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Comment Re: At what point do we reevaluate the position (Score 5, Informative) 189

You ended up in the gulag right along with the rightists you helped to put there.

Last June, I was in Sweden and Finland. I looked for gulags and couldn't find any. Maybe they hide them under all the hospitals and universities that are free for everyone.

In the good old USA, on the other hand...


Comment Re:Sorry guys, Israel doesn't care what you think. (Score 1) 441

Israel is not trying to censor speech. They're trying to stop incitement.
In other words, they're trying to stop predominantly arabic language terrorist recruiting and training material.

Sure sure. And we should censor all the pro-life videos so we can stop terrorist recruiting and training material.

Since most terrorist killings in the US over the past decade have been white Christian men, we should censor Fox News and close churches, right?

When has censorship ever been a solution?

Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 2) 441

Yes and no. Anyone can convert, and no one can then consider you any less Jewish than any other Jew, no matter their pedigree.

Then where are the black and Chinese Hasidic Jews?

No, anyone can not convert and be considered just as Jewish as any other Jew. Maybe in some liberal US synagogue, but just look at the racist treatment African jews get in Israel.

Comment Re:Bias? (Score 2) 123

as it seems like it was coincidence that he ended up there (story is looking more like he hit a bank and ended up at PP, being that no one from PP was actually hurt....)

So when the police said that the shooter mentioned "baby parts" it was because he was at the local bank trying to withdraw baby parts?

And the propane tanks he carried into the Planned Parenthood were going to be used for his camp stove?

Jesus, man. Will you really twist yourself into a pretzel rationalizing terrorism just because you share the same ideology as the perpetrator?

Comment Re:News for Facebook employees (Score 2) 123

If you can take several months off, it just means the company doesn't really need you. Or, it means someone else is will have to work harder (with no extra pay) to make up for your absence

That's why God made temporary workers. If the absence of one employee means "someone else will have to work harder", then companies need to examine their staffing strategy.