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Comment Re:Cars don't have headlights in England? (Score 1) 290 290

Who should have been wearing reflective gear and walking on the side of the road that has oncoming traffic. Like the Highway Code says should be done.

I've had a few idiots who decide to dash across the road from a darkened doorway in front of me like a fucking panicked rabbit just as I'm driving along the street. You saw me coming, with my headlights on and everything, right? But it is somehow my fault if I hit you.

Comment Re:abstracting electricity? (Score 1) 674 674

SCs have power of arrest (as a police officer, because they are police officers) unlike PCSOs who only have citizen levels. There's a whole bunch of "school prefect" style additions in order to keep someone around until an officer can arrest them if that officer deems it valid, but apart from that they are little more than a member of the public in a hi-viz jacket.

Comment Re:Your post doesn't conform to their prejudice (Score 1) 674 674

Depends on the operator and rolling stock. Southern Rail don't have sockets for the public (they have them by the doors for the cleaning crew) but I've seen passengers using them. South West Trains do have them, as do some Thameslink stock.

Comment Re:Not on /. (Score 2) 339 339

Or considered that the so-called "source of truth" could have been compromised either maliciously or accidentally by erroneous input.

For example: my birthday on Skype is UNIX epoch date. I did that deliberately as it's none of Microsoft's business when it really is. However, my passport has an incorrect birth date because some numpty transcribed it from my birth certificate incorrectly and they want me to pay full price for a new one for their fuckup.

Comment Re:Advanced users and Apple don't really mix (Score 1) 360 360

I like how all the posts that say iTunes was an unmitigated pile of dogshit, particularly on Windows, get modded down, especially as Apple Music is now acting the same way. I witnessed iTunes completely trashing people's collections on multiple occasions. At first I was sympathetic (I've lost collections due to hardware failure). Now I don't care that people continue to use it and get burned despite all the evidence that, given a chance, it will fuck them over.

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