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Comment: Decentralizing FEMA one step at a time (Score 2) 54

by Jesrad (#47563995) Attached to: Airbnb Partners With Cities For Disaster Preparedness

This is awesome on many levels for anyone with a keen understanding of transaction costs, and the effect of the internet on these costs.

Will they partner with Uber and set up special-case emergency pickup and relocation of disaster victims too ? It would be amazing I could take a complementary insurance to cover for that.

+ - Privately-funded study to test coconut oil as treatment for Alzheimer's->

Submitted by Jesrad
Jesrad (716567) writes "Following the growing viral popularity of Dr Mary Newport's reported success in treating her Alzheimer's Disease-stricken husband with coconut oil, and some positive results of in-vitro tests, come news of a clinical trial of coconut oil as a potential treatment for halting and reversing symptoms of the neuron-destroying disease."
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Comment: Classic game theory ? (Score 1) 616

by Jesrad (#47506037) Attached to: Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

I don't think there is much to see here.

Soviet communism, and marxist communism in general, operate (wrongly) under assumptions of the economy being a zero-sum game, so it's not really a surprise it has an effect on the ethics of its 'players'. Quoting straight from the Dictionary of Revolutionary Marxism:

whatever the capitalists take from the workers in the form of open or concealed profits, the workers lose completely. And this is the very definition of a zero-sum situation.

In a zero-sum game people tend to resort to unethical strategies more often, as in the classic Prisoner's dilemma.

Comment: Re:There's another treatment that stops most T2 (Score 4, Interesting) 253

by Jesrad (#47480559) Attached to: New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes

Oh so wrong. Healthy food is also fabulously tasty. Too bad most people have no idea what food actually is healthy and which ain't so much.

Through my college years of pizza, pasta, candy, couscous, cereal muesli and homemade fruit juices I ended up obese and prediabetic in 2007. I lost the extra weight and reversed the diabetic symptoms (fasting glycemia and Hb1ac back to normal) on zero exercise and a diet of roasted fatty duck filets (with the skin braised crispy), salmon sashimi, lamb/veal casserole, chicken massala and lots of greens bathing in molten butter.

There is a big personal investment required though: you must learn to cook.

Comment: Re:There's another treatment that stops most T2 (Score 2) 253

by MrBingoBoingo (#47480523) Attached to: New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes
"Yeah; your cholesterol levels are controlled by your liver." Very much this. I am chubby pack a day smoker while also being sedentary and drinking ~400 ml plus of hard liquor a day. My cholersterol is great though. Ninetieth percentile on LDL's and low HDL and VHDL cholesterol. It is a situation where people don't get to roll their own dice as much as the shills would have them imagine so.

Comment: Re:Too true... (Score 1) 424

by Jesrad (#47467095) Attached to: French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review

They just wanted the name of the restaurant removed from the title because it was 2nd place on Google and was starting to be detrimental to their business.

And now the name of their restaurant is forever associated throughout the entire world with stories detailing their being outrageously litigious, arguably to the point of practicing overt censorship.

A winning move indeed. Well played, gentlemen.

+ - Media Viewer: yet another Wikipedia scandal in the making 3

Submitted by metasonix
metasonix (650947) writes "As reported on Wikipediocracy today, the Wikimedia Foundation's software developers created a new "Media Viewer" feature to show high-resolution Wikipedia images in a pop-up window. It worked, but had many problems. Result: "One month after implementation, volunteer administrator Pete Forsyth unceremoniously switched the new feature off, only to find his change reverted by none other than the Wikimedia Foundation’s Deputy Director and VP of Engineering and Product Development, Erik Möller, who threatened to remove Forsyth’s administrative privileges. Möller in turn has now been hauled in front of Wikipedia’s arbitration committee, accused of overstepping his authority." This is roughly similar to a group of volunteer police cadets attempting to remove their chief of police, for changing department policy. The story is bizarre, and it perfectly underscores the dysfunctional and twisted internal culture of Wikipedia."

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