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Comment Re:Directional arrows aren't as silly as you'd thi (Score 1) 377

I'm going to both agree and disagree with you. Yes, everyone missed that this introduced noise making it to the analog side is the reason for the shielding they use. It's not about missing bits that will be retransmitted anyway.

But on a cheap DAC, I get all sorts of PCI bus noise going through my speakers. Have you never owned a cheap computer where moving a wired mouse produces noise through the speakers? Or gotten coil whine from a GPU to introduce noise to the speakers? Obviously an audiophile will own better equipment, but there's theoretically a chance of interference.

Of course the solution for that is just just use optical cable to your speakers to prevent any possible analog noise.

Comment Re:i'VE BEEN HATING THE caps lock KEY FOR DECADES (Score 1) 688

Why is this throwback to punch cards still around?

Accessibility? I hurt one hand and typed one-handed for a while. Used caps lock to type capital letters. I use caps-lock on my phone all the time for passwords when operating one-handed.

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