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Comment Re:More like Large Bogus (Score 1) 479

I have.

Long weekend; I had scheduled a weekend away with my family. Boss comes in and says "We'd love it if you'd find it in your heart to stay home this weekend and get this other thing working..." ... I declined because my wife was in possession of my cojones... So boss says "ok, I'll pay you time and a half plus $N000 if you have it working by Tuesday morning.

My wife decided we could go away a different weekend.

Comment Re:Cultural? (Score 2) 479

I don't know why everyone isn't seeing what obviouslly really happened...

The ECU had a number of pre-defined fuel maps... Then the Top Gear production office calls and says "We need a car in JeremyClarkson size. So someone in management calls down and says "Ja, Werner, please machen ein ECU ready fur TopGear bitte, mach schnell!" but it's friday night and Werner has a date with a couple of Medchen in Dirndle so he switches the fuel map, cranks out a .hex file, and then goes out for sexy-time with the ladies...

Monday Morning, Werner comes back to work with a big grin on his face and sits down in front of svn which tells him he has some local changes... His face still a little sore, he's not thinking and just does "svn commit"...


I'm in the wrong business... forensic engineering is my calling.

Comment Since 1984 (Score 1) 162

A network of Apollo's running Aegis (later Domain/OS), HP's running hpux, RT's running AIX and PC's running Xenix. Also had to deal with the VMS cluster and the Novell 2.51/ARCnet cluster... Later it was SGI's and even a Cray YMP-EL98... But it's been embedded firmware for the last 15 years...

My first e-mail address had a bang-path. Get off my lawn.

Comment Re:Bias? Or reality? (Score 1) 445

We tried to deal with the bullying for 4 years. The school's hands were tied. The only way they could expell or suspend the bullies is if there were a medical incident and corresponding police report. We chose not to wait that long. Bullies thrive on persons who are 'different'. My son is who he is. The curriculum at his school was too simple for him so all he was learning was that he didn't have to put effort in to learn anything. This is a problem to this day because now he's discovering that he needs to put effort into learning, studying and thinking... So it's not just about the bullying... The bullying was the trigger that told us something needed to be done...

Comment Re:Racism v. Bias v. Intelligence (Score 1) 445

Not sure what the tests were. My son was given the WISC-IV test and it came back gifted, 99th percentile.. He sucks at logic/math... He's verbal, spatial,etc.. Has low processing speed and working memory, same as his dad.... There is a gifted program in the city here that uses a variant of some IQ test and as I've learned, that is a poor indicator of giftedness... I believe (but am not qualified) that a test such as WISC-IV or WISC-V is more appropriate in diagnosing giftedness.

Comment Re:Bias? Or reality? (Score 4, Interesting) 445

My gifted (formally tested) child was in a 'normal' school. The neighborhood school. Enrichment is not what he needed. The teachers tried enrichment. He was bullied constantly because he was socially different (Think "Sheldon" of "Big Bang Theory") and had no friends. School was torture... Just as it was for his mother and I when we went to grade school. School administration had no ability to help this kid and everything they did just made the situation worse. Penalizing the bullies led to them bullying him at home while he was playing in the yard. Isolating the bullies resulted in retaliation off school grounds.

Long story short, we had him tested and discovered he was gifted. We knew he was a bright kid but thought that was it. We tried to get him into a gifted school and the wait list was huge. By sheer luck, he made it in... The first day at that school, he came home and said "Mom! I've found my people!!". This is his 5th year at that school... The school is full of weirdos just like him... He has a ton of friends and is thriving...

No way no how was he going to survive at that school. When I was in similar situation in grade school, I considered suicide multiple times in my early teens.

There are some gifted children who do well in a normal school but given the size of the wait-list at this school, there is a sizable portion of the school-age population that do not and can not thrive in a school with normals.... At least not at a young age...

Comment Re:Finally, we've arrived! (Score 1) 569

I work in an environment that produces huge tracts of code for military equipment. Much of the code is restricted by various security clearances and so forth. Having said that, there is a sizable number of people with access to the full code (including me) and were somebody to come down with an order to 'write a function that returns this under these circumstances', there would be much discussion and refusal to do so without understanding the framework under which that functionw as going to be used; how often it would be called, and how it is intended to fit into the whole system; etc ... In short, we don't have code-monkeys who turn english into code... If, on the off chance, someone were convinced to do such a thing, it would be found by everyone in fairly short order during code reviews.

So I would be surprised if that happened at VW.

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