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Comment iTyrant (Score 0) 180

Love how we're supplying US presidents the tools to become the world's most ever powerful tyrant:

- Strongest army in the world that's placed all over the world.
- Surveillance abilities on virtually anyone on the planet in real time.
- Drones soon hovering on virtually anyone on the planet.

Before you know it the presidential 2 term maximum will be nulled by one powerful enough, all while Americans forgetting the powers they once had to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Submission + - There a company that hosts coding events where results are owned by employees?

ozzy85 writes: I am trying to host an event at the tech company I work at where employees own the products they build so long as it's not related nor competes with the domain our company is currently in. Are there other companies that do this? Our legal team would like a template to work off of.

Comment boo hoo! (Score 0) 171

I don't get why people think they have the right to never ever feel ill/offended. Sure you learn about a genocide and feel awful, but guess what? That's a part of learning history, human psychology, politics, etc. More so a part of the human experience. Get on with it already!

Submission + - IGN Entertainment acquires UGO, 1UP (

An anonymous reader writes: News Corporation's IGN Entertainment, the parent company of, has acquired Hearst Corporation's online media company UGO Entertainment in a cash and stock transaction. IGN Entertainment will thus operate its existing properties along UGO's entire network of properties, which includes,, and a network of owned and affiliated web properties.

When Smart People Make Bad Employees 491

theodp writes "Writing for Forbes, CS-grad-turned-big-time-VC Ben Horowitz gives three examples of how the smartest people in a company can also be the worst employees: 1. The Heretic, who convincingly builds a case that the company is hopeless and run by a bunch of morons; 2. The Flake, who is brilliant but totally unreliable; 3. The Jerk, who is so belligerent in his communication style that people just stop talking when he is in the room. So, can an employee who fits one of these poisonous descriptions, but nonetheless can make a massive positive contribution to a company, ever be tolerated? Quoting John Madden's take on Terrell Owens, Horowitz gives a cautious yes: 'If you hold the bus for everyone on the team, then you'll be so late that you'll miss the game, so you can't do that. The bus must leave on time. However, sometimes you'll have a player that's so good that you hold the bus for him, but only him.' Ever work with a person who's so good that he/she gets his/her own set of rules? Ever been that person yourself?"

200 Students Admit Cheating After Professor's Online Rant 693

Over 200 University of Central Florida students admitted to cheating on a midterm exam after their professor figured out at least a third of his class had cheated. In a lecture posted on YouTube, Professor Richard Quinn told the students that he had done a statistical analysis of the grades and was using other methods to identify the cheats, but instead of turning the list over to the university authorities he offered the following deal: "I don't want to have to explain to your parents why you didn't graduate, so I went to the Dean and I made a deal. The deal is you can either wait it out and hope that we don't identify you, or you can identify yourself to your lab instructor and you can complete the rest of the course and the grade you get in the course is the grade you earned in the course."

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