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Comment: It won't work.. second entity can short (Score 1) 342

by mrops (#46683765) Attached to: Australia May 'Pause' Trades To Tackle High-Frequency Trading

Even the 500ms won't work. HFT have a lot of infrastructure and resources. You can simple model your HFT in a way that there are two entities trading, one buys it, if the HFT system decides to sell it and is restricted to do so for 500ms or a week, the other entity shorts the same trade, in effect achieving the same results. IMO, you should be allowed to short trades along with this 500ms block for this to properly work.

Obviously, you can have multiple entities trading on behalf of the HF Traders.

Comment: Safety (Score 1) 104

by mrops (#45690795) Attached to: Google Acquires Boston Dynamics

With 8 stitches in my hand, not more than 12 hours ago. I have just gained new respect for multirotors, they are powerful beast.

I really really hope that Amazon puts proper protection in them drones so there are no injuries. The little toy one I have spins at around 5000 rpm with rotors with 16 inches propellers. It can cause serious injuries, just ask my hand.

Who will be responsible if an injury does occur, which they will. If you look at the Amazon prime air demo, the customer asks the drone to descend via his smartphone. Say there is a 5 year old standing under this thing or comes running in its direction, are there smarts in the drone to abort the mission. Who is responsible for the injury, Amazon or the customer who sent the descend order?

Comment: Regime is not stupid either (Score 2) 362

by mrops (#44810207) Attached to: Syrian Gov't Agrees To Russian Chem-Weapon Turnover Plan

What I don't get is that when rebels had momentum, they did not use chemical weapons. Now that the rebels are losing ground and the Asad military machine is winning and gaining grounds, they go ahead and use chemical agents.

Personally, it doesn't add up. IMO, the most to gain with this show was actually the rebels. Nonetheless, politics played by Putin and Asad turned this into an advantage, once they hand over the weapons, the regime can crush the rebellion in the most brutal way followed by negotiating a peace on their terms (we can hope can't we).

Personally, I would support the devil I know, i.e. the Asad regime. The other devil have significant extremist elements, aka al-qaeda.

Comment: fool me once, shame on â" shame on you. (Score 0) 918

by mrops (#44687097) Attached to: US Forces Ready To Strike Syria If Ordered

Fool me â" you can't get fooled again.

Its becoming apparent that Americans are dumber than G. W. Bush Jr, or at the very least powerless in a so self proclaimed beacon of democracy, liberty and freedom.

G.W.Bush misquoted a proverb, at least you couldn't fool him twice.

Please mod flaimbait, but ain't this the truth.

Comment: Re:The US should stay out of it (Score 1) 222

by mrops (#44631615) Attached to: Syrian Rebels Claim Hundreds Killed By Poison-Gas Attack

Good at least one westerner who is partially correct.

Don't freaking interfere. CIA finally admitted its role in Iran too, somehow Iran is the monster for wanting nukes against a proven adversary.

You can think all you want that Muslims are lunatics, the matter of fact is all these guys, Sadam, Osama, Muslim Brotherhood and Kuwait were friends. Why would a friend be pissed at a friend. I mean, the only friends I am ever pissed at are the ones where I realize he is no friend at all.

This brings us to what Winston Churchill once said, "Countries don't have friends, they have interests". (and I am paraphrasing)

So, keep in your mind, its not that Muslim's hate you because you are an infidel, its because of the US policies of its own interest, cognitive dissonance is satisfied fine by saying that its because we are infidels that they hate us, the fact is, its the foreign policies. America was never a friend of anyone, it was their interest in cheap oil to keep the imperial engine running or keep Russians in Afghanistan at bay. Some half smart people figured out, be it Osama or Kuwait and saw it for what it really is, not a friendship but an American interest. Go blame them all you want.

Comment: Re:Rest In Peace (Score 2) 39

by mrops (#43906135) Attached to: Indian FOSS Evangelist Atul Chitnis Dead At 51

I can second that, I was in second year Computer Engg and recall the fan fair when this issue was to be released. Our local shop was taking orders with pre-payment to reserve a copy. Got my first intro to Linux with this distribution, at 100 hr total internet access for the entire year, at 14.4kbps dial up speeds, there wouldn't haven been any other way.

Introduced Linux to my university as well as had an early exposure of this OS that is still paying the bills today in some form.

Ironic as it may be, I didn't know this person was behind it till now. RIP Atul.

Comment: Useless after ballistic trajectory (Score 3, Interesting) 177

by mrops (#43678757) Attached to: Watch a Lockheed Martin Laser Destroy a Missile In Flight

2KM is kinda useless once the missile has achieved ballistic trajectory.

At speed of 2.5km/second, the missile will whiz pass this thing quicker than any damage can be done to it.

Note both the videos show the missile at launch, when they are not at top speed, may work for Hamas to Israel scenario, won't work for North Korea to South Korea type of scenario.

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