new idea of how younger people think nowadays...

Comment Re: Amazing (Score 1) 492

Why does it matter? Don't hate the player, hate the game. It doesn't bother me if Trump as a businessman engaged in standard business practices. He's now saying the game sucks and needs to be changed. Good for him. Booo to people who think supposed hypocrisy is the greatest sin imaginable and should prevent us from fixing errors.

Then the question would be what would it be changed to? I came from a country when a successful business man became Prime minister. What he did? Of course, change most of the country to be his way and benefit him and his people. Is that what you want this country to be if he becomes President? Good for you. ;-)

Comment Re: Amazing (Score 2) 492

2001 C++ programmer made 80k around here working 40 hours a week- maybe a couple weeks a year of 60+ hours.

Now it is 65k a year and 60 hour weeks are the norm.

That's the entry level of H1B. Also, number of hour a week is fixed to 40-hour a week for a full-time job (if less than that, it is invalid for the work permit); thus, number of hours per week has nothing to do with it.

So you meant an entry level of a programmer should get 80k a year???

Comment Re:Obesity is always caused by overeating (Score 1) 373

Obesity is always caused by shoveling more food into your mouth than you can digest.

Hmm... I think you need to replace the word "digest" with something else (i.e. your body can burn off the exceeding nutrient). If your body can't digest, it doesn't make you fat but rather come out as whatever it is, and you know what...

... the simple fact is there is no way to get fat without overeating.

Again, word choice... It should be "in general," not "simple fact." Why? There is a way to get fat without "over eating." If you know how to turn on survival mode and that would significantly reduce your body metabolism. As a result, you will gain weight even though you eat food less than the amount your body normally need.

In any case, life isn't fair. People who are simply bigger naturally (even if very fit) will get charged a bit more but the physics of the situation doesn't care. They ARE going to cause the plane to burn more fuel than someone smaller and that's just a fact. I prefer not to have to subsidize their share of the fuel costs for the flight. I'll pay for what I use and they can pay for what they use and I think that is quite fair at the end of the day.

I agree that life is not about fairness. However, your point of view seems to be that "it is not fair for you and I am not one of you, so you all suck it up." I am wondering if you are one of them, how difference your point of view would be. Oh, by the way, I am weight height proportionate, but I still think it is unfair to think that people's weight should be considered. However, if we are talking about the weight of belonging, then I wouldn't mind charging that by weight because it is a much more controllable parameter for each individual.

To me, this is just a way a big corporation scheme attempting to reduce their cost by pushing the blame on passenger. I highly doubt that the weight of passengers plus their belonging would actually reach the limit of a passenger air plane can carry. Usually a passenger air plane would carry freight and that is also their revenue. Even though it is not much compared to overall revenue of a flight, the corporation would never want to mention about it because their customer is another big corporation -- being one of them.

Comment Re:Taking gas money (Score 1) 231

So if I take gas money from a friend on a trip am I a chauffeur? Do I need insurance? I bet that there have been instances of people being sued for the if your in an accident.

You are going too far away. Friends are people you know. Uber customers often time are not. However, there are instances that friends becomes ex-friends and sue the other after an accident. Easiest way to see is all those Judge shows :P If you want more reliable examples, look for small claim court cases and/or arbitrary.

Comment Re:Correlation != Cause (Score 1) 144

The idea that some people are just born programmers and some are not is ridiculous...

That is just liberal hogwash. Some people are better at some things than others, and no amount of forced classes or training is going to make them any better at it.

True and false. I just don't understand whenever we talk about learning, why do people look at it as black and white. In other words, why do they look at learning as CAN or CANNOT.

Every single person has CAPABILITY, which is the limitation of learning, and LEARNING SPEED; however, EACH person could easily have different level of capability & learning speed. Not everyone can learn the same thing and achieve the same level of knowledge.

If we look at learning this way, we will UNDERSTAND that both quotes above (from GP & OP) are WRONG. Some people are born programmers because they have capability to be (and could have higher capability than average). Also some people cannot learn fast, so there is a certain amount of classes or training that those people need in order to achieve the required level.

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