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by nblender (#47415895) Attached to: US Tech Firms Recruiting High Schoolers (And Younger)

I'm a self taught no-degree 25+ year embedded guy. Sure, maybe I'm one of the 'good ones'... Don't know, don't really care. My point in replying is that in my 25+ years, i've encountered more degree-holding high-functioning idiots who interview well and can spew knowledge like the best of them; but ultimately they can't really code their way out of a paper bag... I'm thinking of a few recent examples who created code of disastrous proportions and eventually got moved to middle management... Of all the senior developer types I work with, (about 10 in my current position), only 2 have CS or EE degrees... The rest are either self-taught, or have degrees in other unrelated disciplines (chemistry, history, physics)... They're the ones churning out the long lasting product code that is reused in future projects; is highly maintainable, and portable. The degree isn't the key here, it's the self-teaching we've all done along the way.

I believe you're filtering on the wrong attributes... Maybe you're one of those degree-holding coders that got moved to middle management; out of harms way...

Just saying...

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by nblender (#47392423) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Often Should You Change Jobs?

I agree with you 100%. I'm near 50 now and have lived in the same modest house for 20 years and drive older used vehicles... But my modest house has more than tripled in value in those 20 years, and 8 years ago I started my retirement job... The job that I will keep until I retire. I'm building my own retirement with sweat equity in a retirement property... In about 5 years, I'll be able to quit my tech job; sell my modest house in the city, and combined with other investments, will have enough retirement income to live in the country... But I probably won't; I'll keep working until I get bored or they get tired of me.. Then I'll do something else that's slower and more interesting...

The biggest mistake I made was not switching jobs in my early years. I stuck with the same job for 7 years, then 11 years, then another 7... I'd have bigger investment accounts now if I'd had more jobs in the first 20 years.

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I can't help but think the people you really want to antagonize are the employees and contractors... A Blimp that says something like "amoral and unethical people work here and spy on you" might do more to create unrest... The people who work there probably live in the community or surrounding community... If you can make someone uneasy about their employer, that's probably better...


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this is my fundamental problem with this sort of thing. You buy a smart-device and the first thing it wants is to authenticate with some cloud service... I understand it's easier to deal with firewalls and such if the device 'polls' the cloud for remote commands... But what if my home is out in the middle of the forest, miles from anything resembling internet connectivity... That's a home I want automated more than the home I sleep in the other 5 days a week.

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Around these parts, I'm not allowed to swing into the oncoming lane if there's a solid line on my side; even if you're riding on the shoulder... Around here, the rural roads have about 12 inches of 'shoulder' before it's grass or gravel. Just this last weekend, I came across one of you tour-de-france wannabes (complete with the colorful jersey and aerodynamic helmet) riding up a hill at 8kph... I had to slow down and stay behind you while waiting for an oncoming truck to finally arrive... You motioned to me to pass but legally I could not. When I finally came to the dashed line on my side, I was able to pass... I have no idea why you gave me the finger though ... I certainly didn't want to lose all that time creeping along behind you and I would have loved to have passed you while staying completely inside the double-solid line. The law very clearly says that a bicycle is equivalent to a car.

Sure, you can be out for a leisurely Sunday ride... But note the effect you have on others who might just want to get home and not follow you up the hill... Maybe you could pull off to the side and let cars go by?

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I've worked with many men and women over the years... I would say that women, predominantly, are the ones who leave the work force after they have a child or three, only to not return... Some return but many do not... So while you might end up trying to hire 30% women, your demographics will eventually show them to be much lower... I don't think I'm out of line suggesting that about half leave the work force to stay at home... At least around these parts. That gets us down in the range of the numbers reported by google.

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I do not think that word means what you think it means.

If you were just some normal Joe Schlub who wouldn't even consider being an Uber driver, but some cop stopped you and induced you into driving him somewhere in exchange for a nice shiny $20 bill, then that's entrapment... If you are a registered Uber driver, and a cop reserves you, and you agree to drive the cop somewhere, then that it something you would normally do and is not entrapment.

At least that's how I read it and have always understood it.

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Oh, and I don't trust computer techs who don't game.

For any tangible reason or merely to justify the many hours you wile away in front of some game when you could be hacking instead?

I've been 'hacking' (in both senses) since 1976 but my gaming stopped when I realized it was more interesting to disassemble the games and see how they worked. (about 1980)

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I had it when I was 18. That was 30 years ago. I was miserable for two weeks. I bathed in calamine lotion three times a day when the itching became irrepressible.. I was essentially holed up in a dark room the entire time with nothing to think about except for the itching. TV caused my eyes pain. I've been prone to getting shingles over the subsequent years of my life, usually in response to stress. The shingles are probably related. I still have marks on my body where I had pox.

I wouldn't wish adult pox on anyone.

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I hadn't heard of Beats until last week. I was in a Future Shop (like Best Buy) with my son and he was all gaga over some of these Beats headphones on display... So I put them on and listened. It was like I was listening to music through a tin can while someone tapped on the can with a pencil... I'm far from a 'golden ear' audiophile wanker... I have a pair of mid-low end Sennheisers on my head 8 hours a day at work...

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