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Comment: Another great thing about Windows... (Score 1) 424

by mtrupe (#34631544) Attached to: Why Android Is the New Windows

"Window's dominance of the PC market has been good in many ways, reduced hardware costs, increased IT literacy and a standard development platform to name a few, and perhaps Android will bring similar benefits, but unless Google are very careful it is likely to bring some of the same problems too..."

sure MS Word grammar check would put a green underline below this whopper of a run-on!

Comment: exercise burns plenty of calories (Score 1, Insightful) 978

by mtrupe (#30033818) Attached to: Why Doesn't Exercise Lead To Weight Loss?

The problem is people don't know how to exercise. I'm at the gym a lot, and I see people who think they are getting a good workout but are not.

You can't walk for 20 minutes on a treadmill, go home and eat two cookies as a reward, and expect to lose weight.

Run 10 miles and get back to me.

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