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Comment Re: Build one (Score 1) 323

Actually the AAA games don't require the best card but you do need a decent GPU. A GTX 960 won't let you turn up all the graphical options with the latest games even at 1080P while a 970 would, and a GTX 980TI would let you run them at higher resolutions and maintain 60FPS. Now the top of the lines Titans are just overkill for any game that isn't horribly optimized and a great way to burn money given the performance boost over the 980TI per $$$ spent.

Comment Re:Sue Blizzard (Score 1) 130

I don't see how you arrive at your conclusion unless you believe Blizzard had the contract at hand. They don't know what the arrangement was between the contractor and the company. The contractor may own full rights to the software. In any case Blizzard doesn't intend to compete with rival bots. I'm sure they just want to see how the bot works so they can figure out how best to detect and block any bots based off this code.

Comment Re:Will Any Effort Be Made To Validate The Report? (Score 1) 399

The same way you prevent any abuse. Good investigations by the authorities. I'm not sure how this system makes it any worse as far as abuse goes since people still have to report the crime and give details including their name, and the crime has to be investigated once the system flags a perp as a multiple offender.

Comment Re:Will Any Effort Be Made To Validate The Report? (Score 1) 399

That's as it should be. This isn't intended to replace the law enforcement community. If someone is sure a rape has occurred then they should report it and the police will investigate it at that time. However if someone isn't willing to go to police but thinks a rape may have occurred this is an alternative reporting system that gets it on record where it may help identify the perp. if someone else reports a similar rape. That's a good thing but it doesn't replace going to the police.

Comment Re:If... (Score 1) 363

You made an unjustified leap. Advertising that keeps going must be working and getting more people to buy the drugs. That I can agree on. The idea that more people buying a drug will lead to lower prices for each person is the leap that I can't agree with. It may lead to lower prices for the drug or if the company is selling more doses per month they may decide to keep the price the same and just pocket the money.

Comment Re:Shocked and amazed (Score 4, Informative) 168

It's usually not the manufacturing that is so expensive but the research and testing needing to get the drug on the market. In this case neither company needs to do any research or additional testing with the FDA since the drug is well known and has been on the market for 60 years. That doesn't apply with a brand new drug which may have to go through years of testing even if the first version is perfect with no side effects.

Comment Re:Kimber (Score 1) 469

If you are shooting in a competition and the weight variability is an issue but you otherwise like the gun then why not just put fewer bullets in the magazine? Sure you have to swap mags more often but you are going to need to do that anyway if you switch to a weapon with a smaller mag. I can't imagine any competition that allows you to choose your weapon but then forces you to always have a full mag.

Comment Re:Chip cards would not have prevented Target Brea (Score 1) 145

I'm glad they don't verify the signatures as I mostly use my credit card at the local grocery store. They use one of those pads for you to sign and my signature when writing on glass looks nothing like my real signature. Not to say that my signature looks the same each time because it doesn't. Similar but often not that close.

Comment Re:alternately: (Score 1) 492

I understand that there is a belief that they need to be where the talent is but a company like Google (as they are now) can easily bring in the talent to any city they wished to move to. The combination of the salaries they can offer and the cachet of working for Google will overcome the hurdle of not being in the Bay area. It's not going to happen but a company like Google could certainly do it. Hell, over the course of the next decade after such a move you would see a number of smaller businesses opening shop in the same area as Google providing more opportunities for those in the tech industry.

Comment Re:136 lbs? (Score 1) 179

However don't pilots need some muscle development to be able to move within the airplane at high Gs? They don't need to be Arnold Schwarzenger level but they should be fit toned individuals which would add mass over the stereotypical 90 pound weakling. Think back to the test pilots that have been talked about over the years. None that I saw would be under even 150 pounds.

Comment Re:is it just me (Score 1) 72

He did attempt to kill him in the first case. Not directly but by letting Davros stay in the hand mine field where he had no chance of getting out alive without help. That's out of character with what we've seen from the Doctor since the child Davros had done nothing wrong at that point.

Comment Re: Easiest way to do this. (Score 1) 205

I know it is supposed to work but for some reason it wouldn't work for me. Even though I had created a DVD from the ISO. So I had to do the upgrade from inside Windows 8.1 which downloaded the Win 10 files (even though they had already been downloaded a few weeks before). Then the upgrade went smoothly.

Comment Re:buy-back stock payoff (Score 1) 273

Who is talking about 100s of years. Short to medium term tends to mean a year to two years. That means companies will take actions that look good over the next year but will hurt the company within five years. Now, I don't expect many companies to make investments that take decades to pay off since no one can see that far in the future but a five year payoff isn't asking too much.

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