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Comment Re:Almost useless (Score 4, Informative) 236

Here in Chile PIN is mandatory... but cloning is still being done (a hidden camera usually captures your PIN)

News flash! Now they are cloning - and altering - the swipe machines, to capture everything including PIN and sending it through hi intensity bluetooth. The machines (GPRS -EDGE) are being switched without the merchant's knowledge.

Comment Re:How long before Sega asks for it back? (Score 1) 79

There's a story about a famous old clock that sat above the booths of a bank here in Chile. The bank used this clock as a kind of trademark, you could see it on every leaflet, every catalog and almost every paper this bank issued

One day, two guys appeared with blue overalls, helmets, and a stepladder.

Acting absolutely normal they remove this clock for maintenance reasons.... no one ever saw the clock again! there was no maintenance scheduled... it was the perfect crime!!

Comment Re:Yay, time for finger pointing (Score 4, Insightful) 201

Did I ever told you about this guy, I met some years ago, that used an abrasive file over the edges of the HardDisk power connectors, because they "didn't fit" the way he wanted to connect them?

Q: What is worse than a dumb guy?
A: A dumb guy with initiative.

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