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by omnichad (#47525079) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Gameboy

Look at your own link:

UMG argued, in part, that the copying was not covered by fair use because entire CDs were copied (instead of excerpts) and that the use was a commercial one (even though no fee was charged, it was supported by ad revenue).

This use would not be commercial. It's the difference between a Slingbox and Aereo. Aereo is a commercial provider. Slingbox is DIY.

And on top of that, I can't easily prove that I bought a ROM dumper on eBay/Craigslist (or borrowed one) and re-sold it once my collection was ripped. So I would hope the burden of proof that I didn't would be on them anyway.

Furthermore, piracy is not a legal or case law term - it's more of an ethical term. And ethically, it is not wrong.

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