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Comment Re:They just don't want to get sued (Score 1) 264

2) Stop profiling and put everyone on the no-fly list. Then make everyone clear their names before being allowed to fly.

I've been predicting that they will do exactly that within a decade or so. Then you'll have to apply for travel permits to leave your designated home area..

Comment Re: not shock (Score 1) 182

I know you're just giving the theory behind the libertarian position on pollution, not necessarily endorsing it, but:

You vs. Shell Oil

I wonder who can afford more lawyers and who has a longer lifespan, so if one side can drag the case out long enough, they win by default?

Comment Re:For Unclassified is Fed IT diff from Corp IT? (Score 1) 676

I'm not a Federal employee and I work in "Corporate America" and I know that if I told people to not use my but instead send it to or, I would be terminated pretty fast.

I do exactly that and haven't been terminated so far :)

I work in a defense related company, but I don't handle classified information (no clearance), and it is a terminable offense to conduct business over a personal account.

Even VPNing in to read your email on a computer not controlled by the company is forbidden. I have to take a company laptop home if I plan to access email.

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