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Comment: Re:your wireless phone is on ethernet? (Score 1) 374

by monkeySauce (#37813676) Attached to: Devices on my home network (less modem):

It doesn't count against my minutes any more. I've been using the shit out of their free wifi-calling since May. All you have to do is ask for them to add the free wifi-calling option to your plan.

I guess either you are not on a post-paid plan or you didn't get the memo.

Comment: Re:Counter notice? (Score 1) 298

by monkeySauce (#37813642) Attached to: Universal Uses DMCA To Get Bad Lip Reading Parody Taken Down

I too have been down this road. Youtube seems to be scared shitless of the content owners (big media). Their take down system makes it very easy to get a video removed and to keep it that way. If there is a "mistake" (e.g. you were granted permission or fair use obviously applies), you are cordially invited to take the issue to a court to resolve it. Since no one is going to spend money on lawyers for a stupid youtube video, the complainant clearly has the upper hand.

If you protest this injustice, you will be told that Youtube doesn't want to get sued again and that the best thing to do is not to source any content at all. They will suggest that you only use all original content to avoid having your videos removed. Seriously. That was their "solution".

Instead I promptly quit using youtube and started posting my videos to other sites like vimeo, and I've had no further cases of my videos being removed.

Comment: Suddenly everything makes sense (Score 1) 308

by monkeySauce (#35201860) Attached to: How Your Username May Betray You
The marketers/spammers must have traced my username around the web and revealed my interest in sex. Apparently they worked out my email address too, because my inbox has been full of porn and viagra ads for years. And all this time, I thought _everybody_ got those kinds of emails. I can't believe this!

Comment: Re:Unfortunately for RIM... (Score 1) 244

by monkeySauce (#33743830) Attached to: RIM Doesn't Want 200 Fart Apps

Today I don't have a recharging cable,

In this day and age, how is it possible that you can't find or borrow a USB cable to charge your device? Everything uses them. They're everywhere. You can't even pass gas anymore without your foul air encountering several USB cables.

I use an iPhone 4

Ah. Nevermind.

Comment: Re:My Name... (Score 1) 273

by monkeySauce (#33644348) Attached to: Woman Trademarks Name and Threatens Sites Using It
Absolutely irrelevant. From my slashdot bio: "monkey Sauce has nothing to do with squeezing monkeys to obtain sauce, or drilling a hole in them to drain it out, or anything like that. It is more like the sauce that you would put on a monkey sandwich, or the topping commonly used on monkey à la mode."

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