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Comment: Re:Simple problem, simple solution (Score 1) 359

by nanoflower (#46772919) Attached to: San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained

That may be but the OP's point still stands. Cars are the problem and there's really only one easy way for a city to control the amount of cars entering a city. Limit the parking.

I'm not saying it's the right thing to do but it's likely the most effective. If I know that it may take me an hour to find a parking spot then I'm going to look for another solution. Either not going to that area or traveling via cab/bus/subway/bicycle/walking. Basically anything but a car.

Comment: Re:a few things left out (Score 1) 110

That doesn't agree with what I've read. Supposedly Nvidia is running behind schedule but it isn't their fault. The problem is that TSMC can't deliver on their promises so everything is being pushed out. Ideally both AMD and Nvidia would have 20NM (or what TSMC calls 20NM) GPUs out on the market already but TSMC has had issues with bringing 20NM production online. That's forcing everyone using them to rethink their planned introduction of new products.

Comment: Re:Did Fluke request this? (Score 1) 653

by nanoflower (#46539073) Attached to: $30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

I agree the colors look the same in both pictures. However, both multi-meters are clearly labeled with the company name and have a very different layout. So it is hard to see how someone would confuse a Sparkfun with a Fluke. I'm not sure why there is an issue here since the two are clearly different and the idea of trademarking color seems a bit absurd.

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by nanoflower (#45548437) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Top Black Friday Tech Picks?
It is kind of sad. I saw a news report of a guy on Monday setting up his tent outside his local Walmart so he would be one of the first in line (yes, there were people in front of him) for the $99 TVs. It's a good deal from what I saw but to stand in line for 3 days just to get it??? And the stores are getting even worse since Walmart and others are opening up on Thanksgiving day to rake in the early money. The sad thing is that those unbelievable deals tend to be in very limited quantities so most of the people in the crush won't pick up any of those special deals. Instead they will end up getting items at prices they could find at many other times during the year. Stores know the big sale prices draw in the customers but they aren't going to stock up on items they are going to sell at a loss or near cost in order to draw in the rubes. Sadly many people don't seem to understand it.

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by nanoflower (#45374759) Attached to: Feedly Forces Its Users To Create Google+ Profiles
Yep. This is the number one reason I've stayed away from Google+. It would be one thing if they just threatened to delete your G+ account, but they say they will get rid of your G+ account, your Youtube account, your Gmail account and any other Google account you have. Unfortunately they did manage to create a Nano Flower G+ account finally when I hit the wrong button when trying to use Youtube. So I'm at risk of losing my accounts just because Google kept trying to force us to create and eventually succeeded.

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by nanoflower (#44894895) Attached to: True Size of the Shadow Banking System Revealed (Spoiler: Humongous)
I don't see why you would doubt the ability of the shadow banking system to have more money than exists. Wasn't that one of the major complaints during the financial collapse of 2007-2010 that things like CDOs and derivatives allowed these companies to show more money on the books than they actually had. That if they had to back everything out and pay out all the money on the books (and get paid) that there wouldn't be enough to go around (and I'm not even talking about paper money.) As I understand it we essentially have a house of cards that keeps going so long as no one knocks it down and everyone keeps going in the hopes that it won't happen while they are on watch.

Comment: Re:WaPo article on Tucson as night-sky destination (Score 1) 130

by nanoflower (#44699091) Attached to: Why We Need to Keep Our Night Skies Dark (Video)
I fully agree. The most beautiful sky I saw was when I went up to the Grand Canyon and made a day of it. I was heading back to Phoenix and stopped between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon at about 10PM at night. The night was crystal clear and you could actually see more stars in the sky than I could as a young lad in rural Georgia. No cities being near by and being up 7000ft above sea level makes a huge difference in what you see in the night sky.

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by nanoflower (#44494421) Attached to: Comcast Working On 'Helpful' Copyright Violation Pop-ups
Agreed. It had little to do with piracy and much to do with the rise of only a few companies owning the radios stations in multiple markets. They decided that focusing on the most popular music and playing the same thing in every market was the way to go. That made it much harder for new bands that didn't fit the mold to make it.

Comment: Re:Flat structures never, ever happen (Score 2) 224

by nanoflower (#44225681) Attached to: Former Valve Hardware Designer Recounts Management Difficulties
Limiting the size of the company is certainly going to help, but I see another problem with the way Valve was setup that might not impact W.L.Gore & Associates. According to the article Valve gives out bonuses to specific teams that work on hot projects. That sort of thing is bound to lead to infighting since everyone wants to be on the hot project and participate in the money rain when the project ships.

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by nanoflower (#44152595) Attached to: Windows 8 Passes Vista, Hits 5.1% Market Share
I bet many of those same people in the industry said that PC sales were down before Windows 8 was released because people were waiting for Win8 to be released. People in the industry can be wrong just about as often as the average Slashdot reader when it comes to why sales are down. Everything from the economy, to having PCs that are good enough there's no need to upgrade. to not liking Win8 (or the comments people have made about it without having seen it/tried it) play a part. Which one is the most important is unknown. My own guess would be a combination of the economy and current PCs being good enough but it's just a guess. I've industry analysts say one thing about where things are heading and why. Then a few months later they completely change their story. Which just shows that without some clear indicator of why things are happening they have to guess. It may be an educated guess, but it's still a guess.

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