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Comment: Re:Not malicious but not honest? (Score 1) 444

by Dogers (#46735485) Attached to: Heartbleed Coder: Bug In OpenSSL Was an Honest Mistake

I know what you're saying, but to me if you're coding to a specification (even if he wrote it himself!) which says "if X then Y", surely you should create a test to ensure it meets the spec..?

Or okay, he didn't create the test, but perhaps someone else should have before integrating the patch. But yeah, hindsight, 20/20, etc :)

Comment: Re:They'll gladly pay (Score 1) 274

by Dogers (#44532385) Attached to: Microsoft Will Squeeze Datacenters On Price of Windows Server

you cannot fail a Windows Server instance over from one physical Windows Datacenter server to another and then fail it back in under 30 days without violating the license of the Windows Server instance.

If both servers have datacenter licenses, then you can.

Server 2008:
P10, paragraph 5 above the box
Or Server 2012:
P8, paragraph 2

... licenses may only be reassigned to new hardware after 90 days. This, however, does not restrict the dynamic movement of virtual OSEs between licensed servers. As long as the servers are licensed and do not simultaneously run more instances than the number for which they are licensed, you are free to use VMotion and System Center Virtual Machine Manager to move virtualized instances between licensed servers at will.

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by Dogers (#41252889) Attached to: TSA Says Screening Drinks Purchased Inside Airport Terminal Is Nothing New

But who decides when Sovereignty starts? Obviously it's the guys with the bigger guns, but just because a land is populated by an unsophisticated society (by european standards) that did not value land ownership, shouldn't mean that they lose control of their land and get relegated to small reservations with a fraction of the territory they used to live in.

I say, do you have a flag?

Comment: Re:It's not just like chrome... (Score 4, Informative) 411

by Dogers (#39786877) Attached to: Firefox 12 Released — Introduces Silent, Chrome-like Updater

Actually, Chrome also installs a service which runs as LOCAL SYSTEM, just like Firefox now has. Local system is higher than administrator, it's kernel level, for all intents and purposes.

If someone breaks the Chrome service, then it's just as bad as breaking the Firefox service..

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by Dogers (#39012809) Attached to: Tools, Techniques, Procedures of the RSA Hackers Revealed

My question is why do the client machines (heck, even servers) need direct unfettered internet access? Block everything outbound, use a proxy and you have control of it - especially if you have a proxy that can intercept SSL and runs AV.

Also, assuming Windows, you can lock down exactly what software is allowed to run. Don't have admin rights? Can't modify what can run, can't install new software, can't run malware.

Straight away you're far more secure.

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