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Comment Re:Anecdotal evidence (Score 5, Insightful) 349

Prior to 9/11, past hijackings were primarily of the "Take this plane to Havana!" type. People believed that if they complied, they' go home safely. 9/11 changed that forever. When you have no expectation that the plane is going anywhere but into the side of a building, you're not going to sit still and wait for it to happen, pen knife or no penknife. And the handful of incidents since have proven that completely. The passengers will tear a hijacker limb from limb with their bare hands if they have to.

Comment Dear Advertisers, (Score 5, Interesting) 474

Dear Advertisers,

We had a social contract. In exchange for our attention, you agreed to fund our entertainment. But you squandered that agreement and broke our contract. Simply getting our attention wasn't enough for you. In your zeal to make your ads stand out over the others, you started using insecure technologies that exposed your customers to attack. When you realized that your customers were commodities to be bought and sold, you tried to monetize us. You started using tracking cookies. You sold us to your friends and partners. You violated our trust. And now you're asking us to trust you again but you haven't done a single thing to earn that trust back. Quite the contrary, in fact, you continue to abuse us over and over.

Advertisers, you have asked us to return to the old model but have given us no reason to do so. I will continue to block your ads and your malignant tumors until you have proven without a shadow of a doubt that you have mended your ways. Until then, SCREW YOU.

Your former customers

Comment Re: Chrome (Score 1) 97

The code for the DRM module Firefox uses is not part of the Firefox build system, but is downloaded at runtime. This can be done whether it's a Firefox built by Mozilla or not. So the DRM question has no bearing on whether you can call your version Firefox or not.

This series of blog posts: explains why Mozilla doesn't let just anyone call their modified version "Firefox".


Comment Re: Haha. (Score 1) 97

The bug is unfixed for philosophical reasons, not because it's hard to fix. The Bugzilla developers feel history should be immutable.

And there has been no rewrite into another language since that bug was filed; Bugzilla as released by Mozilla has always been in Perl.


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