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Comment: Re:Nobody cares. (Score 1) 717

by mplex (#33748622) Attached to: There Is No Plan B, the Ugly Transition To IPv6

Nobody cares and there's no reason to care. ISPs should implement Carrier NAT at the ISP, and charge extra for public IPs. Once ARIN gets a market going for IP addresses, there will be incentives to clean up and resell address space.

Name a mainstream application that doesn't work behind NAT these days...they don't exist. As a carrot, ISPs can hand out global IPv6 addresses to promote P2P v6 clients etc to keep that ball rolling, but there's really no rush.

Comment: Re:Well the only fool proof way... (Score 1) 491

by mplex (#28980347) Attached to: How Can I Tell If My Computer Is Part of a Botnet?

Actually tshark is the command line version of wireshark, and it is the first tool I reach for unless I need some capabilities of tcpdump. Tshark will give you a lot more information and protocol decoding that is very useful for troubleshooting application layer protocol issues without the need for loading wireshark.

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