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Comment: Re:Oddballs... (Score 2) 45

by mrbester (#47473623) Attached to: Fossils of Cambrian Predator Preserved With Brain Impressions

The reason it is difficult to match up is normally because that entire phylum got wiped out in any of the mass extinctions so there isn't anything to match up to; nothing evolved further because they were all dead. That there are similarities to extant creatures is coincidence.

We know that hundreds of phyla were wiped out. We don't know for sure how many as we only have fossil records to go on. There could have been thousands.

Comment: Re:Will this affect overseas profits tax evasion? (Score 1) 749

by mrbester (#47453219) Attached to: Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours

I don't see anything in that where a non-US citizen has to supply financial data, only that US citizens do through agreements with the country they reside in. Your wife to be can legally tell the US government to go fuck itself.

Joint accounts are a different thing, of course.

Comment: Re:We keep getting closer to a dystopia (Score 1) 135

by mrbester (#47325013) Attached to: MP Says 'Failed' Piracy Warnings Should Escalate To Fines & Jail

Yeah, we've got this thing with the major ISP (BT) where you can get free wireless at hot spots around the world (FON) by ticking a checkbox that sets aside bandwidth on an open SSID on the router. The IP remains the same, but a claim of responsibility for what other people do with open WiFi gets a "fuck you" to the prosecutor and to hell with the contempt of court.

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