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Comment: Re:Managers need to learn how to understand others (Score 1) 50 50

by Opportunist (#50017129) Attached to: The Programmer's Path To Management

Management, and even more so management theories, need to take the human factor into consideration. Every time you get to hear some bullshit "how to manage" story, you can't help but sit back and wonder whether they ever heard of something called human nature.

Generally management and management theories treat humans like some kind of fungible mass. Like any human is identical to anyone else. Sadly, humans are not. By no means. What's worse is that managers think that everyone under their "control" thinks the same and has the same preferences and aversions, and, wht's worse, the same preferences and aversions THEY have themselves. This leads to such bullshit experiences like a manager who enjoys mountain climbing taking his team on a mountain climbing team building event and considers it some great treat while the office talk during the week before is "how do I shoot myself in the foot so it doesn't cause lasting damage but ensures I don't have to go".

And rest assured, it will build team. It will unite the team against management.

Of course the week after productivity will slump and the manager will wonder why, after all he took them on a great experience that invigorates him.

Comment: Re:Don't Do IT! (Score 1) 50 50

by Opportunist (#50017093) Attached to: The Programmer's Path To Management

You know, I know, but managers don't. Personally I think it's a bit of the good old "people think as they are" mentality, and hence they consider everyone a trained monkey whose experience is worthless, so they can be replaced by someone cheaper any time.

With the only reason they themselves can't being that they'd have to be the ones doing it.

Comment: Re:What Wu does not write: (Score 1) 125 125

by Opportunist (#50012955) Attached to: New Study Accuses Google of Anti-competitive Search Behavior

Your faith in humanity is commendable, but misplaced. Your argument is that companies that abuse their users and the trust those users place into it will lose them.

And you even mention Facebook in your post...

Seriously. Companies actually used to be bothered by bad customer reviews and tried to appear like they're user friendly. But by now they learned that they can essentially treat their users like garbage and they'll still come back. Pick any large company and you'll notice that their customer policy at best just sucks. At worst it's outright hostile. They should go out of business. Yet they don't.

Comment: Re: I'll tell you how- they're turning the interne (Score 1) 182 182

by Opportunist (#50012799) Attached to: How Television Is Fighting Off the Internet

Even a service, program or product I'm interesting in becomes quickly boring and soon after annoying when I get to see the same ad or trailer over and over and over and over.

Take your favorite show. Pick the 30 most interesting seconds of it. Now try to imagine another show you like being interrupted again and again to show you those same 30 seconds.

And then tell me that this isn't going to be annoying after no later than the fifth time.

Comment: Re: Because the Greeks are so stupid? (Score 1) 315 315

by Opportunist (#50012747) Attached to: Greek Financial Crisis Is an Opportunity For Bitcoin

Fiat currencies are not an outright ponzi scheme, but they're essentially exactly the same as Bitcoins: They are accepted because people think they will still have value in some foreseeable future.

That's basically pretty much the general idea behind money. Be it Euros, Dollars, Bitcoins, gold or some shiny pebbles. And all of them have in common that they cannot be multiplied by the average person at leisure.

The huge advantage our current fiat money has over the others is that governments can multiply it at leisure. But that's at best an advantage for governments, not for us. Because we have to have faith in that government giving a shit about us trusting it.

And I don't really think that's currently really something I'd put my money on, so to speak.

Comment: Re:I'll tell you how- they're turning the internet (Score 2) 182 182

by Opportunist (#50011905) Attached to: How Television Is Fighting Off the Internet

And that's by no means any better than "normal" commercials.

Let's look at it and see if it looks, walks, swims and flies like a duck...

Does it interrupt the program I'm watching? Yes.
Is it something that does not interest me? Yes.
Is it repeated so often that you can speak along? Hell yes.

The fact that it's for a movie instead of some female hygiene product doesn't matter.

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