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Comment: Re: Umm, no. (Score 1) 187

Panama, Puerto Rico followed pretty much the same path as the Phillipines. It was a post Spanish-American war thing.

Every June my neighborhood is host to a huge Puerto Rican Independence festival, where all the descendants of Puerto Ricans come back to the old neighborhood and celebrate the end of their dependence from Spain.

I can't wait to see the party they'll throw when they are finally truly independent.

Comment: Re:Dude, wait... (Score 1) 681

by number6x (#48692387) Attached to: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains His Christmas Tweet

If you were a Christian, you would have to blame God, not Isaac Newton. After all, to believers, it would be God who caused Isaac Newton to be born on Christmas day.

Christians often have problems blaming the wrong person for God's works. For example, blaming Galileo for the heliocentric solar system that God made. How dare God refuse to follow the doctrines of the Medieval church? Galileo did not make the planets orbit the sun, he merely observed it and described it. Or blaming Darwin for evolving all the species of the Earth through the process of natural selection. Darwin did not create all those different animals through the process of evolution, he merely observed it and described it. How dare God ignore the doctrine and belief of fundamentalist Christians?

As a christian, I was in no way offended when I saw the post last week. I thought it was a nice reminder.

Comment: Re:This is great news! (Score 1) 485

by number6x (#48302237) Attached to: Silicon Valley Swings To Republicans

Not disagreeing with you over all, but the pull out of troops from Iraq was exactly on the schedule set by the Bush administration (

Obama was pretty much locked in to keeping the troops there that long by the departing Bush admin. Obama would have had to re-negotiate the agreement with all the partners to keep the troops longer or to remove them prematurely. And negotiating things is like hard and stuff so you know the Dems weren't going to go there.

Both administrations have pretty much proven that we should have never set foot in Iraq after 9/11. Because we did, we will have to deal with the mess we created (and its consequences) for the next few decades.

Comment: Re:England (Score 1) 54

Is there any place where storing documents would be considered safe at least from spying eyes?

Don't store them anywhere.

Just publish them. Never wait. Never hold them back.

There is no longer any benefit or protection afforded by not publishing. If you are accused of having anything, you are already guilty in the eyes of the security police.

Just publish and hope someone, somewhere cares about it.

Comment: Re:Nobody kills Java (Score 1) 371

by number6x (#47632271) Attached to: Oracle Hasn't Killed Java -- But There's Still Time
Cobol had an ANSI standard object oriented implementation before C++ did. C++ was born as an object oriented language, but took a long time to publish an ANSI standard version. This does matter for certain industries who care about support and stability. That is part of the reason why banking, insurance and manufacturing industries still use 'dead' languages like COBOL and C so much more than other languages.

Comment: Dam not Damn... (Score 1) 299

by number6x (#47376053) Attached to: Site of 1976 "Atomic Man" Accident To Be Cleaned

No, following the negative miracle is the correct order. The person whom the negative miracle was inflicted on is merely praying for the intercession of the divine being to stop the causing negative miracles. Literally, they are praying to God, asking God to 'dam' the flow of negative miracles.

So it is not cursing at all unless saying 'Hoover Dam' has become a curse.

Of course, many non-believers use a similar curse phrase that nay lead to confusion. The just and enlightened believers are merely praying for and end to the flood of negative miracles.

They should really be wondering what sins they have committed that lead to divine wrath being brought down upon them, and begin wallowing in guilt, powerless to act.

Comment: And all this after we have paid them to do it... (Score 5, Informative) 129

by number6x (#46816757) Attached to: AT&T's Gigabit Smokescreen

AT&T has already been given Billions of dollars in tax incentives to deliver fiber optic cable based internet to your house.

According to the incentive plans these high speed internet connections should already be installed and functioning for pretty much every American at speeds averaging 45 Mbps upload and download. Every American taxpayer, that is not a provider of internet infrastructure, has taken on the burden of $2000.00 more in taxes in order to offset the incentives gives to AT&T and the baby bells.

Do you have your low cost, high speed fiber yet?

Comment: Re:WaPo still won't use word "torture" (Score 5, Insightful) 207

by number6x (#46636317) Attached to: Senate Report Says CIA Misled Government About Interrogation Methods

Also the 'T' word: Terrorism.

The point of the torure and the extra judicial imprisonment beyond the norms of warfare is to spread terror and fear in those who are perceived as enemies. In other words, State Sponsored Terrorism.

It does not keep anyone safe. It creates and breeds more hatred and desire for revenge. It isolates the US from allies. It does the exact opposite of ending terroism. Torture is like throwing gasoline on the bonfire of terrorism.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Comment: Re:There is no irony (Score 2) 282

Its like the Republic party, except Republics like elephants I think.

It does always sound like the person speaking has some kind of learning diasability when I hear the term 'democrat party' spoken. It could just be that english is not the speaker's first language.

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