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Comment Some stuff doesn't need to be smart. (Score 1) 26

As with all technology. Just because it exists doesn't always mean that it needs to be implemented.
For example the eject button on the remote control for your VCR/DVD/Blueray player. Sure it is technically possible, but what is the point. After from your chair you eject the disk, you will still need to get off your butt, to take the media out, and replace it with something else.

Some devices don't need internet connectivity. Just because when they are soo far away from you they are no longer useful.

Comment Re:Going to become more common. (Score 1) 122

Just because they're prey to our special operators doesn't make them any less predators from the point of view of the thousands and thousands of people they are slaughtering in the name of rewinding to the dark ages. They're definitely predators, as their world view requires that sort of predation in order to exist.

Comment NO - Please do not post Click Bait headlines (Score 1) 138

This is slashdot. Unless you are being sarcastic about a click-baity site that we need to laugh at, "Simple Bug" is not a valid replacement for "DLL Hijacking" or, more descriptively, "DLL Side Loading" or "DLL replacement."

You want to know what will make Slashdot better? Good headlines is a fantastic start. :-)

Comment Re:Alternate title (Score 1) 120

So you are stating in a story that a free internet meant to be given to the poor, from a For Profit Company, however being blocked by the government because it has interests in keeping the underclass out of power, and probably have ties with other telecom companies, to block competition because they are offer lower price as a key competitive advantage. Is showing the evils of capitalism. Where in this case free market is motivated to provide free infrastructure in order to increase revenue from services offered.

Stop over simplifying things. Unregulated capitalism is bad, Over regulated capitalism is just as bad too. The details is important, not the political stance.

Comment Re:How is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 292

If you need examples, ask every victim of every revolution or warzone who suddenly had saw their rights disappear when the men with guns showed up.

Their rights didn't disappear, their rights were denied. Infringed. Interfered with.

Governments don't give rights. Governments impose limits on them, or protect against that happening. But they don't create them. Hopefully you're not confusing rights with entitlements like so many people do.

Comment Re:That isn't trustful. (Score 1) 557

No they are stuck in the 1990s
Their rant about Linux is the same argument that was true back in the mid 1990s however Linux has matured sense then.
Some of the biggest business problems they face can be far easier fixed with a partial adoption of Linux.

I am not an open source zealot. But in terms of control, and configurability Linux is superior to Windows. That comment was to try to silence a flood of just to switch to Linux posts.

Comment Re:How is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 292

You don't have any natural rights to be free from tigers or from gravity. But you DO have the natural expectation that another rational being will understand that if they attack you, they are waiving their own claim on living peacefully. That you don't grasp this is pretty amazing, really.

You'll find that your idea of "rights" disappears quite quickly as soon as any functioning society breaks down.

My "idea" of rights exists at any scale and under any circumstances. That's the entire point. Irrational people do indeed look to take advantage circumstances in which they feel willing to take the chance that their use of violence will go unchallenged because of unpleasant or unexpected circumstances. Which doesn't change the fact that they lose their claim to life when they deny you yours. That's the right you naturally have: to use (or have used on your behalf) the violence necessary to defend your life. Why? Because rational people don't kill other people except in self defense. Those who initiate the violence waive their rights to live in peace.

You're confusing having a right with happening to have the power to defend it at some particular time. These are not the same thing.

Comment Re:How is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 292

Exactly, because in the jungle there are no rights

Oh, I get it now. You think that human beings aren't any different in their cognitive abilities, capacity for reason, and ability to think abstractly and communicate than are, say, tigers or lemurs.

I don't need it, but I need a government to tell others that.

No, you can tell them yourself, and if they are too irrational to digest the concept, and you're too weak to defend against violent, irrational people, then you need a government to help you protect your rights.

Comment That isn't trustful. (Score 4, Insightful) 557

For the enterprise version we really need it predictable so it can be managed. Even if talking to MS is harmless and overall a good thing, it means you are having your computer talk to something you may not want too.

At work we are still on Windows 7 with little chance going over to 10 because of stuff like this. (I would prefer Linux, but our management is stuck in the 1990s)

Comment Re:Well, that's pretty much a textbook violation. (Score 4, Interesting) 106

Is it?
They are not preventing Netflix or YouTube, There isn't any sign that they are slowing down their performance. It is just they are counting the data the same as any other internet download.
The only twist is that Verizon isn't charging for bandwidth for its own service.
You could say the cost of Verizon mobile is being paid from the service fee, and you are actually paying more then than the data cap fees.

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