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Comment: Re:Perfectly appropriate action for the FAA to tak (Score 1) 128

by DarkOx (#47438615) Attached to: FAA Pressures Coldwell, Other Realtors To Stop Using Drone Footage

No I think we should require a license if you are a commercial operator. If you are just flying for fun than you should not need a license. I don't think the number of aircraft that will be operated by pure hobbiests is going to be large enough to present a public nuisance.

I do think the totality of drones in the air will. So licensing commercial operators makes sense. If you fly as a hobbyist and your drone crashes causing damage or injury its a civil matter between you and injured party. If you are an unlicensed commercial operator you should face additional penalties.

Comment: Re:Holy grey area! (Score 1) 94

by nurb432 (#47438463) Attached to: Biohackers Are Engineering Yeast To Make THC

It may not be as grey as you think.

Example: Buying spores for psilocybin mushrooms could well be illegal, as it shows 'conspiracy to commit', which is illegal in its own right... The spores contain noting, but there is no other use for them but to create illegal substances so its really hard to make up an excuse.. This is no difference than your business proposal.

I also think in some US states ( and countries ) possession of the spores was declared illegal outright....

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by drinkypoo (#47438015) Attached to: FAA Pressures Coldwell, Other Realtors To Stop Using Drone Footage

That means that if you want to shoot down low-flying Amazon delivery drones, you should be able to do that.

Well, no. Not unless you can account for ballistics, and the drop zone for your projectiles. But perhaps you should be permitted to use a tethered net launcher.

Likewise, if you want to fly your own drone to take pictures of your own property, you should be able to do that too as long as you stay below 1000ft.

Or any public property. Whether the restrictions on line-of-sight are reasonable is a whole other discussion (my thought is "maybe") but public lands belong to all of us. As always, the thing must be operated in a manner which does not represent a realistic risk to others.

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by DarkOx (#47437891) Attached to: FAA Pressures Coldwell, Other Realtors To Stop Using Drone Footage

I know its a fun conspiracy theory and all but I don't think the double standard is deliberate, even if it does exist.

The real-estate lobby is probably only slightly less powerful than the Hollywood lobby. I mean lets see:

There are huge tax advantages for income properties, in terms of you can take losses against capital gains on them, but you can't on a property you used as a residence? Why?

The mortgage interest tax deduction -- exists almost exclusively to increase borrowing power and willingness, which DOES NOT really help buyers and owners, it just pushes values up in general which means banks get more interest realtors and title companies get bigger commissions.

There was never any real financial reform done; and if look into the debate carefully you can't count that all up to GOP obstructionism non of the proposals from the left did much to address predatory lending or liar loans/documentation requirements.

Given how much Gall Street has tied up in it the only thing more untouchable to regulators than Hollywood might be Real-Estate.

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No, not "good work". And we're not going to fire any missiles at China.

The article essentially told us absolutely nothing useful.

I don't give a crap where the command and control for the malware is.

I need to know who the manufacturer is, what brands that manufacturer produces, and what specific products we're talking about.

And that's exactly what the rest of you need to know as well, because at least some of us need to know what scanners we need to find and toss in a bin. And we need to know what to look for on the backend systems that have apparently been affected so we can clean them and lock them down.

Lanxiang Vocational School (no idea if that's the right one, or, after looking at the map, if there are any scanner manufacturers in the area) is not someplace I've ever heard of before, and I don't see any obvious factories on that map.

Horrible FUD article.

Comment: Re:Perfectly appropriate action for the FAA to tak (Score 3, Interesting) 128

by DarkOx (#47437825) Attached to: FAA Pressures Coldwell, Other Realtors To Stop Using Drone Footage

I am usually a pretty big skeptic when it comes to regulation but I gotta agree with you here.

This seems like a federal agency operating well withing the boundaries of what it was established to do. I also think we do need some management of [commercial] drones, do to the sheer numbers and the fact that most operators are flying over other peoples properties, where crashes could cause damage or injury.

People doing purely as a hobby problem I would be more skeptical of the need to regulate them. There numbers are few enough and lets be honest most of the air craft they would be operating will remain small and light; we can probably expect incidents form their use to be infrequent enough and small enough in severity to sort out in our local small claims courts at least until that proves not to be the case.

The real-estate folks though are using the drones commercial and if we let every real-estate agent, grounds keep, delivery boy, paper boy, etc; fly a drone with no management whatsoever that is hell of lot of drones in air! Some of those crafts might start getting bigger and heavier pretty quickly as well.

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by DarkOx (#47437607) Attached to: DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets

I would think it would be a matter of how much contrast this thing needs to "see" the counter obvious counter measure would be to "light up" areas where a someone is likely to be a target with light of the same wavelength but from an omnidirectional source. So the bullet can see the spot the laser is painting against the background.

Should be fairly easy for situations like the inside of a car an important person travels in, and the outside of residences and office buildings and such. Now if you are the impoverished kid that is harder to do.

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by Bob9113 (#47437523) Attached to: William Binney: NSA Records and Stores 80% of All US Audio Calls

Here's Snowden/Binney. I'm a little frustrated with the extra negative space below the "den" in Snowden, because Binney's name is too short, and the tall "i" and hanging "y" are messing with me, and I'm not a graphic designer. I've moved and resized everything but I keep coming back to the original layout. I'm tempted to change their roles on the ticket because Binney/Snowden fits great. grumble grumble

I guess I just have to remember that I'm making a statement, not an actual political campaign -- it need not be perfect to achieve its goal.

Comment: Re:Don't sweep it under the rug as collateral dama (Score 1) 143

You call that counterbalance?

What's keeping me, a rights owner of a movie that's a real stinker, from silencing everyone who dared to do a negative review of it by carpet bombing any and all media pages with takedown notices for those reviews?

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