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Comment: Re:Humerous?` (Score 1) 270

by Higaran (#49494105) Attached to: FBI Accuses Researcher of Hacking Plane, Seizes Equipment
I could almost understand if this guy was frustrated because he found exploits and then tried to go to Boeing/Airbus and then got stonewalled. My next step would just be to go to some news outlet, they would pick up a story about planes not being safe in a second, not scare the shit out of everyone on a plane that your on.

Comment: Re:The only reason this SWATTING nonsense works (Score 1) 246

by Higaran (#49416323) Attached to: Watching a "Swatting" Slowly Unfold
Ok, so what do you you expect the police to do? They got a call of a bomb threat with hostages, I think they did the right thing. If they send in one untrained patrol cop, and it was real and everyone gets killed, then everyone would be saying they didn't do enough. They called in people that are trained to handle these situations.

Comment: Re:Ahhhh, C++ (Score 1) 757

by neokushan (#49228627) Attached to: Was Linus Torvalds Right About C++ Being So Wrong?

It's bad because someone can think of a niche case where it can be abused. In my experience, it never happens. You tend to find that those smart enough to know how to overload say the = operator are also smart enough to only do it for a good reason.

I've seen bad developers utterly abuse just about every language out there, if there's a language feature then it can be abused. C++ just happens to have a lot of features.

Comment: They pretty much tried this already (Score 2) 66

So they are trying to say we can play the next Halo or Assassins creed game on the xbox, then jump to pc or phone. Realistically that's never going to happen, what will happen is you can take the companion app that alot of games have now, and write that to every platform, so you can run them anywhere. Games that a great on one platform NEVER translate well to a different one, a game that is great on your 5 in phone, will suck ass while playing it on the xbox, and vise versa.

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