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Comment Compassion in exchange for rationality? (Score 0) 76 76

Compassion very often requires that rationality is disregarded and even thrown away. Also ideas of compassion are often used to play the mob and destroy individual human rights. Compassion is a very dangerous emotion that leads to conflicts and wars in real life. Maybe AI and robots should be instructed to follow a Constitution instead, that would define individuals as the highest form of life and individual rights as absolute (right not tone murdered by government, right not to be imprisoned by government, right not to be robbed by government). Then criminal code could be added (authority of justice system to isolate a violent individual to protect against murder, assault, rape, robbery).

Compassion will lead to conflict, class warfare, violence. Constitution and criminal code will lead to some form of peace. Be careful with compassion, it is used to justify most vile acts on this planet.

Comment Re:Surprised it could be done (Score 2) 34 34

The vast majority of deaths are caused by one species, though, Plasmodium falciparum . Infections from other species can cause serious illness but are rarely fatal.

However vaccines for any kind of parasite are difficult and only recently has real progress been made. As of this 1998 review there were no effective vaccines against any human parasite.

Comment Insane government (Score 1, Insightful) 483 483

reduce the country's reliance on nuclear power from 75% to 50% by 2025.

- ok, stupid but doable.

reducing the country's greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030, compared to the level in 1990.

- ok, by itself it does not mean anything, as it doesn't say how that is supposed to be done. But together with the first statement (reducing nuclear power) looks suspiciously contradictory.

The new law aims to eventually halve France's energy consumption by 2050 from the 2012 level.

- WHAT?????

Ok, unless the goal is to half the population and production by 2050 from the 2012 levels while simultaneously switching to non-nuclear power, that's one thing. But if the goal is also to reduce 'green house gas emissions'...

Explain this to me: half the energy consumption, reduce reliance on nuclear power and at the same time reduce green house emissions.

Unless the real goal there is to reduce population then I have a bridge to sell you.

I also may want a unicorn and a tooth fairy and I can even enact legislation about it but legislation that requires unicorns and tooth fairies to become available to me upon the request by the authorities cannot in fact magically produce unicorns and tooth fairies!

Comment Re:End of Mankind? (Score 1) 312 312

The Scandinavians are all very similar, but the Finns are historically distinct, more closely related to other eastern groups like the Karelians (nowadays in Russia) and Estonians. But a substantial portion of modern Finns are descended from other groups, mainly Swedes.

Comment Re:End of Mankind? (Score 2) 312 312

The sociological races can't be determined all that accurately with a few DNA sequences. It's more of a game of probabilities: certain sequences correlate highly with certain sociological races. Quite a few errors, though, in part because not everyone's self-identified race is actually the ethnic descent they think it is. For example, some people who believe themselves to be "ethnic Swedes" are actually of Finnish origin, and vice versa, but don't know their family history long enough back to know that. Also, many "white" people have some proportion of non-white heritage.

Comment Re:No Foul play... (Score 1) 172 172

Accidental overdose on 5 knives sticking out of his back and chest. Obviously no foul play. A guy tries to run a startup, the startup has crushed for various reasons, then there is the question of lawsuits for hundreds of millions of dollars in supposed damages to music labels. No foul play...

Comment Re:It is a waste of human effort (Score 2, Insightful) 351 351

Do everybody a favour, Google USSR advertising, look at the examples and then stop talking. We had advertising coming out of wazo and it was all completely state sponsored advertising. It was advertising for some products, events, moral ideology etc. The state was also using propaganda to keep people inline. Our newspaper s, such as 'pravda', 'trud' etc., were all propaganda - false advertising by the state to brainwash the entire population of the country. Alternatives were illegal like any other private endeavour. Go ahead, tell me that governments should be in charge of the economies. I am not going to pretend to listen, but will prove you wrong every time.

Comment Re:Old people are more susceptible to scams (Score 4, Insightful) 176 176

I'd also hypothesize just lack of familiarity with some of the common scams, due to not being involved in a community or social setting where you'd run across them and learn about them. I recognize typical internet scams because I grew up on the internet and spend a lot of time there. At a glance I can recognize a lot of scams and even tell you which ones they are (many have names). My parents have more difficulty detecting obvious internet scams, and when they do it usually takes them more effort. They have to actually think through what might be going on, what the motivations would be, etc., whereas I recognize them by pattern-matching.

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