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Sun's Project Darkstar Game Server Platform No More 82

Posted by timothy
from the dropped-off-the-moving-truck dept.
sproketboy writes "Project Darkstar, an open source software platform from Sun labs that simplifies the development of horizontally scalable servers for online games, is being discontinued as of the Oracle acquisition. This project, mentioned a couple of years back on Slashdot, was a unique concept for building an application server specific to on-line gaming. Sadly they were so close at version 0.9.11 (which is still very stable). Hopefully the open source community can get involved and help continue work on this project."

Comment: Re:That's what you get (Score 2, Insightful) 124

by QuantumFTL (#29308627) Attached to: Take-Two Faces $20 Million Settlement For "Hot Coffee" Scandal
I'm pretty sure Take Two is doing just fine, even considering this. Also, nothing says "edgy" like "we got sued for something that wasn't even part of our game, because we're just that badass."

Seriously, I'm sure the execs are laughing all the way to the bank. And the shareholders, well WTF do you expect if you invest in a company that makes games where you can get your money back after fornicating with a professional via vehicular homicide?

Comment: I was an alpha playtester (Score 1) 41

by QuantumFTL (#29248663) Attached to: Developer Explains Clone/Transhumanist RPG
I enjoyed playtesting a (very unfinished) version of this system last summer with a local gaming group. I'm under NDA so I cannot say much, but I would recommend that anyone serious about science fiction RPGs check this out when it's released. If nothing else, you won't find the experience boring.

Comment: Re:Perfect... (Score 1) 170

by QuantumFTL (#28136143) Attached to: Google's "Wave" Blurs Chat, Email, Collaboration Software
I read this as "Perfect for PNP RNGs." I thought that using user input from multiple users just to generate random dice throws was a bit much, but... interesting at least.

Start a google code project for this, I'm sure you'll be surprised how much help you get. email me if there's anything I can do.

+ - Cory Doctorow Infringes Copyright

Submitted by idontneedanickname
idontneedanickname (570477) writes "Cory Doctorow whose recent spat with the SWFA caused quite a stir doesn't seem to believe in respecting other people's copyrights himself. In a recent BoingBoing post he reposted Ursula K. Le Guin's short story "On Serious Literature" in its entirety, without her permission, as well as removing the copyright notice it was originally published with. He even misrepresents the intent of her work to boot. He links to the original source where the copyright notice is displayed clearly. Thanks to BoingBoing's catch-all CreativeCommons footer Doctorow essentially rebranded her story with a new license which could lead his readers to further copy the story. Considering that BoingBoing operates for Doctorow's profit, he should be aware that under copyright law, infringement for commercial gain can be considered a criminal offense. More details can be found here."

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