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Comment Re:If that's how Pokemon Int'l treats its fans... (Score 2, Informative) 208

Comment Re:Fuck You, Experian (Score 1) 161

Are there ANY US mobile providers from whom I can buy a PAYG SIM which are not total fucks?

Cricket Wireless (subsidiary of AT&T) and MetroPCS (partnered with T-Mobile) provide pay-as-you go service for both companies.

I've used both since I bought a off-contract phone and had no problem with either. I settled with Cricket because of coverage where I'm living in central Texas.

Comment Re:I've always said (Score 1) 241

Wars of attrition can be economic. In fact the result of heavy equipment losses and the potential for a drawn out, likely bloody, messy old-fashioned war could result in considerably less popular favor.

As for the crass and nasty, there will probably always be people harmed in war and I imagine we are all a long way off from the level of sophistication required to avoid secondary casualties.

And we can't even simulate weather (admittedly horribly complex) properly.

Comment Re:There are VTOL turboprop fighters (Score 1) 320

Ya...but look at them. F-35 looks like pure cutting edge bad-ass when compaired to the A-29. If you've got group of military personnel trying to make spending decisions and you can provide **any** reasonable argument to swing the decision towards the F-35... That thing just screams shock and awe. Meanwhile our less priveledged neighbors can afford (and produce) the A-29 Super Tucano.

Comment Re:Account should not try to "get knowledgeable" (Score 1) 87

"...or by delivering something that is not fit to be used."

Lol. I thought you were talking ITIL and was expecting to read "fit for use".

Let the accountant study/pass Security+ and call it a day. In this day and age if bad business decisions don't kill you a poor understanding of security might (also a bad business decision...but it's still considerably new...).

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