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Comment: Me too.. (Score 1) 337

by naelurec (#41444675) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Ask College To Change Intro To Computing?

I had the same thought when going through the same class. I was hoping to simply test out of it -- ended up compromising with the professor and was able to get all of the class material ahead of time (finished it within two days) but had to take the tests on test days (which I assume is understandable to minimize cheating).

A prior learning assessment would have been nice but atleast it got me out of having to attend every class session.

For your goal on attempting to change the course contents -- yah, good luck .. I'm assuming Microsoft is still pouring a LOT of $$$ into the colleges to make sure their software is being used -- definitely very annoying as other software choices are more than adequate and would require learning concepts vs following step-by-step directions (nothing more frustrating than watching someone pull out a step-by-step instruction sheet and have absolutely NO clue what is actually happening within the program to give them their results).

Comment: Go hosted? (Score 1) 382

by naelurec (#37508066) Attached to: Newb-Friendly Linux Flavor For LAMP Server?

A forum and some custom LAMP pages ... soooo why not focus on that and leave the server/hosting/etc to someone else? There are a lot of LAMP hosting providers out there that you could use for a few $$ per month.. Go with a company that can give you SSH access so you can get familiar with some CLI management (or concurrently attempting to run the same stuff on a virtualbox linux setup) and perhaps down the road once your more comfortable with the LAMP config, then migrate the site to your own server.

Comment: Open Source Benefits. (Score 1) 275

by naelurec (#27010999) Attached to: Without Jobs, Will Open Source Suffer?

I think open source will benefit. There will be a certain number of people who are laid off that it will be extremely difficult to find a similar job. I'm thinking of people in industries and service sector jobs that were contracting before the downturn and have become much worse (the printing industry is one in particular I'm very familiar with).

These individuals will need to "reinvent" themselves to an extent. Getting involved in an open source project will give them some experience in a new field. In addition, others may consider this being a good time to start a business (I know many people who have the desire to start their own businesses but have been reluctant due to the imaginary security blanket of a corporate job). If these people want to be successful in this economy with a new venture, they will need to be very smart with their expenses which does generally equate to utilizing open source.

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them. -- Isaac Asimov