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Comment: naw, no paradox. (Score 1) 686

by packrat2 (#47221051) Attached to: Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

  if intel is a function of predatory intelligence... who needs them?

  there is NO paradox here.
  Would YOU want to go to darkest africa, where the meds werew bull, the natives might eat you and they'd cheerfully KILL for your socks? (NA Indians got the death for that)

  urbanized: a clean water supply. (how's the home village doing, bucko?)

  civilized. No psychotic (cannibal) neighbors

  enlightened. (lemme see, there was this monk in med-evil Italy that could fly...)

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Journal: pi day and week; new novel out!

Journal by packrat2

pi day, ides of march, full moon, st pat's, spring equinox busy busy week here.

published Teddy Hunter: The Nano-zombie War (Vol 3; vol 1 is free at

on pi-day. 3.14 etc. hard SF. appropriate eh? Actually ANY of the those days would've had tie-ins, but...

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Journal: seasonal sex

Journal by packrat2

novel is dragging; last journal entry re-written 6 times.
here's some seasonal sex..
Sex 2013 (personal social cosmic?)

object relations mediation
(7 = 4/quads 3/form. Communication+being. Catholic style reasoning)
matrix = mediation (9)

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Journal: snivel blog

Journal by packrat2

Sept 30 2013 Monday .. Snivel-blog

Three sales. Two fan letters. No traction. (ARRGH, so close.) So now what?

I released 'Girl-ghost!' on Sept 26th, my birthday. A real book launch, complete (now) with films adverts, a new book, and me spamming my fans about it.)

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Journal: human history timeline

Journal by packrat2

river-mouth civilizations... A human history time-line.

And you know what comes out of rivers these days. (Well, nothing much anymore for a lot of them, but that's beside the point.)

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Journal: fines, fees royalties

Journal by packrat2

Fees, Fines and Royalties. Wes Aug 21st 2013
(after the virus-attack, a burnt drive, income-tax hack and plant-closure.)

And let's not forget taxes.

Big-brother is nickel and dimeing us to death, and the nasty part of this is, a lot of it is our own fault.

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Journal: cannibalism

Journal by packrat2

Cannibalism, lynch-mobs, ostracized. (prison)
sub-title : Cannibalism causes collapses.

Cultural jurisprudence is a weird thing... The 'fad, fashion, habit, tradition' method of making law. Mob rule, basically.

Common law, in england. As compared to civil codes and derivatives, like a bill of rights.

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Journal: random analysis

Journal by packrat2


work: (produce, accumulate, accomplish)

1: person
passionate hate-machine crash+burn
self-indulgence work improvement
noble screwups lunchmeat

story =
Hey, I thought you were a big boy, not big brother.
Santa and your 71 virgins told you the govt is here to help, right?

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Journal: think of the children!

Journal by packrat2

NWO by kevin williams may 27th 2013: sample chapter. 1100 wds.

Chapter Twenty-six: Help me, Help me!

âoeYou didn't get nanoed again?â

âoeNope. We're clean. And according to Mindy, so are you.â

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Journal: NWO story (who's interested in this ?)

Journal by packrat2


You have a legal problem? Good luck with that.

Oh, it's all admin these days. The delay, dilute or defeat strategy will kill you sooner or later.

There are no more remedies, kid. In law, you idiot.

There is only enforcement. That makes most lawyers glorified tax-collectors.

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Journal: buffalos, zombies and evolution

Journal by packrat2

Musings on the age of the buffalo.

The zombie stampede.

OK, so Genghis Khan used to drive the local peasants into the next village; he made most of his invasion force out of the last place he'd been.

Naturally. So this is the now the age of the buffalo instead. Peasants aren't allowed education, travel or weapons.

Today they are... and it doesn't do them any good. It's self-indulgence rules instead of work. Politics.

Anything free is worth what you pay for it.