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Comment: Re:Almost useless (Score 4, Informative) 236 236

by nomorecwrd (#43539869) Attached to: Smartphone Used To Scan Data From Chip-Enabled Credit Cards
Here in Chile PIN is mandatory... but cloning is still being done (a hidden camera usually captures your PIN)

News flash! Now they are cloning - and altering - the swipe machines, to capture everything including PIN and sending it through hi intensity bluetooth. The machines (GPRS -EDGE) are being switched without the merchant's knowledge.

Comment: Re:How long before Sega asks for it back? (Score 1) 79 79

by nomorecwrd (#43491395) Attached to: Former Sega Employee Reveals Sega Pluto Prototype Console
There's a story about a famous old clock that sat above the booths of a bank here in Chile. The bank used this clock as a kind of trademark, you could see it on every leaflet, every catalog and almost every paper this bank issued

One day, two guys appeared with blue overalls, helmets, and a stepladder.

Acting absolutely normal they remove this clock for maintenance reasons.... no one ever saw the clock again! there was no maintenance scheduled... it was the perfect crime!!

Comment: Re:Yay, time for finger pointing (Score 4, Insightful) 201 201

by nomorecwrd (#42966075) Attached to: Japanese Probe Finds Miswiring of Boeing 787 Battery
Did I ever told you about this guy, I met some years ago, that used an abrasive file over the edges of the HardDisk power connectors, because they "didn't fit" the way he wanted to connect them?

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