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Comment Re:Is that legal? (Score 1) 339

Yes you can, this type of situation is not praised on a regular basis, it does happen all the time. Usually it is just some drunk unruly guy gets kicked out of a bar, no one cares about that. If you do something at a store, and they deam it inappropriate and you get banned from the premises, then it's really not that different.

Comment Re:God I hate to say this, but (Score 2) 562

I agree, they totally missed the mark with him, all the trailers and everything made it look like he was to become a jedi, and basically he just carries the light saber around the whole movie. He never really uses it effectively, and they same thing with Captain Phasma, she was bad ass looking, but does absolutely nothing in the movie. Don't get me wrong, I like an action movie, Michael Bay would have put less action in this thing if he was the director of it. There is one thing I do have to say, Thank God that there was no real lens flare in this movie.

Comment Re:I suppose this is how we'll transition (Score 2) 139

I run a local trucking company just outside of chicago, and the current state of automated trucks is a joke, they still have along way to go. I could see a yard stopper being automated moving trailers between a parking lot and the docks, but not anything more than that for a long time. The brake systems are run on AIR, so in the winter when everything starts to freeze then you still need someone to pound on them with a hammer to for the pads to release from the drums. Plus it would require a complete redesign of the way the electrical cord and air lines are hooked up from the truck to the trailer, right now the only way to do it is by hand. There are many, many old docks that were even designed for the current max truck length of 53ft, and are supper hard to get into. I just don't see one of those self driving things backing up across 4 lanes of street with normal traffic on it, and then down an alley.

Comment Re:Um, obviously... (Score 1) 180

I'm not saying that all corporations are good, but Unions are supposed to look out for the employees, these days in the US they act like pimps, and when business shut down it's usually because the unions wanted too much, screwed over the company. Take a look at Hostess they were a large company, and only 40% percent of it's employees were unionized but they wanted too much, they stopped production and shut down, because that was more cost effective. I remember around 2002 there was a company Consolidated Freightways, they were a HUGH multi state company with union employees. One day everyone showed up to work with at the local facility of theirs, all the building were locked down and just a sign in the driveway that the company was shut down permanently. They were basically fighting the Teamsters for 20 years at that point.

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