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since you might not know ( disclosure I am a realtor )

in reference to
A) Stronger protections for consumers, since you usually don't get to negotiate term-by-term of your insurance contract...
You can insure in the USA with Chubb, they are rather good at line by line. Also you'll pay more.

B) Overhaul our POS legal system so that most straight-forward civil matters can be resolved without any need for lawyers and unaffordable legal expenses...
Nope it does work, problem is the lag time from stupid laws created till it's removed. sometimes it takes years for the effects of a law to removed. Sorry I can not cite a case.

C) Require a bond or other security from your tenants to offset such potential losses...
Yes, it's called renters insurance, made payable to the landlord, which when a renter is willing to get themselves covered, you will have a corresponding decrease in rental income ( fair is fair since the liability offset and the tenant is paying this in full) . this is my personal preference, For home's yes it's worth it, condo's which are concrete all around with concrete block, electric stoves, and cook-top electric, the loss is minimal maybe 20K so not worth it, most likely covered under your own policy.

As for subletting, If I own the place, I base the revenue on the risk of a 1 year lease, it's all about wear and tear at the end. An asset has a specific life value ( carpets about 5 years, ceramic tiles about 7, wood floors need a full redo every 8 years or so depending ), so if more traffic ( wear and tear ) happens, I need to replace faster. so your little bit of subletting revenue won't offset the risk ( let's not even talk of being party to the sub-let with the insurance company ).

Subletting, while great, is high risk. and if the tenant that sublet to me, does not have a hotel license, I could stay in that place until eviction. ( rental rules are different from hotel rules )

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OK, based on what you are writing, I guess you grok code checking and point of faulures. Great, now how the heck do you share your knowledge ...

Disclosure: I'm a realtor whom loves to tinker with anything that has gears, and use to code real damn serious with the goal of low IO, low CPU and low Memory.

So back too... how are you going to share your knowledge, I use a mindmapp to share my realtor advice with others, it always looks like a basic commands ( if, then, else, gosub ... LOL ). I happen to use mindmapps because I discovered that I'm a visual person in learning and effective planning.

are you willing to share, for example some of the basic steps and just upload the it, or better, take someone else work and improve on it then publish it citing your source ( maybe we can get lucky and it would be a wiki....

Look, I'm not good at what you do, but if you wanted real estate advice, I think I one of the best. Your talking like grok code, so share, share often, and if no one listens, fine. But what if they do??? then you've helped.

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Well, maybe this is a blessing. While it's open source, maybe multiple eye's need to look at it for final validation.
While never have worked with open source, I do work with data very often. I re-validate entries a lot and just scan data look for something odd. I am amazed at the amount of errors I find, so I report them and go from that point onwards.
sometimes I work with teams of people and have a kind of race looking to find the most errors, then we go out and the winner only buys 1 round, and does not pay the bill for dinner.

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well I lived in NJ ( still love NJ )
and yes bergen county has the blue sky and some towns don't sell alcohol on sunday too.
also Bergen County has Aaa rating for bonds which is real good if not great ( Alpine has AAA if I recall correctly )
they found a way to make it work

as for wealth it ranks in the 30's consistently nation wide which is not bad for population of about 900000 people

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ok then on to buying real estate and unfair challenges

timing is everything, someone once said Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered and that's a very true statement
I keep thinking of a deal I saw come across the board once, it was a huge waterfront ( chicago ) mall something like 500,000 sqft
sold in 2004. I asked myself why is it being sold, then I realized, timing, there was about 2 years left in the market so sell into the buying.

referencing now, interest rates are 5% to 6% on 30 years fixed
I started when the market was 16.75 on my first loan. Celebrated when I got 9 7/8 on another loan.

what's so unfair about me getting money at 16.75% it was a good deal that left me happy, everyone won.
money is cheap right now, so figure out how to get some and look 15 years down the road
heck I have never seen such a level playing field in all my life.

I bet I could find a handy man special in your area, that would not exceed 23% of your net income on the mortgage
I bet I could find a multifamily that you would be at break even or a small profit every month utilizing 23% of your net income on the mortgage plus the rental income.

Unfair Challenges :
Really, you need look at what unfair really is, we just saw a homeless guy learn how to code, at least he's trying, what's unfair is people want handouts all the time, I myself would create some-sort of workfare.
I hear the cries from people, get rid of the illegals ... please, the last time we tried that ( after ww2 we got rid of 800,000 ) consumer vegetable prices rose,
the we tried getting rid of migrant workers, prices rose again and many plantation went bust.
labor is supply vs demand, Also I picked peppers, shucked corn and baled hay in my past so hard labor is nothing new.

Please get rid of the illegals, I assure you, your cost for produce will increase ( or rot in the fields ) or we will see Americans rob each others back yard gardens. until the market fixes the pricing ( we see what happens when gas goes up ) and people get on with it. gee did you not see your lemon prices go up last week ??

Please, teach people how to read, how to spend wisely, I don't own a big screen tv and the one I got is 8 years old.
if you want to change the system, then go out, buy a multi-family unit, rent it cheaply and take the loss. force the tenant to take classes as part of the lease of the apartment...
Oh wait, student loans, there is one thing you can do, fight the government and force all student loans to be done with accredited schools, that should take some weight off peoples back.

yep I like the field just the way it is, I've been on both sides of the fence and I am working hard to get my fair share of it, and screw those that think it's unfair, what's unfair is that they want it all for free. try working for commission only and having to pay your bills, dealing with bullshit buyers whom can't make up their minds, and a ton of crap. then they want a kick-back or a discount on your commission. Nope, won't happen with me, I work hard and plan to keep what I make. One day I'll own 1000 units, charge sky high rents and make a fortune, and if I am lucky, off all hard work of all those whom cry unfair.


