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Comment Re:Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so (Score 1) 239

Yeah, self-driving cars in central London. That'll work, with all the roadworks, cyclists, pedestrians, buses, delivery vans, crossings, variable traffic controls based on congestion / time of day / both, road narrowing / widening, etc.. If you'd ever driven in any large town or city in UK (yes, even Milton Keynes) you'd know how silly that idea is.

I'll put it this way: surely you've seen footage of traffic going around L'Arc de Triomphe in Paris, or the Coliseum in Rome (if not, look it up. London has Marble Arch). Do you think a self-driving car, such as we have today or even in the next ten years can cope with that?

Comment Re:Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so (Score 1) 239

There's only one competitor that uses wetware: the black cabs. All the others are private hire companies and they use GPS, just like Uber. It's these private hire companies that are engaging the lawyers in this story, not the black cabbies, as they don't like the private hire companies either.

Comment Re:fair competition (Score 2) 239

The only cabbies that have spent large sums of money for their "exploitation licence" would be the members of LTDA - who are not in LPHCA - as it isn't cheap to train someone to have a map of London in their head that can adjust to cater for temporary things like roadworks and congestion.

Thus the black cab drivers who you try to target (there isn't such a thing as the medallion scheme here) have nothing to do with this story. They are completely separate and have their own axe to grind against Uber, it being just an extension of their own anti-private hire ethos (for the general public; chauffeur services are ignored).

Comment Re:Has a nice Machiavellian ring to it, don't you (Score 1) 247

I'm not sure that is the underlying intent; JC basically threw all the original commandments out and replaced them with but 2, the second one boiling down to "don't be a dick". It's the refusal of so-called Christians to relinquish the more fire and brimstone ones that creates the tyranny.

Comment Re:Millennials and "codes of conduct". (Score 5, Insightful) 247

Jesus fucking Christ that thread was painful to read.

That so many are so hell bent on pushing their agenda of having the right to be offended and the power to decry / denounce / ban anyone they don't like for whatever reason (usually based on their own flawed perception of a utopia where everybody thinks exactly like they do) is pitiful.

Has a name been attributed (a la Godwin) to the death of a thread when someone writes "Check your privilege"? Because apart from "Go fuck yourself" there isn't any response to it.

Comment Re:Business (Score 1) 212

And you missed the point. If the whining turd had said "serving drinks" then they wouldn't have come across as a whining turd, just a dick. They specifically mentioned alcohol in the puritanical way tosspots do when speaking about parties organised for adults that have a "childish" element such as a game as a theme.

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