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Comment Re:You keep using that word. I don't think it mean (Score 3, Interesting) 331

Yes, that guy exists but he wasn't using the phone network to stream his data. He was using a cable (or maybe fiber) network that is better designed to handle these sorts of loads. Unless someone is using their phone to feed data to a PC I'm having a hard time seeing how they use 2TB a month.

Comment Re:The cost of external cognition (Score 1) 137

Not so much a technology as a product but things like Superyachts are likely never going to be affordable for the proletariat just because too much raw material and labor goes into making them. For the technology that goes into making them and is installed within them, that can come down in price and become available at a price anyone in the middle class can afford.

Comment Re:We need more carrot, not more stick (Score 1) 170

LOL. That reminds me of the last company that I worked at that required us to track all of our time and account for which project we were working on. Sounds good until you get to the point where the big boss comes by and says we had spent too much time on project A so now we need to put all our time on project B. Doesn't matter if you are still spending all your time on project A, charge the time to project B. Which makes you wonder why the bother tracking the time spent on various projects.

Comment Re: 65 VW Bug (Score 1) 373

Maybe my car is unique but if it sat for 3 weeks without being started it's not likely to start as the battery will have been drained by the various electronic devices included. No need to add cold into the equation. After two weeks the car will start but you can tell the battery is low.

Comment Re:A comparison would be good (Score 1) 319

I've never heard of anyone having to wait like that. Now if you deal with the normal billing CSR there's not much they can do but if you either say you want to cancel or just ask for retention then you're talking to the people that can make these deals. In my case I just told them that my contract was up, my bill had gone up significantly and the competition was offering more for this much. They were able to match the price without any argument. In my case that saved me $50 a month (triple play bundle) but in other case it could be even more as I've seen triple play bundles in some areas go for as low as $90/month.

The key being they hate the churn. Losing a customer costs them a lot of money as they know they may never get that customer back and gaining a new customer takes a lot of work since most people are loath to switch providers unless something is really wrong with their current provider.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 337

Because it's up to companies like Apple to fix the low numbers of blacks in CS. Clearly the government can't do it so now the government can require corporate America to fix what the government can't fix. Otherwise what's the point of the inevitable public shaming that would follow Apple releasing the numbers of minorities employed in the company?

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 1) 480

Ah, that article states that the MINIMUM salary has been brought up to $70k. That doesn't mean he can't pay valued employees more than that. Just that the base salary is $70k and he cut his own salary to match that.

That's very different from saying everyone in the company regardless of their job is going to be paid $70k.

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 1) 480

I don't understand what he hoped to accomplish. I could see normalizing pay for each job so that all the secretaries got one amount, the entry level developers got another and the senior developers got another amount. Then you might change the distribution so that the difference between the secretary's pay and the CEO's is say 10-20 times instead of the 100 or more than we see in many big corporations. Any or all of those changes might have worked out but to put everyone regardless of their job on the same pay grade just doesn't make sense.

Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 4, Informative) 410

The rules are that anything that causes Reddit headaches or additional work is subject to be banned, or so the CEO has said in his latest comments on this round of quarantining/banning. Though their new policy doesn't exactly make it clear that's the case. So anything they don't like or that makes them work is subject to being removed from the site.

Comment Re:Maybe a reddit user can provide more insight (Score 2) 410

I agree that it does it happen as you state, but the latest statements from the new (old) CEO state that shadow banning should only be used in the case of spam. Now, will that actually be the case? Probably not, but at least you can rest easy in the knowledge that the CEO thinks spamming should be the only reason for shadow banning.

Comment Re:$40/mo is pretty nice (Score 1) 135

Hmm, I wouldn't complain about 70Mbps if that came without a monthly bandwidth cap. I'm paying $145 (with all taxes and fees included) for the voice/TV/Internet triple play and get about 90Mb/s up and 12Mb/s down but I'm limited to 300GB/month unless I want to pay that $10/50GB overage charge. The extra speed doesn't do much good if you can't use it because you hit the 300GB limit before the month was over.

Comment Re: Won't allow forwarding? (Score 1) 204

What happens for people that never log in to Gmail through a browser but only download their email? Are they supposed to be prevented from downloading the DRMed messages? They must be if this 'security' method is going to do what it claims because otherwise anyone can download the message and then use an alternate mail client to do as they wish.

Also how is this DRM supposed to work? I doubt Google is getting involved since there's been no huge demand for such a feature so the company has to be taking advantage of how Gmail works. Perhaps they are inserting a bit of code into the email that prevents you from selecting certain options. Nothing unsafe in having email that changes how the email client behaves, is there? ;)

Comment Re:I've had issues with the Win10 NVIDIA drivers.. (Score 1) 317

You do understand that this automatic update is only for the Windows Home version. The Pro version (which is what I would guess most people reading this will be using) doesn't have the automatic update with no way to disable 'feature'. That being said I do think hiding the way to disable driver updates so far down the menu stack is a bad idea. The only people looking for likely have some idea what it does and disabling driver updates isn't likely to cause a serious issue since the user can always manually download and install those same drivers or newer ones.

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