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that land that you rent out at 10 per acre. I would rather sow my own crops in. it's more cost effective, try jews mallow ( interesting taste and your goats will love it so you need to fence it off ), if you live near an African or Egyptian population, they will buy your crop without even a blink.

beyond that, grow some tobacco, you won't sell that crop, but what you'll do is take the leaves, soak them, and spray your entire field. get's rid of most insects that way ( I get cigars and make tobacco juice, never have an insect problem.

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you asked "Should generation after generation after generation, an entire class of people, be stuck working to paying for the leisurely life of those who were by some means or another fortunate enough to get the upper hand on them, without ever working their way out of it even over generations of struggling to do so"

my reply is yes!!
Well I have to defend my views, so I shall and this is from my perspective and no one else.
a) the USA is the land of opportunity ( example the guy whom cleaned the streets of 47th in NYC, was panning for gold dust and would make 300 every days )
b) it's got tons of libraries which everyone knows is the best place to learn and defend yourself from others ( it was my second childhood home )
c) it's your right to fight to succeed in this country, unlike other nations, you don't have to bribe your way to get contract, you just have to be real good at your job.
d) The law is rather equal overall ( why do you think Drug dealers and De-beers diamonds avoid the USA, once your caught, your just a number and money won't buy you out as easy as other places )
e) If you are hungry and without shelter, there is always a place where you can stay dry or eat and sometimes both.

Now, we know that it's not all roses like I stated, but I have found that I know where these roses are.
heck if I ever got hungry or short of funds, I know exactly where to pan handle and most likely make 100 every day.

Oh, having a mobile home is a home, it's a roof over your head, hook up to sewage, water access and electricity. good start.
when you move on in your life, rent it out. the cash on cash returns on them are huge.

Also, learn about debit management, always pay off the highest interest rate card first. call all your credit card companies and ask for a reduction on the interest rate, also balance transfer from high interest rate card to lowest rate card. ... this all works.

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4 hour commute? then there is a bigger problem, zoning not set up correctly to offer high rises / high density housing. New york for all it's problems still keeps building up and out. I don't know of anyone having a 3 hour daily commute unless they are choosing to live out in the woods on 3 acres ( yes you can live in the jersey woods, and 10 minutes you can be at the bus station to NYC with 1.25 hr commute each way )

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All I know is the worst possible outcome, if an airbnb guest slips and falls, he will take the landlord, the renter, and the building ( if it's a condo ) to court. I know I would. And read your local court hearing, people are in court daily for slip and falls, dogs that drag owners ( dogs owner ) in thorn bushes, people getting hit by coconuts ( I'm in florida ). so you need, as a landlord to protect your risk and limit it, hotel insurance is a lot more than tenant insurance. good tenants keep a place intact, while bad tenants leave a place worn out.

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I love these types of comments,
let me add it up for you. You spend more than you save over a course of time. you just need to refocus a bit.
I use a scooter most of the day unless it rains, and even then I use it. I get about from 100 to 124 miles to the gallon.
on average I'm doing 300 miles week ( about 3 gallons )
with a car that would total up to about 8 gallons. so that's 5 gallons in savings or about 15.00 to 20 depending.

maybe you bike to work, so that's even more saving. I would bike to the bus stop and ride the bus, that saved a fair.
since you grew up poor or in a tool shed ( not too sure ) you already know the value of hard work, so buy used and
fix what you can, maintain what you got.
you can invest slowly in a mutual fund, sending $5 every week helps grow the savings.

Let's see where else I save, I cook for 4 people ever meal, so that's 2 meals I don't have to cook and that saves electric.
I buy in bulk and use coupons. so I pay about 100 for the month, which should really cost me about 650.00 or more.
I make coffee every morning and pour it into my thermos so that I don't buy coffee when I hit appointments.
I drink a shit load of water ( filter cost money but I think it's worth it )
I bought energy efficient lights and moved my furniture around, that saved a few bucks
I bought a discount cheap dehumidifier, got it running in the summer and my place at 82F guess what, slightly warm, but dry, so it feels cool. saves me about 40 every month in the summer since the cost of A/C is way reduced

it's a game of pennies, but when I lost it all, it helped me survive, and now it's habit.
You'll be a home owner one day, hopefully a duplex so that you can charge rent and keep your expenses low.

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I know I can get tires for any muscle car from 1964 to 1971 ( I don't think I've ever encountered a problem at all )
some types of tires are no longer made, or are hard to come by. but I think it's because of safety reasons.
I'm thinking drag strip ready firestone or goodyear soft compound with street treads to get back and forth to the track ( they sold these back in the early 80's )

Well learn something new every day

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A good realtor is very hard to find, it really simple reason to, We are just straight business and not looking to make friends. So look for the Realtor whom will explain all the paperwork properly and it might sound like he's/she's walking you out of the deal by explaining all the risk, what they are doing is explaining how to cover your ass and protect your asset's. boring i can assure you, but I've yet been taken to the board.

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