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Comment: Re:That depends (Score 1) 256

by mrsquid0 (#46703363) Attached to: Navy Creates Fuel From Seawater

People in many parts of the world already pay the equivalent of US$7 for petrol, so the projected cost is quite viable for automobile use. However, it is likely that efficiencies of scale will bring down the price of seawater fuel if a mass production system is developed. If that is the case then this fuel could easily compete with conventional petrol at the pump.

Comment: Re:um... (Score 2) 269

> I wouldn't trust your average yahoo who has a plane and license.

Fortunately your average yahoo does not have a plane and a license. In Canada and the US (I can't speak for anywhere else) getting a pilot's license is not easy. It requires significant training, studying, and testing. Your average yahoo simply would not be able to cut it.

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