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Comment Re:Am I missing something here? (Score 1) 119

The Met office bulletins are what you would expect from a bunch of scientists: lots of facts and assumption of knowledge. Contrast with BBC whose job is to make programmes. They have the knowledge of presenting to a population of millions and so assist to that end.

As for the general layman not knowing what an occluded front is, we've had highly informative bulletins explaining what they are for decades over here. A major proportion of our weather fronts are occluded (which is why it rains so bloody much) and I learned what one was from the BBC forecasts, when I was about six and we'd just had the longest, hottest and driest summer "since records began".

The assumption that people "don't know" about weather systems is why the BBC has such in depth detail: part of the charter for their existence is to educate, and not just children. We in Britain have probably a higher understanding of the weather because we are taught it via television. Plus it's a national pastime to be amateur meteorologists and discuss it at any given moment as we have so much variation due to being an island at a high latitude with the Gulf stream keeping the water around us warmer than it would otherwise normally be. Also, the jet stream moves north and south of the country on a whim, dragging the remnants of all those tropical storms that hit the US with it.

This is basic stuff and we all know it here. So much so that we can glance at a US bulletin, feel pity for the lack of information imparted, and have a better idea of what is going to happen than the target audience.

Comment Re:Am I missing something here? (Score 5, Insightful) 119

The BBC (and Channel 4) are the only ones who use Met Office meteorologists, actual scientists who know what the fuck they are taking about. All others use dolly birds (and boys, occasionally) as presenters going "Scorchio" and save the facts for sensationalist "when clouds attack" type features.

I'd much rather have someone able to explain what is happening than a parroted summary and it ties in neatly with the charter to educate that the BBC has.

Comment Re:4/5 in favor (Score 1) 755

If the entire population would consider the basic income to be enough then you might have a point. Except it won't pay for the things they want, rather just the things they need (food, fuel, etc.). So the population willingly works in order to buy stuff as, apart from stealing it, they won't get it otherwise.

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.