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Comment: Re:But ... why? (Score 1) 71

by mrscorpio (#47302965) Attached to: Oracle Buying Micros Systems For $5.3 Billion

What does Oracle do that is both 1) good or great, and 2) not database? I was a part of an acquisition and worked for Oracle 4 months before jumping ship. What I saw was a wasteland of half-baked integration work on their acquisitions, and abandoned products, often multiple in the same area, and a strong streak of anti-"wasn't acquired or made here" syndrome. I've heard nothing but contempt for Oracle's consultants which is why everyone I dealt with outside my org worked with third party implementation, support, and often hosting. The pay was crap, no bonuses, no raises, no opportunity for promotion or transfer, and my department's director even rejected any training, even the Oracle University stuff. I just don't see why anyone works with or for Oracle in 2014.

Comment: Re: approximately the resolution of an adult eye (Score 2) 217

by mrscorpio (#46550877) Attached to: Oppo's New Phone Hits 538 PPI

48khz (up to 24khz effective) has been around at least as long as DAT. 24-bit 96khz has been around at least as long as DVD's. Then you have the SA-CD format, which is only 1-bit depth but in the mhz range, and now 192khz audio is starting to reach consumer-level devices and even 384 in studios I believe. Working with music, I can't imagine needing something better than 24-bit, because already my limitation is with the microphone, recording equipment, and playback speakers. I haven't tried 192khz+ yet but it's hard for me to think it would be even a 1% effective improvement over 96khz.

Comment: Re:surprised!!!! (Score 1) 704

by mrscorpio (#46398775) Attached to: Bitcoin Exchange Flexcoin Wiped Out By Theft

There's already been Stratfor traffic indicating growing international concern about the threat that Bitcoin poses to standard fiat currencies. I think you underestimate the momentum the cryptocurrency trend already has. Cryptocurrency : Filesharing :: Bitcoin : Napster, and we're in 1999 from an evolutionary perspective. And this has much much bigger potential to affect the way the world works.

Comment: Re:Where they fail (Score 2) 207

by mrscorpio (#44426047) Attached to: Sprint May Have Unlimited Data Plans, But Not Unlimited Customers

I don't think you had to buy the phone outright. I watched this policy evolve and basically it came down to any phone activated after (IIRC) 6/29/12 must choose a different plan, no more grandfathering you in. Up until that point I had used my new every 2 discounts and kept my grandfathered unlimited data, but seeing that the end was near and being eligible for an upgrade, I took my upgrade, sat on it for a while, and activated it the week before the end date. Since this is also now one of the few phones out there with a physical keyboard (Motorola Droid 4), I have two reasons to hold on to this phone as long as possible. It's actually pretty buggy and terrible (had to RMA it immediately and am on my second one, actually), but better than the alternative for me, which is paying way more for less data with Verizon, a bit more for less data with someone else, or similar cost keeping unlimited with a terrible network in Sprint. Hopefully by the time I'm due to upgrade again (next summer), this will all be sorted out in some way (phones, plans, AND networks).

Comment: How do you know this? (Score 4, Informative) 472

by mrscorpio (#44107047) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Getting Hired As a Self-Taught Old Guy?

How do you know the people getting the jobs have no experience? I am probably not as old and not as experienced as you, but I was getting beat out for entry-level jobs by people with degrees AND experience, sometimes a ridiculous amount of experience for the position and/or pay. Fact is, there are a LOT of people looking for a job or a better job out there, and lack of a degree is an automatic disqualifier for a lot of positions right now due to the number of applicants hiring managers are seeing that have both the desired experience and degree.

Comment: Re:Equal rights (Score 1) 832

by mrscorpio (#43618091) Attached to: So What If Yahoo's New Dads Get Less Leave Than Moms?

This is the same logic used by conservatives to ban gay marriage on non-religious terms - "Gays can already get married! Gay men can marry any woman they'd like, and lesbians can marry any man that they'd like!"

In other words, you are justifying a discriminatory policy based on physiological differences, when in reality, the issue here is conceptual, and at that level man and woman are equal in the eyes of a corporation as "parents" (one who is legally responsible for a child)

Comment: Re:Confidential (Score 1) 260

by mrscorpio (#33941320) Attached to: Assange Denied Swedish Residence On Confidential Reasons

Wooo hahaha!
I respect women when i'm on a date
I take em to a park or maybe a museum
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Help out your Mom and Dad by gettin a job
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Wipe you shoes on the mat when you come in the house
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Live free or die.