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Comment Re: What in the fuck? (Score 1) 216

Only a belief that you own a right (or a belief that those you are acting for own a right) is required. This is how a royalty free public domain student's thesis video containing the word pixels that was updated to Vimeo years before the Adam Sandler film was made got taken down. DMCA is an unjust law where proof of a negative is required.

Comment Re:Commercial gain vs Copy Right infringement (Score 1) 118

And copyright infringement (if that has even happened here) is a civil, not criminal offence. But we can't have that, so we'll tack on some other bullshit claiming a commercial interest (though there is none) to make it criminal. Then use a "police" force whose authority, not that I recognise it, doesn't extend outside a commercial geographic area to enforce it.

That's three strikes against, which is three more than is necessary to deride this action.

Comment Re:Not a problem (Score 1) 161

They aren't interested because 5Mbps RADSL is the best you're going to get; in their eyes there's nothing to fix. Unless your cabinet is also yonks away then they can do better than 15Mbps for FTTC. My exchange is 2.7k away but the cabinet is 300m do I get theoretical max of 35Mbps. Of course there's no point in you getting Infinity as you're on cable which is faster anyway...

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