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Comment: when we have a president who can code ... (Score 1) 205

by peter303 (#48915217) Attached to: Why Coding Is Not the New Literacy
(Talking about the USA) We'll know then coding is a general purpose skill. Plenty of people in their 50s now have been exposed to coding in school (including myself). Two of the 12 recent Presidents have been engineers, so its probably just a matter of time. It would be interesting to poll Congress, 535 40-somethings to 70-somethings, of how many of them could right some sort of program.

Comment: coding considered "trade school" in 1970s (Score 1) 200

That contributed to reluctance of MIT and Stanford to create Computer Science departments then. Excellent computer scientists like Knuth were around, but hiding in Math or EE departments. A person seriously interesting in just coding and not all the side course forced upon for a B.S. degree sometimes went to DeVry or ITT instead.

So do we go full circle again? Coding is now a trade for CCs? It may be important to distinguish coding, software engineering and computer science. I know some great academics who couldnt get a usable product out the door in their life. Graduate degrees may be important for some aspects of CS and not others.

Comment: Sagan overboard on politics (Score 1) 227

by peter303 (#48812389) Attached to: Lawrence Krauss On Scientists As Celebrities: Good For Science?
He was rather to the left. However his "Nuclear Winter" argument against nuclear weapons was off the mark because it was based on primitive science. He used a one-dimensional atmospheric modeling equations to deduce nclear winter. Computers in those days werent powerful enough for 3D modeling. 3D effects such as wind and oceans drastically changed the results when modeled years later.

Comment: The best techniques could be before puberty (Score 1) 273

by peter303 (#48802917) Attached to: Silicon Valley's Quest To Extend Life 'Well Beyond 120'
By puberty you are 80% through your "Hayflick" limit of cell divisions. Then it may be too late to do much. (Hayflick observed that most animal cells had a characterist of limit of cells divsions before the cell line died. Each animal class and tissue had differing limits.)

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