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Comment: Re:To be more precise, Amazon will collect on taxe (Score 1) 238

by nanoflower (#49762283) Attached to: Amazon Decides To Start Paying Tax In the UK

Don't forget that the money being taxed through the corporation often comes from elsewhere. In the case of Google and other multi-nationals the money can be coming from other countries so it essentially can be like free money to the people of the host country for the corporation because the net tax rate (corporate plus income) can be lower because of the money flowing in from outside the country.

Of course that means the reverse can also be true and money can be flowing out of the country because few corporations are located within it.

Comment: Re:Tolls? (Score 1) 825

by nanoflower (#49739773) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax

In recent years, however, it was determined that the relationship between axle weights and pavement damage is complex and varies based on numerous variables, including environmental factors, type of terrain and roadway design. The National Pavement Cost Model (NAPCOM), which is the pavement model currently used by FHWA, estimates that for some types of pavement deterioration, doubling the axle load causes 15 to 20 times as much damage; for other types of deterioration, doubling the load only doubles the damage.

The U.S. Department of Transportation in its most recent Highway Cost Allocation Study estimated that light single-unit trucks, operating at less than 25,000 pounds, pay 150 percent of their road costs while the heaviest tractor-trailer combination trucks, weighing over 100,000 pounds, pay only 50 percent of their road costs.


Comment: Re:Resource Hog? (Score 1) 111

I tried to use uBlock but found it more difficult to use than AdBlock or Adblock Plus. The problem is that I'll go into a site with all sites disabled and nothing gets displayed. So I'll have to enable sites one at a time to find out which one enables the display of the site. With ABP or AB it's a quick run through the listed sites to temporarily enable sites one at a time until the web site is properly displayed. That was much more difficult with uBlock.

Comment: Re:nature will breed it out (Score 1) 950

Why wouldn't they just start by doing the normal thing and treating the women/girls they meet as people, no different from the guys they meet. If a romance develops then the relationship changes but otherwise I'm not sure why anyone would take their cue from porn, and I can't think of many games that give any sort of clue (bad or good) on how to treat women.

Comment: Re:Google Streams (Score 1) 359

by nanoflower (#49560653) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed
I know what you are talking about. I had a Gmail account and a Youtube account. Thanks to Google playing around with the settings and at one time requiring people to sign up to G+ I have three Google+ accounts. Of which I wanted and use none. I can't be the only one that ended up with something like that.

Comment: Re:Sadly, I don't see an "out" for AMD (Score 1) 133

by nanoflower (#49505677) Attached to: AMD Withdraws From High-Density Server Business
Depends on what you want to do with it. Older games would work fine with an I3. Newer games could run a bit slower as some of the latest can take advantage of extra cores. Though it seems to fall off rapidly once you get past 3 cores. This may all change once games start utilizing Direct X 12 as it moves more of the workload on to the GPU.

Comment: Re:Sadly, I don't see an "out" for AMD (Score 1) 133

by nanoflower (#49500409) Attached to: AMD Withdraws From High-Density Server Business
Look up XSplit. The newest version of XSplit Broadcaster natively supports x264 software encoding as well as Intel QuickSync, NVIDIA NVENC, AMD VCE, and AVerMedia H.264 hardware encoding. What I couldn't tell from a quick look around the site is if XSplit Gamecaster also supports the same hardware encoding options as XSplit Broadcaster.

Comment: Re:Singled out? (Score 1) 247

by nanoflower (#49478979) Attached to: EU To Hit Google With Antitrust Charges
I don't know but the fact that Bing and DuckDuckGo show up would say that Google isn't hiding them since DuckDuckGo is used to avoid giving Google ad revenue and Bing is pure competition. The others you mentioned do show up at the bottom of the page in alternative searches so my guess is Yahoo doesn't appear due to the SEO and not some nefarious scheme by Google.

Comment: Re:*IF* that was true (Score 1) 247

by nanoflower (#49478915) Attached to: EU To Hit Google With Antitrust Charges

At what point is that abusive versus just good business. What if Google had two prices where one was for customers that used their android services (store, geo-location, etc.) and the other was for those that didn't want the geo-location service. It makes sense for Google to offer the clients getting everything a lower price as they can make it up with their geo-location service.

Is that considered abusive? If so then most companies would have to be considered abusive.

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