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Comment: Re:Except... (Score 2) 93

by onepoint (#49500375) Attached to: Twitter Moves Non-US Accounts To Ireland, and Away From the NSA

I have a very general answer to this which if you research will lead to the exact answer.
Companies in the USA are allowed to have subsidiaries ( look up the structure of any international bank )
Subsidiaries are governed by local law and pass the profits up the chain.

the government can not request a subsidiary outside of it's jurisdiction to hand over personal information
( maybe some other things, but not personal information )

to carry this issue to the extreme ...
Please see what Argentina did to citi bank recently (2015)
Please see what NY ( 1996 to 2002 ) and the USA (last 6 years) did to Swiss banking
NY told the Swiss ( in summary ) If you got nazi loot you can not do business with NY, Swiss banking replied by opening subsidiaries to handle NY business
Swiss replied to the USA ... here are all the Americans that have accounts with us, you figure out who is evading taxes.

Comment: Re: Andrew "bunnie" Huang argues that Moore's Law (Score 1) 101

by onepoint (#49477803) Attached to: Fifty Years of Moore's Law

>> weird hyper-dimensional shut

if you are thinking space time or something like Warp speed, not sure if their is enough power ever to achieve that in our life time
if you are thinking LxWxH + trinary chips ... that could happen. given I like to dream but the thought of trinary chip just seems like wishful thinking

Comment: Re: Andrew "bunnie" Huang argues that Moore's Law (Score 1) 101

by onepoint (#49477767) Attached to: Fifty Years of Moore's Law

>> Yeah, it may "eventually" stop when transistors are built with just 3 atoms
Funny I was thinking along the same lines, I recall when they got to 9 or 10 atoms as being the nearest they could be, then 2 or 3 years someone came out with 8, I do like Moore's Law as a benchmark of what can be achieved. And just not in chips but in data storage and power consumption.

I really wish I could find more benchmarks on progress. it's just fun to learn stuff like this.

Oh by the way... I guessing ( using Moore's Law ) that we should have our first real space platform that is transmitting energy from space to earth, something like a laser beam or microwave beam or maybe something totally different. about 13 to 16 years from now

Comment: Re:We have already figured most of this out. (Score 1) 362

by onepoint (#49471405) Attached to: Can Civilization Reboot Without Fossil Fuels?

I've tried to cut out my food shopping bill by growing all sorts of food.
even high density seasonal planting ( I live in Florida so I got year around )

with a family of 4, could not get the veggie bill down to zero every week
on 20000sq feet of ground ( about 1/2 acre ).

BUT i got it down to 200ish for the year. ( we are at something like $2000 for organic )
I think it's just like you said, canning and storage skills

now the good thing is, I got almost all my neighbors to plant fruit trees...
Mangoes, avocados, oranges, lime and some others.
7 years from now we will have a well feed area

Comment: Re:Olde-timey carbon fuel (Score 1) 362

by onepoint (#49471243) Attached to: Can Civilization Reboot Without Fossil Fuels?

I really don't think we would be super dependent on coal ( coke ). I think would be more of a methane type based than coal based.
back in the 90's I was able to witness the processing of pig ( cow maybe ) manure into a huge - wide vat, and the farmer was able to heat and use the fuel
the vat was a simple round tub about 4 meters across and had a cover that could close tight. he then used a bike pump to make some pressure.

this was in India. I've never forgotten how simple the set up was.

"Say yur prayers, yuh flea-pickin' varmint!" -- Yosemite Sam