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by parkinglot777 (#47925659) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Any Place For Liberal Arts Degrees In Tech?

Do you know how many people I know who were CS majors, write very badly formed code? A lot of them. Do you know how many people I know, who do an excellent job in IT, who have liberal arts degrees? Probably about the same number of CS majors who write badly formed code.

I hope you know that your statement above does NOT invalidate my statement at all but rather a fallacy. 1)You create another statement which has no correlation to my statement (CS grads code badly form code) and attempt to invalidate my statement with it, 2)You do not establish any evidence that those who have Liberal arts degrees could form codes better but rather make it out of the thin air by saying so, and 3)My statement does not say that ALL English Lit grads have badly formed code but rather state my highly doubt in their coding ability (look at the word "may").

I've been writing computer programs since I was 8. I did not need a degree to get into the IT industry. Because I was already established on a career path, when I did go to school, I did something I *wanted* to do versus something that people think I *should* have done. In my case it was a BA in Philosophy.

I am not sure of your meaning of the word 'IT industry'. If you are thinking about computer in general (programmer/developer, not tech support on the phone or best buy geek squard), then I also hope you do NOT associate CS with the IT industry. Even though CS grads could work in the IT industry, the study is focusing more on academic and research industry. If you really want to be making money in the IT, Software Engineer is the way to go, not CS. To me, CS is more in depth in concepts and algorithms; whereas, SWE is more in rules and usabilities.

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Uh, India?

Or Indians who got a degree in the U.S.? There are more Indians who are going to school here than you thought. It is much easier and cheaper to get them a visa and work here rather than bring them from India (those who are in India obviously get the "outsourcing jobs"). Therefore, many of them still have what you called "the U.S. education" regardless what school they attended.

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Anyone with a degree in English Lit. SHOULD have critical thinking skills, especially if they went to a decent college. CS grads should also have critical thinking skills.

They need to clarify the word "critical thinking" because it is just another buzz word that people keep using nowadays. To me, there are various type of "critical thinking" and how to apply to different situations. Of course, English Lit grad "critical thinking" could be different from STEM grad (both the approach and solution). So it is not easy to say either way is better unless the definition is clear.

English lit. grads with decent programming skills would probably make for good gamer programmers, rather than simplistic scenarios.

If an English Lit grad has decent programming skills, I would be very confused why the person would get the degree in English Lit in the first place??? Or even the person can do programming, I would not want to maintain the code the person wrote because the code may not be well formed. I would prefer the person to deal with the content/text/design layout or art, but not programming!

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Now if those @#*$&! at Mozilla gave me that convenient checkbox to enable/disable Javascript without having to mess with about:config, I'd have one gripe less.

Then you should use the NoScript plug-in which automatically blocks JavaScript from sites you visit (except certain white list sites and you may have to block them yourself). Besides, the plug-in remember what you have set it up (allow/not allow) even after the browser update (thump up for the developers to keep up with the browser). It is a simple workaround.

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by parkinglot777 (#47764799) Attached to: Uber Has a Playbook For Sabotaging Lyft, Says Report

Is that quote in TFA somewhere? I'm not seeing it, though I have a lot of their flash blocked.

It is an image on TFA, so it is NOT text searchable but viewable WITHOUT FLASH. Your comment indicates that you didn't bother to scroll down to read the whole TFA. If you still cannot find it, the image link is which is the first image after the article image on the top.

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All people, everywhere, no matter what political view they have, will search out information that re-enforces their own world view.

Not true. I make a specific effort to listen to news sources that conflict with my world view. I know others that do the same. I tend to lean libertarian, but get most of my news from PBS and NPR which tend to view government and collective social action as the solution to most problems.

I don't know how your answer is insightful. Your reasoning does not invalidate the GP post. Your answer is that you search out for information of the opposite side of your world view which has nothing to do with the GP statement. Do you search out for information of the same world view side you are viewing? If you never and will never do it at all, then you may say that it is not true; otherwise, I still see that the GP statement stands.

Also, to me, even though the post implies relation to politic, the GP post can apply to other thing else as well. In other words, (I believe) it is true that everyone would look for information that re-enforces their own bias and try to ignore others (not only in political info). I doubt that there is even a single person in the world who has no bias in any thing at all. This, however, does not mean that anyone will never change their bias once they encounter different information.

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They only need enough information shared to get the job done.

And that has always been the issue. Where do you draw the line of "enough"? There is no simple solution for this because the information could be too much under one circumstance but is too little in others (and vice versa). The issue involves more than just information, because it also involves people, politics, etc. Yes ideally, we could say and want that, but in practice is very difficult to achieve....

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I think you should try to apply for the job before pulling political assumption into the topic. Yes, they may be very inefficient, but I at least know some people who tried to get the job and got it plus those who have already been in the job. Not that I say they are very efficient, but the issue is not this simple with emphasis on government...

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by parkinglot777 (#47608163) Attached to: LinkedIn Busted In Wage Theft Investigation

I see. Thanks for the correction.

Anyway, you could read more on possibility of staying without being sent back on which said that the person may be granted a time period to stay and find a new job if the person files I129 before the termination notice. Also, the 10-day grace period is from termination by expiring employment time period.

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by parkinglot777 (#47606287) Attached to: LinkedIn Busted In Wage Theft Investigation

H1b's just do the OT with out makeing a big deal and if they quit or get fired they have to go home if they cannot find a new job and complete the transfer within 30 days after being fired (which is very likely to be the case).

You are correct about not rocking the boat, but I corrected the sentence for you.

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Will it work on I-94 near downtown Chicago, where the lane markers have long been worn off?

If you read TFA (or look at the quoted below), you would be able to answer your own question. However this would require you to define the word wear off in your own definition...

Normally, ALA requires you to put a hand on the wheel after a certain amount of time, otherwise the system disengages. And it only works when lane markings are clear and conditions are clear enough for the sensors to see the road.

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by parkinglot777 (#47556603) Attached to: Smoking Mothers May Alter the DNA of Their Children

I really love the people who claim that second hand smoke is worse for you than first hand smoke.

I am not really sure how you would interpret the GP to "second hand smoke is worse for you than first hand smoke." I do not really see it from the post. What I am seeing is that how second hand smoke would affect the baby of a mother who is in her pregnancy and not a smoker. The question is related to the GP's parent post talking about a mother who is a smoker but stops smoking in her pregnancy.

Also to me, there is no level of danger between first and second hand smoker, but there is only harmful or not harmful. To me, both types are harmful. The different between first and second hand smoker is the first hand smoker does it at will but the second hand smoker is being forced to take it. In other words, first hand smokers do smoke because they want to (usually wherever they want if no restriction); whereas, second hand smokers are there for a reason that is not for breathing in the smoke. If one wants to argue about these people, who do not smoke, should not be there, that is a different topic and should be discussed else where.

*I was a non-smoker who roomed for a couple of years at college with a pack a day smoker. When I moved out I found I'd become addicted and started smoking (stupid, I know).

I was growing up with a father who smokes a pack a day, and none of us (7 children) is a smoker (ever). Yes, we all are second hand smokers for many years (longer than a couple years you claimed), so being a second hand smoker has nothing to do with becoming a smoker.

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