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+ - OIN Posts details of Microsoft Patents (TomTom)->

Submitted by number6x
number6x writes: is reporting that OIN, the Open Invention Network, is posting the details of three of the eight patents used by Microsoft in the Tom Tom suit asking for prior art. These patents cover aspects of the FAT file system.

OIN CEO Kieth Bergelt believes that these three patents are of tenuous validity and will probably not survive a review. Bergelt is quoted as saying

"...that there's a good chance that the USPTO may well invalidate the three FAT filesystem patents before that. In fact, he said, the decision could occur as early as the fourth quarter."

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+ - Volunteer to be a Space Pioneer for ESA experiment->

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number6x writes: "The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for volunteers for a simulated trip to Mars. The simulation will put a crew of six in isolation for 17 months. The crew will be made up of 4 Russians and 2 Europeans. In all the ESA will need 12 volunteers for back up purposes.

Seventeen months was chosen to simulate the time needed for the journey to Mars and back, as well as a 30 period spent doing experiments on the red planet."

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