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Comment: Re:Never finish (Score 3, Interesting) 133

He may not finish it, but you can be damned sure the producers of the series have a solid plot line at their disposal should he kick the bucket.

True, but I don't expect them to have the same level of detail or intricacy the completed series would have.

It's quite a complicated world. It's easy to miss out on the little clues scattered here and there - such as Young Griff's possible ancestry; who was responsible for Balon's death; the creaking hinge of Aeron's memories; the identities of the Sphinx, the new Pirate King in the Stepstones, the brother on the Quiet Isle, Robert Strong, and more; or what actually happened at the Tower of Joy, etc.

And that's what we actually can claim to be pretty certain about, if you're a careful reader. There's so much unrevealed or left ambiguous - what is up in the Land of Always Winter, who is Septa Lemore or Coldhands, what happened to Benjen (and no, he's not Coldhands, they killed him "long ago"), what's on the Isle of Faces, what did Rhaegar read that lead him to become a warrior, where did Tysha go, etc. Now some of these won't be answered most likely, but we'll get more answers, both in the main series and in the Dunk & Egg novellas.

I think the television series can pull off a satisfactory conclusion, especially since it veers off on its own direction occasionally (Yara's plotline, for example) and by the necessity of the television medium it must be more simple than the books. But I don't think the written series will be the same if someone else finishes it.

+ - Test shows big data text analysis inconsistent, inaccurate->

Submitted by DillyTonto
DillyTonto (793644) writes "The 'state of the art' in big-data unstructured data (text) analysis turns out to use a method of categorizing words and documents that, when tested, offered different results for the same data in 20% of the time and was flat wrong another 10%, according to an analysis by researchers at Northwestern. Researchers offered a more accurate method, but only as an example of how to use community detection algorithms to improve on the leading method (LDA). Meanwhile, a certain percentage of answers from all those big data installations will continue to be flat wrong until they're re-run, which will make them wrong in a different way."
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+ - 42% of Database Specialists Struggle to Manage NoSQL Solutions

Submitted by RaDag
RaDag (3455045) writes "New Forrester research found many database pros struggle with the NoSQL solutions deployed in their environments and 52% admit they are unable to prevent developers from deploying NoSQL databases on their own. Bottom line is the majority — 78% -want one database that can handle all data types. With relational database technologies like Postgres having evolved to do just that, the report urges database pros to consider examining these solutions instead of deploying multiple, specialized databases."

+ - What Makes a Great Software Developer?->

Submitted by Nerval's Lobster
Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes "What does it take to become a great—or even just a good—software developer? According to developer Michael O. Church’s posting on Quora (later posted on LifeHacker), it's a long list: great developers are unafraid to learn on the job, manage their careers aggressively, know the politics of software development (which he refers to as 'CS666'), avoid long days when feasible, and can tell fads from technologies that actually endure... and those are just a few of his points. Over at Salsita Software’s corporate blog, meanwhile, CEO and founder Matthew Gertner boils it all down to a single point: experienced programmers and developers know when to slow down. What do you think separates the great developers from the not-so-fantastic ones?"
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Comment: Re: JMS didn't get to run it like a movie director (Score 1) 476

by Tiger4 (#48907615) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?

... when he had major story events planned for both their characters.

Can you say, "first obvious on-screen lesbian relationship"? It was right there for all to see, except for the folks who insisted that onboard sleeping quarters were tight and they were just really good friends. Thompson's character got killed off not too long after that came out.

Comment: Re:Go write a global illumination algorithm (Score 1) 476

by Tiger4 (#48907545) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?

I was a big B5 fan in the day. As I recall, "sound in space" and some other real world physics effects were running hot topics in the B5 newsgroups, mailing lists, and the few websites in existence at the time (Wintermute's Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 should be in the Archive, somewhere...). JMS really did peek in on those and use them in the show.

ps. Yes there is sound, but most of it is coming from your own ship. Motors, fans, vibration etc. Other ships exploding? Not so much, unless fragments hit your ship. There was some debate about how much noise the rarefied cloud of expanding gasses could carry, and what you would hear as it impinged on your vehicle, suit, etc..

Comment: Re:Switch off; turn on! (Score 1) 228

by genner (#48883997) Attached to: Eric Schmidt: Our Perception of the Internet Will Fade

Imagine you walk into a room, and the room is dynamic. And with your permission and all of that, you are interacting with the things going on in the room.

Wow. Does he realize how completely out of touch with reality that sounds? He says *imagine* when in the future, with [my] technology, you will be able to "interact with the things going on in the room."

NEWS FLASH! I can now, Eric Schmidt. And anyone can. All you have to do it turn off your cell phone and begin interacting!

Cell phones come with an off button now? When did that happen?

Comment: Re:So, what else is there to watch? (Score 1) 148

by Tiger4 (#48830727) Attached to: Best current live-action TV show based on comics?

Marvel sold ITSELF to Disney. It is a wholly owned operating unit at Disney now, just like Lucasfilm and Star Wars. What you ought to be watching for is Luke and Leia showing up as Force enabled superbeings opposing a Villainous Vader (aided by Maleficent) on an Avengers themed Agents of Shield, with Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and the other princesses (and their cute animal friends) all lending a hand. All on the Disney owned ABC network of course, with ESPN calling the play by play destruction.

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