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Comment Re:Only half an hour (Score 1) 236

North Korea is on the boundary between two time zones, so adopting a half-hour offset puts the country's time about as close as possible to Solar time. For a nation where the electric grid is unreliable and most people only have power for a few hours a day this is a smart thing to do. North Korea has just adopted a natural timezone for a pre-industrial society.

Comment Re:iOS is toys, OS X is Unix. Learn the difference (Score 2, Informative) 360

> Sure the backend layer of OSX is unix, but the window manager they put on it is a toy.

Actually, it is not a toy. The Mac window manager is top notch. Don't confuse the operating system or windowing system with Apple's various gui-based software packages that work on top of them.

Comment Re:Dune was good, but still failed (Score 1) 234

> It kinda lost me when the Harkonans, a powerful empire in their own right, had to melt down their artillery pieces because they needed the materials elsewhere.

This was explained in the book, and the explanation was internally consistent with technology of the time. The magic shield technology had made artillery usless millennia earlier. It was just the unique conditions on Dune that made artillery tactically useful. Once the Harkonnens had won the artillery was no longer needed, and may not be needed again for centuries or longer.

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