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Comment Re:The problem wth tyrants is they're friendly ... (Score 2) 231

I agree with GP.

Are you sure those evil people weren't acting out of some extreme "survival of the fittest, and I decide who's fittest" principle they thought right, instead of intentionally and knowingly being evil? Minds can become horribly twisted and self-justifying, you know.

Comment Re:Group work in school (Score 4, Insightful) 307

School should be an environments where everybody gets to succeed triumphantly and fail misserably, with projects that are socially hyperactive, projects that require isolation and everything inbetween. They should teach self esteem and humility equally, let students learn their weaknesses as well as their strenghts and hand them the tools to deal with them.

Comment Re:Combination of most of the above (Score 1) 392

Now lets do a vote on what we think will ACTUALLY happen.

I'm guessing a slap on the wrist for some low-level employees, a few million $ fine, moratorium on sales of the specific type and model until firmware upgraded (should take just a few days), a wider investigation into just Tesla (initiated and funded by Texas), a change in current EPA testing practices (without the required budget), more closely guarded source control to prevent another "rogue employee" from doing something like this "all by himself against company policy" and a voluntary recall of the affected cars to downgrade their performance through software in order to meet emission standards (It's the cheapest way to fit the standards without actually having to deliver the product as sold to customers). As for the "something else"; I'm guessing they're getting a few million $ subsidy to improve testing procedures for the firmware.

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