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Comment Re:Things to keep in mind (Score 1) 511

There are people whose death leaves a void that can hardly be filled. They are missed by many, their loss a loss of humanity.

There are people whose death is insignificant because their impact in the life of others was too insignificant to cause much grief.

And then there are people who made us richer by being gone, because their impact on our lives was detrimental and generally negative.

He belonged to the last category. I didn't really need him dead to be a happier person, I would have been ok with him simply throwing in the towel. But I accept this as a positive solution to the problem.

Comment Re:I did not appreciate him, but I will miss him. (Score 1) 511

Hey, I agree with you. You know, I really loved Stalin, he made those 1930s sure a colorful, interesting period in Russia. Though it was advisable not to be in Russia in the 30s.

Pretty much the same with this goofball. Sure, his decisions were always good for a laugh and a "you're shitting me, no judge is THAT kind of dense!", and it's all fun

As long as you're not affected by the raving lunatic's decisions, that is!

Comment Re:I won't attend the laying in state, but I appro (Score 4, Informative) 511

He did not believe the Constitution was a living document to be interpreted with the evolving standards of modern times. And he was wrong.

To the extent that he actually believed what you think he believed, he was right. If you can't muster support for a constitutional amendment, you have no business change the constitution in the name of reinterpretation.

Submission + - US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Has Died (

chill writes: Title says it all. How quickly can the Republicans turn this into a campaign issue? The opportunity to appoint a TRUE conservative to the court can't be left to Democrats.

He died on a hunting trip in Texas. No word yet on whether Dick Cheney was involved.

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