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Journal: Springsteen fan? 7

Journal by tqft

Bruce apparently played Born In the USA tonight.
wish I could have been there.


might try and find a bootleg site tomorrow

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Journal: Protip #374

Journal by tqft

Before wiping your laptop after backing up your /home remember /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and possibly modprobe.conf

The filesystem was getting flaky and dropped out while I was using it. Paved the linux partitions and now resinstalling.
Next up wifi with broadcom.
re above: Missed the soundcard setup. Done now.

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Journal: Quiz for you all - who said it 20

Journal by tqft

Courtesy of the Guardian - Ayn Rand or Gina Rinehart
10 questions one page
I got 5/10 but I didn't try hard

If you don't know about Gina - here is a sample

Comment: Please send that lawyer to Queensland (Score 1) 2

by tqft (#45314935) Attached to: CAPTAIN JUSTICE!

See Queensland Vicious Lawlessness Association Disestablishment bill and the associated goodies.
Already been abused.
The justiciary is not impressed

Also the special G20 legislation is a world beater.

anonymous (australia) has already taken notice and is definitely looking lulz

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