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Comment Re:TV has a diversity issue? (Score 1) 307

>> "That's opened up a tremendous opportunity for women and other people that have been left out of the conversation"
> Bad grammar aside, I'm surprised someone thinks there's a diversity problem on TV. It overcompensated back in the 70's and never returned.

There is no obvious bad grammar in the quoted sentence. The missing period appears to be a cut-and-paste error. The use of that instead of who is an unconventional, but correct, usage that dates back to at least Chaucer's time.

Comment Re:Only half an hour (Score 1) 236

North Korea is on the boundary between two time zones, so adopting a half-hour offset puts the country's time about as close as possible to Solar time. For a nation where the electric grid is unreliable and most people only have power for a few hours a day this is a smart thing to do. North Korea has just adopted a natural timezone for a pre-industrial society.

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