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Comment Re:It won't matter (Score 1) 106

The Fed shouldn't exist and print and manipulate in the first place but it does. The economy needs market rates. Given the amount of debt and lack of production/productivity, the rates need to shoot up into high double digits. The Fed will not do that, since even low single digits will complete the economic collapse that was not allowed to run its course by the Fed so many times. From Greenspan, to Bernanke, to the current incarnation, they want to prop upnthe fake economy - stock and bond and housing and some other prices.

This worked for a long time given that the productive economies of the world absorber the Fed's inflation. However a couple of weeks back China decoupled from the USD and when the dollar pops and crashes, China will not be picking it up this time.

The Fed might even understand this, though I don't think Yellen personally understands anything at all.

In any case, USA needs high rates, but they also will crush its fake economy and the Fed proved that it will give the government whatever government wants and government never wants to be responsible for what is really happening. The problem of the welfare and robbery State will not be solved by the State or the people even, they don't want the actual solution, it is so painful they are scared of it.

The problem will be solved by the market, that will impose real interest rates by stopping credit and by refusing to take in fake money in exchange for real goods.

Wall street would make more REAL money with real interest rates in a healthy economy, but Wall street lives within the reality of the political system that prefers expediency and promises of free cake, so it uses fake 0% interest to its advantage the best it can. The Main street votes in politicians who promise free cake, that in turn leads to a fake economy.

This will end in pain and suffering of course. The collapse of the dollar and the US bond is closer than ever now, no more props by China and nobody else is big enough to prop the US up. Europe is not a coherent structure that can do it either. It was really a genious move by the US to set up the EU in hopes to create a bigger, more coherent market for its inflation. But I don't think it will help much at the end.

The much needed restructuring means a serious depression. The depression like none before, now that USA lost so much of its productive capacity. Americans should pray it is not some nationalist democrat that guides them through it but someone aligned with anarcho capitalist principles instead.

Comment Re:If they're going to invade our privacy (Score 1) 211

I noticed it most obviously when I lived in L.A., but what even counts as a "petty crime" seems to vary with the wealth of the area. If your middle-class house gets burglarized, that's a run-of-the-mill police report that doesn't get much investigation. But if a mansion in Beverly Hills is burglarized, now that's taken seriously.

Comment Re:No surprise (Score -1) 211

Guess what, that is the point of the Constitution - protecting the rights of the individuals against of the oppression by the collective and its government. What are rights? Rights are protections against government protections. Why do individuals need these? Because nobody will ever be held personally accountable in a 'democratic' collectivist system.

The system cannot be punished by punishing any one individual and even individuals will not be punished, the Democratic system ensures that there is no personal responsibility

Democracy does not mean good government or good outcome, it means mobocracy, it means discrimination by majority against minority, it means 51% voting to tax the other 49% and not themselves.

Human rights are being trumpled, the socialist/communist/fascist collective works to undermine individual rights.

Without individual rights there can be no justice in the system, there can be no rule based process. Individual circumstances cannot be used to justify taking away the rights of the individuals. Rights are not entitlements to any service or product, they are not there to ensure equality of outcome. They are there to protect against the government oppression and abuse. Abuse such as taxing some people at rates different from other people.

There can be no real justice without equal application of law to all. There can be no equal application of law while people are being treated differently due to their personal circumstances.

The actual problem is the very idea of democracy and elections that let groups form that try to provide themselves with benefits while trying to take money away to those, who are not in the group.

Democracy doesn't work, it breaks down the rule based system. Democracy mixed with q government that can pass new laws does not work at all. We will have to learn that the hard way of course.

Comment Re:lseek? (Score 1) 66

Yes, I think it's saying that object storage should get byte-range access, not that POSIX should; POSIX, as well as basically any local filesystem API, already does.

A lot of object-storage systems do already have byte-range access, though, implemented via HTTP range requests. They're not nice seekable streams, but if the specific functionality you want is to retrieve a range of bytes from a file, that's already here.

Comment Re:We're dealing with an imbalance of power here (Score -1) 211

It's idiotic, this pro-union propaganda argues that because of commoditization of labour and the fact that in any place there are always people in the middle, on top and on the bottom of the performance scale that this means unions are the answer, when the reality is that free market is the answer. Instead of trying to push for less freedoms, individuals needs to push for more, they need to start abolishing governments rather than creating new ones.

As to software developers, very few of them actually see themselves in management in 30 months as this clearly one sided and propagandistic story suggests. In fact most developers want to keep being developers, all they are after is some form of challenging work and good pay and given the relative lack of regulations in the tech sector (thank heavens), those who are doing good work are capable of getting that good pay.

Commoditization of labour is not a problem, lack of freedoms in the market place that prevent new companies from starting up is the problem and unions cannot solve that, they can only make the situation worse.

Now, certainly for the people who are not really interested in the work unions are a cushy answer, but luckily the way the technology sector moves, unions cannot really take hold in it, they just have no legs to stand on, they will trip and fall most of the time as companies shift jobs, outsource, automate more and that's a good thing. Last thing this world needs is more government and unions.

Comment Re:Uber = Public subsidized (Score -1) 204

Absolutely wrong. First of all saying that taxing and redistributing to taxis makes any kind of sense instead of having Uber is idiotic. Taxing oppresses everybody who is being taxed, Uber is not oppressing anybody, it is providing people with opportunities to participate on a completely voluntary basis. Drivers, riders, investors, employees - all voluntary participating to get a better outcome for themselves, you want to take that away and install government oppression instead.

As to insurance companies 'subsidising' and rates being 'higher' as a result, that is just a bold face lie!

How many accidents are prevented and what is the difference on the balance between some drivers using their normal insurance plus whatever insurance Uber supplies and the reduced number of accidents caused by less drunk driving?

You are moderated as 'insightfull', I am moderated as 'troll'. Figures.

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