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Comment Battery Specs (Score 2) 125

The most important details: The energy density performance (90Wh/kg) are above the expectations especially considering the excellent cycle life (at least 2.000 charge/discharge cycles). It would also be nice to see voltage drop-off as the battery discharges and expected price, but now I'm getting greedy...

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 2) 359

I figured that if I poked around long enough I'd find something. Mostly I searched for "Linux won't boot after Windows 10 boot", and just found descriptions of how you need to install Windows first. But once I got the idea of ditching Windows in my head, I really liked it. It just seems so much more... peaceful. No more fighting for privacy, no more updates I can't roll back, no more of Windows casually deleting my boot loader... And no annual fee either.

Plus, I think it's the right time. It just feels like Microsoft is slowly wrestling control of the machine away from me, a little bit at a time. And while it's just starting to get a little stifling now, I can only imagine it getting worse. UEFI is currently only a hair away from not letting you install other OS's anyways. You can't tell me Microsoft isn't thinking about it. Because they've got to be thinking about it.

It seems that Windows is slowly turning into a console. I mean, why would they want you to install software not in the Windows store? They could act as gatekeepers to your computer, like they tried with RT. In RT it was too soon... but when the whole world uses Windows 10, and modern software won't even run on Windows 8 anymore, what are you going to do? If you want your precious software, you'll do it on Microsoft's terms. You'd have no choice but to use the Windows store. And Microsoft will take a cut on every sale, and gets the final say on which software you can and cannot run.

Depending on where you stand, this might seem to have a small chance of happening, instead of the big chance that I see. But with Linux there's no chance. Heh, that could be their new slogan: "Linux: Not a Chance".

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 5, Interesting) 359

It used to be that dual-booting Windows and Linux wasn't much hassle, so I kept Windows around for the odd time I wanted to play a game. But when I upgraded to Windows 10 it wiped out the Linux bootloader. So I grumbled a bit and figured that's par for the course, formatted the hard drive, installed Windows 10 first and Linux second. And that was fine for about a week until I decided I wanted to play a Windows game... after shutting Windows down, my boot loader is toast. Again. I can't even get to the little GRUB repair prompt this time.

It's just not worth it for me anymore, especially now that Steam is on Linux. Plus, I figure it will be good to get out before Microsoft's "subscription-based" model kicks in for Windows 10.

Farewell Windows. You were an awesome gaming platform for 15 years.

Comment Re:They aren't really still blaming DPRK, are they (Score 3, Interesting) 51

I'd hoped that you'd gotten it through your skull
About what's figurative and what's literal
But just now
You stated
You literally couldn't do anything computer related
That really makes me want to literally

Uh... Go back in time so your parents never dated? ...That seems kind of harsh.

*Looks up PCoIP*. Ah, shit.

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 352

One app for graphics, gimp. . One app for a gui, gnome. One app for an ide Eclipse, etc

I'm a Linux user and I've never felt pressure to use any of those things. It's Kolourpaint, KDE or XFCE, and Kate or CodeBlocks for me. Though I'm going to try Qt's IDE, I hear it's a good one.

Comment Re:Before a human walks on Mars... (Score 2, Interesting) 285

Yeah, it is only a continent, not a planet, but it is so much easier to get to and live on, that there really is no excuse to go to Mars, until Antarctica (as well as Siberia, Australian Outback, Sahara and other deserts, American Midwest, Canadian woods) are settled to a population density exceeding 1 finger per square mile.

"The universe is probably littered with the one-planet graves of cultures which made the sensible economic decision that there's no good reason to go into space - each discovered, studied and remembered by the ones who made the irrational decision." -- Randall Munroe

Comment Re:Recursive short replies (Score 1) 131

If anything, the spammer now knows this is a valid and active e-mail account.

That's why we all have to turn on our auto-responses together, and at the same time. Plus, bonus points if Google detects a spam message directed to an invalid gmail address, and crafts a response automatically.

Someone else said: Unfortunately, I know of no spam emails that don't forge the from address. If you actually got a working address, very likely you would be emailing someone who had nothing to do with the message.

Disturbing! I've never tried responding, but I've seen addresses like I suppose they want you to click on a link these days? I imagine your email client could auto-click on the link, but then the spammers could just add a captcha... Which is ironic in its own way.

Comment Re:Recursive short replies (Score 2) 131

Next up, scripted responses will be responding to each other while we stay back and watch ;)

I've fantasized about this. Imagine a world where every email you flag as spam has an auto-generated reply returned to the sender. The spammers could have a whole conversation with your chat bot. I wonder how many messages back-and-forth it would take for them to realize there's no one on the other end. The value of spam would plummet, because you'd have no easy way to sift through the millions of fake responses to find the real ones.


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