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Comment: Re:Art (Score 1) 55

by jellomizer (#47580663) Attached to: Unboxing a Cray XC30 'Magnus' Petaflops Supercomputer

The Cray supercomputers use to look really impressive. Blinking Lights, Red Liquid coolant dripping down a glass/plexiglass enclosure. Even the Cray 1 with its round design, with benches made it look really cool.
Now it is just a bunch of Printed Plastic covers, on a set of square boxes.

For the cost, you might as well make it look really impressive.

Comment: Re:How does this work exactly? (Score 1) 27

by Overzeetop (#47580251) Attached to: New Display Technology Corrects For Vision Defects

I'm still not quite sure how it is they've solved this issue they claim, however the ability to selectively transmit information to make the image seem to appear between the eye and the screen is the wrong solution. For those over 40, the problem isn't moving the screen closer but rather needing it further away. I have this happen if I put my phone too close in the car - I can't effectively see the GPS prompts or warnings without a second or so of re-focusing effort, and even then it's a challenge with my normal glasses on (seeing it without my glasses is fine, but then distant objects are indistinct).

What's needed is to be able to focus on this object as if it were further away than the screen.

Comment: Re:It would be cheaper for everyone.... (Score 1) 167

Ok, who is 'everyone',

All people, I would imagine.

  what does it mean to 'fix pollution'
continue reducing pollution in the air.

  and how much do 'heavy restrictions' cost to everyone?

Less then the medical cost, and loss of habitat costs.

Why should polluter be allowed to force their pollution on others for free?
China's pollution is ultimately everyone's pollution.

Ironically, China is moving to greener solutions faster the the US is.

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