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Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 192

just get a cheap subscription to a services that gives me all the content I could dream of

Unless you want the shovelware, this does not exist for movies yet. At all. I even have a disc subscription to Netflix but I still have to literally buy some content just to be able to watch it once.

Sure, I have access to enough content that I could never watch it all. That doesn't mean it's what I want to watch.

Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 192

I buy DRM-free video all the time. It's convenient, since all I do with DVD or Blu-Ray is break DMCA and rip them anyway. But physical media is a nice backup if you get rid of the storage cases. And streaming things I don't own is much better than the old business model of rental. But DRM-laden video that I bought, tied to a service that could disappear with my videos is not a situation I want to be in. I only buy a movie so I can watch on a whim 10 years from now when it may be near-impossible to find, physical or streaming. The new model doesn't fix that at all.

Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 3, Insightful) 192

And if you return it and get a "second" license so that you retain your right of first sale, then you're not stealing. Software "licensing" should not be able to take away your right to sell something after you've bought it (so long as you don't keep a copy for yourself). It works with DVD and Blu-Ray. That's why companies are trying to say "physical media is dead" and convince the next generation of people that it's true.

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