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Comment: Re:uncanny valley (Score 1) 123

by nomel (#47103935) Attached to: <em>Watch Dogs</em> Released, DRM Troubles

I never thought of the "Uncanny Valley" like this before. I was going to respond saying it might be the less technical not understanding the difficulties of implementing realism, resulting in a mindset of "but it can't do this!" rather than "look what this can do!"...but that's basically the Uncanny Valley problem in this context, the expectation of realism increases as you approach realistic.

+ - Thoughts on the Boston Lockdown from the edge-> 1

Submitted by Reverberant
Reverberant (303566) writes "A lot of people are angry, upset, or worried about the “Boston Lockdown” as a sign that Freedom Is Over. One thing almost all of these people have in common is not having been in Boston at the time. An information worker living in Boston, who is cognizant of privacy issues, explains that the police acted in good faith, they did the best job they could, and this was not, as it may have appeared from the outside, some sort of martial law terrorizing the citizenry."
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Comment: Re:An Infra-red laser? Why? (Score 1) 402

by nomel (#43395629) Attached to: Navy To Deploy Lasers On Ship In 2014

Maybe being invisible is a good thing, especially when you could try to reflect/douse the area in water if you saw where it was hitting.

You'd think all of this would be illegal under The United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.

I imagine everyone on board will be blinded. I also imagine blinding a whole crowd of spectators would only take one piece of shiny metal.

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