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+ - Orkut : Google's tell all pact with Mumbai police

Submitted by food4thought
food4thought (1090999) writes "Economic times is running an article where its reported that Google had an agreement with Mumbai police to improve the communication between Google and Mumbai police. Apparently this agreement came to light after some unfavorable remarks against the likes of Chhatrapati Shivaji , Dr. B R Ambedkar , and politician Bal Thackeray. According the article, Google will block forums and communities with defamatory or inflammatory content and will provide the IP addresses to the police from which the content was generated.

Their this new agreement with police raises few questions about free speech, Googles role in enabling free speech and their "Don't be evil" motto :

a)Is this the beginning of new service by Google i.e. Google Police, whereby instead of searching some text on web, Google has also started searching people which some country's police or politicians believe are criminals?
b)Isn't this against one of the basic assumptions of free speech of Web and also of a democratic country like India ?
c)Isn't this against Google's "Don't be evil" slogan. Or is this a slogan by Google for others action and not for Google's own action?
d)Is this the beginning of web censorship by Google in India, similar to what it's doing in China?"
The Courts

SCO Wanted To Gag Torvalds, Moglen 168

Posted by kdawson
from the can't-say-that dept.
An anonymous reader passes on word of court documents filed by IBM on Friday. The documents contain a copy of a letter, dated 2004, from SCO to IBM's lawyers stating that they tried to keep Linus Torvalds from making disparaging public statements about SCO, speculating erroneously that IBM was the principal funder of OSDL, where Torvalds worked at the time. Quoting: "The company also tried to silence Eben Moglen, the Columbia University professor who, until this month, was a director of the Free Software Foundation, and Eric Raymond, a controversial open-source advocate, saying they claimed to be IBM consultants."

Journal: Orkut in pact with Indian Cops 88

Journal by the100rabh
The Economic Times reports that Orkut has signed a pact with Indian Cyber Crime Cell. Now they are going to give the IP Address of any 'defamatory or inflammatory content' provider. Isn't it different from China, where you can go straight to hell for this kind of an action. But in India there is some law & order, with some judges doing their job right. Convince the judge a
The Internet

+ - Is this one way to help keep women in IT?

Submitted by neaty350
neaty350 (666) writes "As someone who employs large teams of IT folk, I'm often frustrated when good female team members leave for family pressures (kids) and other similar reasons. A mob in Australia ( have come up with a good idea and launched a site in the past few days that not only focuses on jobs for women, but also has a bunch of stuff in there about career support, tips and advice for women. As a guy, this stuff didn't really register for me, but female co-workers think its a good idea. Is this a sign of things to come — career diversity sites?"

The Growth Of The Pirate Bay As A Political Movement->

From feed by techdirtfeed
Tim Lee points us to an LA Times article on the growing success of The Pirate Bay's political movement, noting that its membership is growing in Sweden and is nearly equal to that of the country's Green Party. This is ironic for a few reasons -- most of all being that the entertainment industry was so proud over the raids on the Pirate Bay's servers last year, insisting that it had killed off the site. Instead, the site was back up in days, and the attention propelled what had been a fairly minor search engine for BitTorrent trackers into the limelight -- helping to get it many more users and to get the political movement some traction. In fact, we've now seen other political parties take on some of the Pirate Bay's platform. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this. I don't support the Pirate Bay's position that unauthorized downloads are defensible. Instead, I think that copyright holders need to come to the realization that they're actually better off by letting people download content -- not that it needs to be forced upon them by users taking matters into their own hands. That said, by taking such an extreme position (and having it get some attention), perhaps it's more likely that content holders will come to this realization. They'll simply be forced to adapt and will start coming up with more successful business models that actually benefit from free downloads rather than trying to block them and sue their best customers.
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+ - Microsoft announces CLR will be cross-platform

Submitted by
axlrosen writes "The biggest Mix '07 announcement made on opening day of this week's show was one that Microsoft didn't call out in any of its own press releases: Microsoft is making a version of its Common Language Runtime (CLR) available cross-platform. The CLR is the heart of Microsoft's .Net Framework programming model. So, by association, the .Net Framework isn't just for Windows any more.

More here."
United States

Journal: John Edwards Lies About Not Having a Gun in His House 1

Journal by pudge

The question tonight was asked, "How many of you, in your adult lifetime, have had a gun in the house?"

Edwards did not raise his hand.

But we know that Edwards has Secret Service agents at his home, and presumably at some point, one of them has been inside his house. And even if not this time around (yet), surely they were when he was the Vice Presidential nominee.

Negroponte suggests the OLPC can support Windows, may hit US schools->

From feed by engfeed

Filed under: Laptops

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about the OLPC, Negroponte, and the Sugar interface, in comes the man himself using the "W" word in an open-sourced conversation. Curiously enough, Nik Neg has not only stated that the present is "perhaps the most critical stage of the OLPC's life," but he also blurted out a quasi-firm $176 pricetag that would be attached to them. Additionally, he went so far as to admit that "XO's developers have been working with Microsoft so a version of Windows can run on the machines," and while no direct linkages were drawn to the recent $3 software package that the firm had announced, the writing is somewhat on the wall. Furthermore, a whopping 19 state governors have reportedly shown interest in grabbing a few of the inexpensive machines for their own schoolkids, and while the creator initially stated that the XOs were "designed for a totally different situation," he was also quoted as saying that business in the US "couldn't be ignored." C'mon guys and gals, how about a little less conversation and a little more action?

Read - Hints of Windows on OLPC
Read - US schools could adopt OLPC

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