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Comment How many cycles? (Score 1) 214

This could truly revolutionary but they left out some really important information. The most relevant is how many full-depletion cycle can it take?

To see why lets assume the battery can supply 3000 full-depletion cycles (The A123 batteries did). Then our generic $100, 1 KWHr battery can deliver 3000 KWHr of electricity on demand.

So that is $100.00/(3000 KWHr) = $0.03 / KWHr or 3 cents per KWHr

That is way less than a gas-fired peaking power plant. So if these guys can pull off 3000 cycles at $100 per KWHr they'll create a 100 billion dollar per year market and won't be able to keep up with demand.

Comment Re:Why Choose? Run linux on a mac (Score 3, Informative) 385

Her grunt work will be done on Linux Clusters. It's a real benefit to have a local development environment that matches this. I'd recommend a laptop where Scientific Lunix 6/7 runs flawlessly.

So while a mac is good hardware and has MS Office, a great PC which runs Linux flawlessly is what she really wants.

Comment Re:You need hydro-electric pump storage! (Score 1) 437

Yes. But even so, Denmark's CO2 footprint is much larger than Sweden and France and its electricity cost is far higher because of the expensive windmills and interconnects. The difference? Sweden and France have a large fraction of their electricity generated by Nuclear, which by the way, makes a nice backup if those hydro systems are maxed out during a long-term lull in wind output.

Oh well, good on Denmark for showing the world the real imitations of variable renewables...

Comment Re:Deliberate (Score 1) 652

Thanks for link:

According the wikipedia article:
".. on a leveraged basis we expect EDF to earn a Return on Equity (ROE) well in excess of 20% and possibly as high as 35%. Having considered the known terms of the deal, we are flabbergasted that the UK Government has committed future generations of consumers to the costs that will flow from this deal"

Sounds like EDF pulled a really sweet deal that sold the British Government to pay way more than needed to profitably run the nuclear facility. Nice work if you can get it.

Comment Learn the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (Score 1) 222

You know there is a really simply reason renewable energy is more expensive (except hydro and geothermal in favourable locations).

It's the second Law of Thermodynamics. Solar and Wind power is diffuse. Hydrocarbons and particularly nuclear are far more concentrated, thus much easier and cheaper to draw power from. If Google had invested in a array of advanced Nuclear Power technologies, one or more of them may have come off and we'd have cheap CO2 free power for millions of years. If may still happen but it is very difficult and the sophisticated simulations of advanced nuclear IS something where Google could really contribute.

Oh well,

Comment Busard's Polywell is more interesting (Score 3, Interesting) 151

My submission of a couple of days ago.

"The EM2 corportation has submitted a paper to describing their $10 million US Navy project to investigate Bussards Polywell fusion device. NBC has a report on the development . Quoting Nicholas Krall, a plasma physicist who has been working in the fusion field for more than a half-century and has been an adviser to EMC2 Fusion, "I think this is the most exciting experimental advance that I've been involved in," he told NBC News. 'I'm stoked.""

Plus there are 2-3 other concepts that gave got Venture Capital funding. Fusion is looking more interesting.